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10% off Coles eGift Cards (Max $500/Month, Membership Required) @ Union Shopper


Coles Supermarket eGift Card - Special Offer - Union Shopper


Save 10% off when you purchase online. Redeemable at all Coles Supermarkets, Coles Central and Pick 'n' Pay stores. This card cannot be redeemed at COLES ONLINE or COLES EXPRESS. EXCLUDES FUEL. Promotions ends at 5pm AEST 30/11/2021. Payments must be received by 11:59pm AEST on 30/11/2021 to receive the 10% off.

Gift Cards are for your own personal use. Maximum daily order $500 with a monthly maximum of $500. Please treat Gift Card like cash and, if lost, cannot be replaced or cancelled. Gift cards are non-refundable. For full gift card terms of use please click here.

Please allow up to 1 business day from payment receipt to receive your eCard.


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Union Shopper
Union Shopper

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  • Great deal, but it seems you have to be a member of a union in order to register.
    I suppose that's an annual fee too, but a bit more than (say) Costco!

    • +2

      Yes, subs to be paid to the union but are fully tax deductible.

      Hope these e-cards can be used for Coles mobile top-ups or new SIM's

      • +1

        You can use it to buy the coles mobile sim kit or recharge voucher at self checkout. Done it last month.

      • +1

        What do you mean by fully tax deductible ? So I pay a weekly amount to be in the union and when it's tax time I can list it as a deductible ? Haven't done it before, so unsure.

        • +9

          Yes. Union fees are tax deductible. 'fully deductible' is accurate but misleading as a lot of people think they will get the full amount back, which is of course not how tax deductions work

        • +1

          Although if it comes out of your pay directly, the tax deduction is already applied and you don't do it in your tax return. I.e. the membership fee is deducted from your pre tax income, rather than post tax income.

          • +1

            @bargain_knight: It comes out of your post tax pay, therefore you can claim it as a work related expense on your tax return.

            • @JIMB0: Yeah I think they were just clarifying for the pre-tax scenario. A bit like salary sacrificing in that it comes out before you get paid and is untaxed, would depend on how an employee has it set up. Definitely right, if it's post tax its usually deductible on the return.

  • +2

    very good deal, I usually bought $500 coles gift card at the start of the month. Lucky I havent started this month.

  • +1

    Payment by Credit Card will incur a 1% surcharge. EFT payments will not incur a surcharge.

  • Can you buy other gift cards from coles using coles gift cards?

    • no… they stopped that ages ago.. not sure from the self service consoles

      • +1

        I've been able to buy Bunnings cards from the self service (paying use Coles eGiftcards).

        I haven't tried in the last few weeks but it did work in September this year IIRC.

        • how did you do that, because if you put in gift card as payment method it automatically stops you from purchasing another gift card. I know you can use the physical ones as card payment

    • You can - I bought Coles Visa cards a few weeks ago using Coles (discounted) gift cards. Did this both thru self serve and with operator, and with split payment amounts

      • how did you do that if you selected gift card as payment method? (If you used an egift card as payment…..different if it was a physical card) I thought they stopped the payment method of "gift card" from being able to purchase another gift card?

  • +4

    Make sure it's not fulfilled by Pegasus group..

    • Oh yeah, those [email protected]

      These are egiftcards which hopefully will be quicker.

      • Pegasus is no good with egift cards either

    • did they fk u up too?

      • I was treated the same as everyone. They hoped I'd forget my order.

        Then more delays.

        In the end you could tell they bought one of the gc directly from ww.

        They bullshit about everything to put you off.


        • +1

          They wwre shockers.. I think i had several paypal disputes where they didn't even reply to them.

          Thanks for the reminder, i paid these with a CC, not DD, so at least I'd have a chance of a refund if not sent.

    • My 5x$100 egiftcards have arrived.
      So all good.

    • They took 6 months to send coles e-gift last year after following up an email each week for six months. Pegasus sucks….BTW they send me an email again last week when they had 10% coles physical gift card on sale….bad luck fir them.

      • I never get the emails about their promotions. I always have to keep checking the website

    • +1

      I still do the concierge rewards ones. It takes ages to get the physical coles/myer or wish cards (I get when 10% off sales), but worth it. I just always make sure I chase them up with the timeframe quoted has passed and I always get them. I just make sure I always have some on hand while I wait for the new lot to arrive

    • These are from Ambassador

  • Excellent! Pity it's not valid for their booze brands.

      • +1

        yeah i did . and they approved it

        • What did you use as proof when you purchased a gift card though?

          • +1

            @rysith: an old union card from ages ago haha. not even from the same state!

            • +2

              @MaxHashrate: A bit unethical i think, if you aren’t eligible you shouldn’t be getting the discount. This isn’t Australian mate!

              • +3

                @Climpton: Interesting - if there is no “n” at the end of the word “Australian”, your last sentence would mean something opposite.

                But I agree, this isn’t ethical.

                • @mrhorse: I think the "n" must be there by mistake, otherwise it's just sounds like Climpton is saying that Australia is ethical…weird

              • @Climpton: Yeap follow the rules strictly m8 and stay behind the 8 ball the rest of your life .
                Enjoy !

                • +1

                  @popsiee: If your definition of staying behind the 8 ball is missing out on a saving of 10% on a gift card… wait…this is ozbargain. I’ll see myself out

  • +6

    Shame you can't use these gift cards for online orders, unlike woolies

  • Mine have arrived, so they're not scamming.

  • +4

    Just found out that my union is no longer 'affiliated' with them. ffs more reason to cancel my union

    • +2

      Same with mine. #@$&

      • i had the same issue but now it's working

    • strange, I didn't know particular unions had to be "affiliated" with them. I thought it was for any union member? I joined years ago, so don't know the ins and outs of a duck's bum on this lol

  • Thanks OP. Got 5 x $100 cards for $450.

  • How long do we have to spend these?

    • +1

      prob 4 years. That is the usual expiry for Coles egift cards these days

  • pity they don't have 10% off the wish egiftcards. I just ordered a heap of coles/myer physical cards through concierge rewards, and still have some left to tide me over while I wait for these, so don't need any more

  • +1

    What's a cheap random union I can join for this? Anyone start an ozb union?

  • +1

    I hate coles e-gift cards. The scanner at the self checkout doesn’t work half the time.

    • using google pay to add the e-gift cards, much better than scan the PDF file.

      • ah I use an iphone so thats not really an option but i guess i could try one of the other apps that can scan barcodes for loyalty cards etc.

        • +1

          Stocard works great… as long as you can get your phone in the sweet-spot for the Flybuys scanner next to the EFTPOS terminal. You’ll slowly get the hang of it (like I have after using Stocard and those scanners over 1000 times…)

          If you ever get Coles gift cards from Prezzee, the Prezzee app also works great… but the same caveat applies!

          • +2

            @WookieMonster: I ended up using the commbank app which has a feature basically the same as stocard i guess.. scans every time from there yay

    • Pro tip.. wipe the small scanner screen with your finger before scanning. Works every time.

  • +3

    I ordered 5 x Coles e-gift cards last week and sent a follow up email to them yesterday. They were pretty quick with the email replies but their customer service is shocking. They told me that I did not put my order ID in the transaction description when I did. Sent them the screenshot of my bank transaction as proof and they said I have to put the information in both the sender & receiver's descriptions. I gave them feedback that the instructions provided in the email confirmation did not say that and they should update the instructions provided in the confirmation email when they send out to their customers. Then they replied with No…. it was just a suggestion. Geeezzz

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