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Ferrex High Pressure Washer 1600W $99.99, Digital Calliper $18.99, Planer Thicknesser $329, Bench Grinder $79.99 @ ALDI

  • maximum pressure 1957 psi
  • Auto start/stop function
  • 5m high pressure hose
  • Includes accessories

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    I bought a pressure washer from ALDI a number of years ago. The hose got a leak and I could not get a replacement - the support was non-existent. I had to bin the whole thing because I couldn't get a spare part.

    ALDI for chocolates: ok. For things like this: caveat emptor.

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      keep the receipt

      we returned stuff that was otherwise 99% working and needed a simple part to work and they had no parts supply chain…

      so i asked the aldis guy what they do and he said "it all goes to the tip"

      its kind of sad really

      the $99 mower we had ran fine for 2yrs… then it flaked out… so we basically rented a mower from aldis for 'free' for 2yrs

      if you're a handy guy you can jerry rig up some stuff but otherwise

      also 2,000 psi is something like 150 bar and i reckon that's b/s

    • Yeah it’s cheap Chinese junk most of the time. I got a green house from them once and it fell to bits in about six months. I pretty much never get anything there, though the bench grinder and thickenesser got my eye. But I’d be sceptical on their quality.

      Last time Bunnings price matched their thicknesser with a ryobi one. Wonder if they’ll do the same.

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        These days my own policy with them is if it requires warranty then avoid.

        • yeh the need to buy a load of shoppping and then returning something at the very end busts my chaps

          tbf if aldis has something really good that you cant buy easily somewhere else and its not too much of a hassle when you're buying bogroll and the dishwashing liquid and the usual…


          I mean I just dont touch any of the Aldis powertools and batteries because their supply chain is so shithouse

          bunnings sell a lot of shit too but at least they can supply batteries so you dont risk stuffing up a job you had to drive somewhere for

  • Thicknesser has gone up from usual $299,

    Now to wait for bunnings to match with the Ryobi version

    • i don't think they've done that for quite a few years

    • That would be great, but I did the same thing last time, and no bueno.

    • It seems like the listing on the bunnings website has been deleted?

  • It looks like Bunnings has price matched the Aldi deal on the Planer Thicknesser with the Ryobi. What is even more interesting, is it now appears to be nil stock in Perth. I did see at least a couple in my local Bunnings last week.

    • Bunnings matched it last week

  • Probably better with this https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-1800w-2030psi-high-pressur...
    Same price, more power and 3 year guarantee

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