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$99 Telstra Mobile Plan with 200GB Data on a 12-Month Contract, $30 Monthly Credit & Bonus $400 Gift Card @ JB Hi-Fi in-Store


Not sure if nation wide or VIC only.
An update/variation to this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/660118

Have just ported to Telstra this morning (Melbourne CBD Store) and found out Telstra has updated this deal snd reduce the giftcard to $400 (instead of $500) but you get 200GB instead of 150GB.

The deal shown on staff’s portal still say 150GB , but PDS and my contract papers shown has been updated to 200GB (https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0024/9803/5810/files/JB-Hi...)

$99 a month - $30 credit for 12 months
200GB of data with no excess data charges (capped speeds)
5g availability
12 month contract
$400 gift card. (No expiry)

Effectively $69 a month
Minimum total cost over 12 months is $828

$328/12 = $35.6 a month

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  • +18

    waiting for 59 with 500 gc

    • Existing customers or only for new ?

      • as previous year ,should be for new customer

        • Can I port out to Vodafone/Optus $2 sim and then port back in again the next day as a new customer?

    • +4

      Agree, $59 with $500 and I’m sold. You lose $220 over 12 months by signing with this.

      $69 with $500 gift card was nice, I was tempted but I’m holding out.

      • +3

        I asked for port in credit at $69 and got it, bringing the monthly plan down to $59

        • How did you go about getting that? And how long were you ported out for?

          • +1

            @JSONBourne: I asked for this
            “Hi there
            The rep said I could apply for $10/month welcome credit for porting in to Telstra. Could you please help me with this?”

            $10/month * 12 months confirmed via chat and on first bill.

        • I ported in couple days ago on the 500 off iphone 13/69pm plan, was denied the port-in credit both at store and in chat sadly.

          • +1

            @halfass3d: If at first you don't succeed, try and try again

            • +1

              @Whatisthatvelvet: Agree, signed up the $69/month late last month for $500 JB Hi-Fi GC, first guy on chat said nothing can be offered, second guy spent a few minutes searching and came back and said can offer me $10/month for 6 months, I couldn't be bothered to chase for more and ok'ed the $60.

    • Yeah I got that deal last year. Probs should’ve waited more. But I need the data now :(

  • +3

    For a moment I thought it was the ultimate deal of $99 for 12 months with 200gb data and bonus Giftcard!

  • is the churn out time still >1 month before you can rejoin telstra?

    • 30 days or 90 days depending on which store you go to.

      • How does this work in practice?

        Is there a popup on Siebel that says "this number was with Telstra within the past 90 days"?

        • No they mentioned it doesn’t pop up in siebel anymore. They had to check billing. So if you have no active telstra billing anymore, you can get away with it

    • 30 days at JB hi fi Elizabeth st Melbourne cbd

    • I was lucky enough to rejoin within 10 days of porting out last month. There really is no way for them to check and verify, as long as your Telstra account has no billing account (I think, when you login to telstra account and see no service or any bills), they can't really tell.

      I just played dumb and said, I am not sure how long it has been since I ported out, so just check and the guy at JBHIFI did check it, but couldn't really verify the actual time. May be just luck. Wouldn't hurt to give it a go.

      • I overheard they mentioned they can’t see when’s the last time you port out of telstra anymore. they had to went back to check my previous bills to see when I ported out. And they can do that because my telstra billing is still active (still have another account from Telstra)

        Maybe you can get away with it as long as they can’t check billing

        • Yes, that was my experience as well when I signed up. My billing account was still active when I ported out, but after a day or two it wasn't when the last $99 deal ($30 credit and $500 gc) was on, so I went to JB and they couldn't really tell, and the guy asked the other guy and he replied along the lines of checking the active billing account, and since there wasn't one, they were ok to sign me up.

          • @bluehalk: How do you check if your billing account is still active? I ported out a few days ago, I don't have any Payments or Services showing in my Telstra portal anymore but my Early Termination Fee hasn't been charged yet.

            • @JSONBourne: I usually just login to Telstra account online, and it shows if you have the service and billing account active. For me, service was not showing active after porting out, but billing was still active for couple of days. That too went away after the initial couple of days.

    • Signed up again after porting out for a few hours. Might depend on the store/who you get

    • I ported out for 7 days and signed up on the last deal, I had some credit on my telstra account and it just appeared on my new account. Not sure who or why they say you need to port out for 30 days.

  • Can you data share these plans?

    • +1

      Nope. Direct with Telstra, you can. I signed up last week at JB thinking you could. Went to Telstra right after to get a few data share sims for my iPad and laptop.

      They confirmed that sadly, the JB plans are on a different billing system that doesn't support data sharing. Telstra plans directly with them are on their new billing platform that does support it. A real shame :(

      • +1

        ah dam, thats me out then…

        thanks @celtics889345

  • is this a port in deal?

    • Port in or new cust

  • ugh even though it's technically possible to sign up as an existing customer (last time i did it, it was anxiety producing having to speak with 5 different chat reps), so annoying these are always for new/port-in customers

    • Which chat reps do you talk to? Telstra directly?

    • In whirlpool they share a trick for you to create a new phone number and after that add the current number to this plan, take like 40 mins but it works.

  • +1

    At this price point and data amount, you'd have to be using the Mobile Data as your primary broadband right?

    • I have unlimited data NBN at home and 180GB from mobile but still not enough!

      • +1

        200gb at home wouldn't go very far for us. I think we regularly use 1tb of data a month, but I use less than 5gb of Mobile Data so I only have a 15$ pre-paid.

      • You use 180gb of data on your phone a month!

    • Yeah I have a 200gb limit home broadband, but since WFH I find that I need extra 50GB or so each month.
      So planning to use this to prop it up, plus will use mainly to take work video calls when on the go (e.g. for a walk) and tethering when working remotely elsewhere.

