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63 In 1 Precision Magnetic Screwdriver Set US$9.99 (~A$13.53) Delivered @ GeekBuying


On sale for a low price is this 63 in 1 precision screwdriver set with 13 different types screwheads in multiple sizes that are magnetic with a protective case.

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    $14.88 for me, but still this an amazing price for 63 screw bits. Thanks Clear!

    • +1

      Showed as US$9.99 for me. Thanks Clear, nice price and will be interesting to see how the quality compares to the Xiaomi Wiha. This set has a few pieces that I need and not incl in my Wiha set.

      • +1

        Hey Borg. Has it arrived? Any updates on the quality and how it compares to the Wiha?

        • +2

          Arrived over a week ago.
          Quality: Decent enough. No idea how long lasting or how good the heads are yet (if they chip easily).
          Case is stong plastic (Wiha is better being Aluminium) but same type spring action to pop open. The tips are not magnetic where as Wiha's are. The case is magnetic which holds the tips in place.
          All in all though, it's very simular and has 63 pieces vs. only 24 with Wiha. It's decent and great value.

          • +1

            @Borg: Thanks for the speedy reply!

            The item on Geekbuying shows a screw magnetically hanging from a bit "easily attract small screws".
            So the bits are not actually magnetic, so screws wont actually cling to the bits like that?

            • +1

              @Hopscotchy: Actually, with the handle being magnetic, it passes through to the tip so does work.

              • +1

                @Borg: Oh that's alright then. Thanks for the helpful review! :)

  • +3

    Can't stop buying precision screw driver set! Buy now screws later.

    Thx OP.

    • +1

      I can relate. At work every drawer in my desk has a set and at least 2 in my car :P

  • +1

    Must not spend. Must not spend.

  • +1

    Insomnia got me to spend again. screw this.
    Charged $13.53 too

  • "The coupon has reached its usage limit"

  • Yeah, getting the same usage limit error. OP, any chance of increasing quantity?

  • Thanks OP snagged one during my 3am thoughts

  • Any chance for code to work again?

    • Thanks OP just used code and it worked!

  • I just tried the code again and I managed to order a set for US$9.99

  • Paid for fast shipping on 09th and yet just received an email saying.
    "We are glad to tell you that your order will be shipped in next week".
    Sounds like Geekbuying are over selling and didn't have stock?. I suppose on a plus side, at least they emailed noting the delay!

    • +1

      Processing can always take up to a week. Shipping and processing are always different things.

      • Ah ok, good to know. I must be lucky. My running average is 3 days from ordering to shipping for the last many orders so seemed strange to have received that email.

        • It's because of 11/11. Logistics getting a bit clogged up for a while.

          • @Clear: Good point.

          • @Clear: Thought I would quickly note. Item arrived today. 13.5 days from Order Date which was fast as took only 7 days from ship date. Thanks.

  • Thanks OP! $15.06 for me, but still sounds great.

  • seems like a decent deal, going for around 20 on ali

  • Thanks Clear, arrived today. Will open it when I get home :)

    • Hey avgbowlofpho. Are you able to report back on the quality of this set?

      • +1

        can't complain, it's a pretty cheap set so you can't expect too much from it either. The compartment pops out when you push on it. My only gripe with this set is that the screw tips themselves aren't magnetic.

        Pics of the set

        • +1

          The item description suggests the bits/tips are magnetic, so that's a bit shitty.
          Thanks for the info!

          • +2

            @Hopscotchy: As I noted a sec ago in earlier comment, The tips become magnetic when in the handle as it has a strong magnet to hold the tip in.

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