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R.M. Williams Men's Comfort Craftsman Boots $395 Delivered (New Customer First Order Only) @ THE ICONIC


Coupon code is only valid on your first purchase at The Iconic for $75 off the advertised $470 price.

Available in both Regular and Wide fit, in 3 colours. Most sizes available.

Not sure when this deal will expire.

Try your luck with the $25 cashback on Shopback, or $30 with Cashrewards. Both end today, but code is not listed on either site.

Also check Pulse Rewards on Afterpay for $10 off The Iconic, bringing down to $385.

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$20 off for the referee ($99 minimum spend), and $20 credit for the referrer.

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  • +4

    Thanks op, Christmas present to myself sorted!

  • +17

    The favourite shoes for banking and finance casual Fridays in the big smoke.

    • +12

      Patagonia top and you’re set for a young liberals meeting at the next Tahs game!

    • Or young libs and other private school types.

      • +5

        So you're saying while the poors spend their money on new sneakers every year the wealthy are buying shoes that last a lifetime.

        There might just be something to that.

        • +5


        • -3

          Yeah, nah. My Keens have lasted for years and I, practically, wear them every day in Winter. I bought them from the $50 samples area. You don’t need to spend RM Williams prices to buy quality shoes.

        • Tell me what that something is???

          • +1

            @skidexa: As I said, my Keens. I’m not saying they are the same as RM Williams but they are not “sneakers” who need replacement every year as well. You can buy quality shoes for, much, less than the price of RM Williams shoes.

        • I buy both and have spares and still prefer to be barefoot and at home

          Is this real life?

  • +7

    Do not forget to claim your tax back as your leave Australia for your Christmas holiday to Fiji, USA, Singapore and anywhere overseas :D

    • +1

      Do not forget to stop by the business class lounge as well! Bonus points if you're still wearing hi-vis!

  • Darn already bought from the last Allingtons deal for $425

    • +13

      I got The Iconic to price match Allingtons last week. Procrastinated over the weekend, then checked today. Code still took $170 off, so came to $300. Couldn’t believe my luck!

      • +2

        sigh Guess I'll just treat it as supporting local business.

      • share Allingtons code ?

        • +1

          No, it was just a sale a from last week. It expired already.

      • +1

        Stroke of luck buddy, too great of a deal

  • Got the last pair of 10.5 H dark tan

    • Lots of regular width 10.5 left

      • the perfect fit for me is the wide, i just got lucky.
        I have the kangaroo craftsman in tanbark at 10.5 H and its a very comfortable wear.
        I would probably have to go 11 G if i was going regular

        • pic of patina?

  • Code wont work :(!

    • +1

      "Coupon code is only valid on your first purchase"

  • -2

    The code doesn't work :(

    • +1

      "Coupon code is only valid on your first purchase"

  • Wow hot price with lots of sizes!

  • +1

    I'm hoping that CashRewards tracks - $365 would be pretty sweet!

    Update: it tracked! 😃

    • +2

      My CR shows tracked but pending. It may be declined later. finger cross!!!

  • +1

    Code doesn't work
    edit: worked when i signed up with a new email

  • +4

    Great boots, I've had mine for nearly 15 years- look like they will go another 10 easy

    • +1

      Not resoled?

      • +1

        When you only wear them for casual Fridays they last forever.

    • +10

      I love my RMs and have 3 pairs I rotate weekly. Wear daily, spend most of the day on my feet walking. Have done for 8yrs or so.

      There is no way they last 15yrs without multiple relasts (re-sole, re-line) if you spend most of your day on your feet.

      I still think they are comfortable and look good, but it's misleading to suggest they will last 25yrs with only the initial $400 investment.

      Unless you don't walk in them I suppose…

      • comfort level compared to other footwear?

        • I don't know anymore. As long as the shoes/boots I'm wearing are comfortable, how they compare to others is irrelevant.

          Could you get the same comfort for a lower price, yes, I'm sure you could.

          Do others find RMs as comfortable as me, I'm sure some people don't.

  • are there any discounted gift cards for the iconic?

    edit: seems like you can't use both a code and a gift card

  • +1

    Code works fine if you create a new account - seems to be linked to email and not credit card

  • Ordered with a new account through cash rewards and tracked, thanks OP.
    Fingers crossed the size is right. Does iconic still offer free swaps?