  • Is there any deal with 300GB+ per month?

    • +1

      $70 per month for 400GB (2 x plans)

      • I don't have any plan for spending $800 JBHifi gift card :(

    • There is for Data Only (mobile broadband), i think 300GB with $500 gift card. Not sure about the contract duration

  • +1

    Same deal available at The Good Guys if you prefer their gift cards :)

  • -1

    OP Need to clarify title to $99/month

    reads as $99 total cost for the 12-month contract

  • Anyone know if I get 2x 200GB plan on same account, can I have data share?

    • I was told by JB that these plans do not have data share. Only plans direct from Telstra do.

      • too bad.. but thanks anyway :)

  • Any international calls allowance?

  • +1

    For low end users. But does NOT include any phone call allowance.

    $49 for 12 months. 60GB p/m. With a $250 gift card.

    Total cost of plan $558. Minus the $250 GC comes to $28.16 p/m.
    Will Telstra give you the $10 port in bonus with this plan? $18 p/m would be a great deal if they did.

    *Edit - Might start a new thread on this one.

  • I am Telstra prepaid, can I still get this deal?

    • You can if it’s new number, as it will be new contract. but if you want to keep the sane number, I think you need to port out to a cheap sim and then get this

  • Weird I signed up to the last deal a week ago, checked the telstra app and it says I have 200gb a month in place of the 150gb of the last deal.

    Wonder if anyone else had this applied automatically.

  • Can somebody please confirm if this is only for Victoria or is this also available somewhere else?

    Edit: Nvm, found it. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/pages/jb-mobile-instore

  • Can anyone comment on this?

    If you look at the T&C on the $99-$30 deal it states

    $99 BYO Plan - Recontract Only = 12 months minimum
    $99 BYO Plan = 24 month minimum

    Am I reading that right as in if you are a new customer you have a 24m minimum????


    • read the screenshot from the JBHIFI pc 12 months

      • -1

        Screenshot on post say "Over 12 months". 24 months is technically "over 12 months"

        • Maybe this plan isnt for you

  • Just ported my wife and I over from Vodafone. 12 month contract (not 24 month). The gift cards are $500 each FYI. Thanks!

    • how did you get $500, thought it was $400

    • Sure it was $500? What plan did you go on? Was it $69 + $500GC?

      • I just signed up the deal and got $500 in store. So excited!!! Thanks for your comment!!

      • That's correct. It wasn't advertised as $500 but the employee who helped us let me know.

  • Just ported to a new JB Hifi plan a while ago.

    Same as above, but with a $500 gift card.

    • Sure it was $500? What plan did you go on? Was it $69 + $500GC?

  • Looks like they're tryna get us accustomed to lower GC amounts by appearing to offer better value with a discounted plan plus reduced GC….
    or maybe i'm too cynical these days…

    • +1

      It’s now $500 until close today

  • +1

    Can confirm $500 is active for the rest of the day but you have to ask for it, it’s not advertised.

  • Signed up today as a new number to get the $500 gift card then chat swapped my existing Telstra number (off contract) to the new plan within the hour but had to deal with two reps to get it done.

    Now has anyone been lucky enough to get an extra $10 off per month on the already $30 discount? :P

    • Took some persistence as it seems some consider the $30 discount to be your port in discount, but eventually got there with $10 off as promised.

  • Merged from $69 Telstra Mobile Plan with 200GB Data on a 12-Month Contract & $400 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card @ JB Hi-Fi in-Store/over Phone

    Maybe it's a typo but looks like current JB offer for $69/month over 12 months now includes 200gb (previously only available with the $99 plans).
    $400 gift card, and maybe the $10 /month rep chat offer still applies looking at most recent comments - YMMV.

    Personally hoping for another $59/month with $500 closer to black friday.

    • They sign up over the phone now??
      How do they do proof of ID?

      • yes at least since last year - source: I signed up over phone with their phone sales team which I believe is still based in Perth.
        The process took about 40 minutes.

        As for proof of ID, they ask for document numbers eg drivers license.

    • I believe it's $99 plan with $30 credit for first one year. The plan will revert to $99 per month after one year…

    • +5

      Yeah I believe this is the $99 plan but they give you a $30 credit per month for 12 months after which time it reverts back to $99. This has popped up a few times before recently.
      I'm waiting for the $59/$500 myself Only 1 week left on my current plan.

    • +3

      Still not worth it.

      • Yeah, still spending over $800 a year for whatever you buy

    • nice

    • +3

      Not a typo. It was a $500 gift card yesterday..

    • Website says 80GB and $300 gift card, did they change it?

    • +3

      You have to be so data hungry to make this worth it….. Myself I am happy with around less than 5GB data a month, so any of those 365 prepaid plans with 60GB+ works perfect for me which cost me around or less than $100 per year.

      • Yeah I agree, barring someone using this as their home internet or having a long commute to work, I can't see someone needing 200GB a month?

        Personally I'm on the Aldi Plan for $25 a month and I've banked over 150GB of data since I've been using it

        • I use my quota of 160GB a month because I have data share sims for my iPad and pocket modem which I use for work out of home. For someone doing that, fairly worth it. If not, certainly no point paying for data you'll never use

        • Ashes is coming up, and Kayo will chew through 3.5GB/h. That's a lot of data 😂

          • @st1ng: I assume you’re using it as a substitute for home internet or you are watching it in 4K on the train?

    • Does anyone knows if they do these types of deals around Christmas too??

      • I joined up in January last year to one of these deals so wouldn't be surprised if they did another one in Xmas / January. Mine was at the Good Guys though same deal $69 with $400 gc.

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