    • +1

      yeah it says

      Returns FREE FOR 30 DAYS

      on the checkout page


      Can I exchange my item?

      If your item does not fit (and meet our rules of return listed above), you can exchange it for another size. Once you initiate your return and select exchange, the new size will be put on hold for 14 days while you post your item back to us.


  • +3

    Got my first pair. Hope they live up to the hype! Cheers OP

    • You'll not wear another type of leather shoes

      • Or it may make you want to buy other pairs of leather shoes just for kicks.

    • Welcome to the club Mate. Take care of CC's and they'll last for many years.

  • Just got some thorogoods from the au store, hoping they are my go to shoe for all occasions including the rough stuff. RMs seem a bit too fashion over form.

  • +5

    added some boot polish came out as $10 (rrp $17)


  • Are rm Williams typically true to size? I'm planning to take the plunge due to the price but hoping to get close to the correct size.

    • +1

      Nah… These shoes really need to be sized up. I'm a size 8 in Nike and a size 6 here.

      • Best to try on first. Sized up a pair 6 months ago Harbour Town in Adelaide. I’m normally a size us10 in a sports shoe, but a 8 1/2 was the best fit. Size 8 bit too tight at the front part of the shoe.

      • +1

        Thanks for the response. I'll go a size and a half smaller and see how they fit. Cheers

      • +2

        That would be about right. There’s two reasons:
        1) You size down for dress shoes compared to sneakers and
        2) Nike sizes tend to be in US and RM’s use the UK sizing

        For example with me:
        Sneakers I’m a size US11 / UK10 / EU44-45 (best fit is US11 or EU 45)
        Dress shoes and boots I’m a size US10 /UK9 / EU43-44 (best fit being UK9 or EU43.5)

        You can really pick up some great buys with price and hard to get shoes when you know how your sizing works across different formats.

      • +1

        Nike go by US sizes as it's a US company. RM goes by UK sizes as it's an Aus company and traditionally Australia goes by UK sizes.

        • Fair points

  • +3

    I bought my first and only pair almost 40 years ago.
    I dont wear them everyday, but they are still going strong.
    Lifetime boot - recommended.

  • Was really excited to buy my first pair!! only to realise they don't have the dynamic flex unfortunately :(

    • +3

      The single piece rubber soles are nice and more durable.

      I wouldn't recommend dynamic flex with the separate leather and rubber sections in the sole because they split easily. My pair split after 6 months of use. I took them to a cobbler that fixes RMs and he said it was a bad design choice and that RM would replace the soles for free if I contact them instead.

      RM replaced the soles for free. They lasted another year until I got a relast and the heel replaced. They charged $75 instead of $150 because the sales person noticed that the stitching work was dodgy on the elastic (leather bunched up in some spots).

      I bought another pair with the single piece rubber sole. Replaced the heels a few times and replaced the soles once.

      I picked up some Redback Boots Nevada after watching Rose Anvil cut them in half. They're much more comfortable and better for knocking around in dirt/mud.

      • the redback don't seem like they'll last long but just on comfort they seem like a great option. It is very hard to get much more than a year out of aussie made workboots, if anyone has done better with a certain shoe please reply

        • I've had my Redbacks for a little over a year and the heels are starting to wear down.

          The pandemic has meant that I've mostly been at home and the surrounding area with most of the walking done on dirt tracks and grass.

          These soles probably wouldn't last a year if I had to go to the office where there's a fair bit of walking on concrete footpaths between buildings and down the street.

          • @Tim Mc: I cannot hike in my steelblue steelcaps as they have stretched and internal lining has come off and so I get blisters and pain all around. I would like to get an allrounder I can pretty much live in for half a decade next.

      • that's strange. 3 years and counting and my dynamic flex are fine. I must have a unicorn pair!

        • Heh. It might just be my weight pushing dynamic flex to the limits.

          • +1

            @Tim Mc: Weight and gait is the biggest factor for the dynamic flex splitting. Also, more likely on the old style dynamic flex vs the new soles they started phasing in a few years ago.

  • is it comfortable enough to wear this at home?

    • +5

      Is your home a young liberals convention? If yes, then buy 3 pairs!

  • +14

    Thanks OP!
    First post - been waiting to pull the trigger and managed to stack quite a bit.
    - The Iconic new account code ($75)
    - Afterpay new account ($30)
    - Cashrewards new account ($20 - click frenzy signup bonus)
    - Cashrewards ($30)
    Also had my partner refer me to The Iconic and Afterpay to get her a $20 and $30 credit respectively.

    Paid $365. Hoping Cashrewards makes that $315. And most importantly a happy girlfriend (with $50).

    • +3

      Calm down this isn't some big bargain measuring contest

      Oh wait it is and you win

    • +2

      username checks out :D

    • +2

      I tried to follow your stacking and forgot to enter the code for new CR account sign up $20 bonus
      OMG! But managed to order a pair :)

  • Created a new account and code worked - thanks OP!

  • Does the code work for anything else on iconic?

    • Yes, it is one of three codes for new customer sign-ups: https://www.theiconic.com.au/new-customer20/
      BEICONIC75 should work as long as the order is $299 or more.
      Otherwise, BEICONIC50 can be used for $50 off $199 or more. And BEICONIC for $20 off $99 or more.

  • checked the size guide (foot length only it seems?), and even info from RM Williams direct - can't find any figures for 'wide' vs 'regular' sizing?

  • Fantastic price! Get them before they increase the rrp

  • +7

    How does cashrewards get you $30 back? Isnt it 3.5% (so 395 * (10/11) * 0.035 = $12.56?

    • It is now. They had a bonus offer yesterday for a limited time. Good to see Shopback will still be $25 today, but I doubt it will get approved anyway.

  • damn you ozbargain my wife is going to kill me when she finds out i bought these boots i won't actually wear.

  • Wonder if I could get away with a wide fit, 8s are out of stock in the regular fit, foot measures 245mm without a sock

    • nope, every foot is unique. if you buy the wrong width and length your foot will slide around inside and your boots will be creased to hell.

  • Cashrewards:
    "You may not be eligible for Cashback;
    -If a coupon code is used that is not listed on Cashrewards."

  • Dutch) shit, do i really need a second pair of RMs…

  • After a long wait, I pulled the trigger last night and bought my first pair of RM’s! Thanks OP.

    I have read on previous posts about being able to take in your RM’s in store for a size change? Would that be applicable if they were bought from the iconic or I must exchange sizes with the iconic?

  • How long do the soles last with everyday walking? Looks like they can wear out quickly. By getting them re-soled every few years for approx $160, it's like paying for a new cheaper shoe each time.

    Still on the fence with these for something like Chelsea Hush Puppies.

    • +1

      my originals (rubber sole adelaide), the rubber part of the heel lasted about 2 years wearing every day before I had to resole it. Cost about $30 from the cobbler for both to be replaced (non-RM official soles of course). Main sole itself was fine (the wear was from heel strike).

  • Thanks for sharing, and while the regular fit is starting to disappear there’s plenty of wide fit sizes. Just search for the wide version on the site, it’s a separate item with the same price.

    • Link was given in post's description.

  • Guys, black or brown for men (buying one only)? I read blogs but want your opinions.

    • +3

      My first RM was black. it was easy to match with most pants and then I found out Dark Tan was more stunning. So this time I bought it. If you buying one only, maybe considering chestnut (looks like mixed black and Dark Tan).

    • +2

      Dark tan is the classic and easy to wear formal and casual. Depends on what you want them for.

    • +1

      chestnut! (the very dark brown). Black is boring but easiest to match. Brown of any shade is much prettier IMO but can't be worn with black pants for work.

    • +1

      Personally dark tan is my favourite.

    • +1

      Get chestnut, it's the easiest colour to dress up or down. They also don't need as much polishing as the other colours because the leather conditioner darkens them up and makes the scuffs less noticeable. It's also easier to colour match with RM belts as they usually just make chestnut and black belts.

    • +1

      Definitely chestnut colour. IMO.

  • Hi all. I currently have 12F. Does anyone know how much difference a 12G would be?

    • I'm a F size too, but tried my luck with a G. The F last is usually 0.5-7 cm wider than the G last.

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