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EVGA 3080Ti XC3 Ultra Gaming 12GB Video Card $2379 Delivered & More @ BPC Tech


Happy Single's Day!

We start the sale with the gigabyte 3080, which just sold out. So we have decided to put another EVGA 3080ti on sale.

Btw, check the complete 11.11 promo list below. We have a 2TB corsair MP400 SSD for $229 as well.

  1. EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti XC3 ULTRA GAMING 12GB Video Card $2379

  2. Corsair Force MP400 2TB NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD $229

  3. Kingston KC2500 1TB M.2 (2280) PCIe NVMe SSD $129


  5. SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard $229

  6. Kingston NV1 M.2 NVMe SSD 500GB $59

Happy Shopping.

BPC Team

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2021.

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  • +1

    When is expected shipping date on these 3080Ti's?

    • +3

      Generally, the item will be ready and dispatched within 2 business days.

      For VIC, 1-3 business days for shipping.

      For other states, please expect at least 1 week for shipping.

      BPC Team

    • Suddenly my 3060Ti at $1500 looks like less ozbargain value :(

      • +16

        a 3060Ti for $1500 is definitely not ozbargain value my guy :(

        • I dont think they ever got that high did they?

      • +1

        suddenly my 6800 XT for $1400 seems like a bargain

        • +1

          Suddenly my 6700XT for $700 (RRP) seems like deal of the year

      • +1

        Are you happy with it? That's all that matters.

      • got mine for $730 early 2021 :P
        I don't recall a 3060ti surpassing $1300, I hope you didn't pay $1500 for it

  • +1

    What a day to be single! Amazing price for the KC2500. Outperforms my 970 Evo plus, and much better temps!

    • -3

      Yeah I'm getting 1111 hash rate with this!!!

    • Just be aware the KC2500 has no dram cache whereas the 970 evo does

      • +4

        Believe the KC2500 does actually have DRAM Cache

  • +1

    I don't know, but PLE also have the same model 3080 ti for $2399 which isn't even a sale price on their website.

    • +4

      not in stock, so the price doesn't mean much

    • +3

      That card isn't in stock mate.

    • "This product is not available to buy online or instore. Any stock on hand is reserved for system builds and/or existing order card swaps."

      • +1

        You are correct, does this mean $2,379 is a worthwhile deal?

        • +2

          I personally wouldnt, but some people might. I already got a 3080 non LHR. Bought (dec-20) for what I thought was crazy at the time $1500. It sells for upwards that atm.

  • +1

    That headset is wired, not wireless.

  • +15

    When you're married, you can't afford it. When you become single, suddenly you can.

  • +2

    hahahahhahaha, how true.

  • +1

    Is the 3080ti LHR?

    • +3

      Believe they are all LHR.

      • Thank you

        • You can still get 95mh/s on eth running hiveos… or that's the rumour anyway. I'll let you know if it's true when I get my order ><

          • @icarus255: Wouldn't go for this model, cooler is crap

            • @cille745: I own the xc3 3070 that I've been mining on since June and haven't had any issues with it. I'll report back on this one ;)

              • @icarus255: That's exactly the problem, the cooler is almost exactly the same, to deal with an extra 100W TDP, I'd highly recommend you cancel the order, ones significantly better like the TUF are only $200 more.

              • @icarus255: Check memory temps, Eth runs the memory ridiculously hot but not many people check for it. Might not run as hot though being a LHR card.

                • @BargainKen: Yea from what I read most cards run hot vram temps but they are designed to run at 100 degrees without any problems.

                  • @icarus255: Yes they're specced to run 110 before thermal throttle, some cards have poor thermal contact (e.g the 3080 FE) so replacing the thermal padding can help. Mine runs ~90-95 with 75% fan speed (Zotac).

                    • @BargainKen: I have 2 Gigabyte 3080 gaming OC Non-LHR, replaced memory module thermal pad for both card, both card run 102-103mh at 78-84 degree (95-102 without changing thermal pad) with 75% fan speed.

    • They aren't making non LHR models anymore (bar the 3090), so any new stock from here on out will all be LHR.

  • Are these LHR cards?

    • +3

      RTX 3080 Ti are only available as LHR.

      • +1


    • all 3080 ti's are LHR

  • +1

    Any deals on 3060ti or 3070?

  • I’m concerned about temps on this card. Smaller cooler than their FTW3 lineup, and the 3080 non TI was already running hot (>80).

    • +1

      Look into undervolting. I have a XC3 Ultra 3080 in my SFF Formd T1 case and temps stay under 75-80c under full load and boosting higher than stock. Thats at maxing at about 70% fan speed too. So could get cooler.

      • I'm running an ROG Strix, so I dont have cooling issues.

        • +1

          undervolting is still worth it on any rtx card. Watch Optimum Techs video on undervolting. You'll get free performance and less heat.

  • +4

    Crazy prices. I don't know how ppl pay that much for a VC.

    • Kids that play games at home, on discord every night.

      • +1

        If you mean 30+ year old kids, then yes.
        My buddy just bought a 6800xt and another, a 3080ti. Both 35 years old.

  • +22

    Good lord it's depressing that 2300 bucks is considered an exciting price for an xx80ti card.

    I hope you crypto chodes bloody choke on it, honestly.

    • Tbh 3080ti MSRP is around AUD 1900 tho…

      • +3

        Which means sale price should be closer to the $1500 mark.

      • -3

        Yeah and what do you think gave them the confidence to price it like that in the first place?

        Between yer ears is for thinkin', bud.

        • If the market pays, that's the market price.

          It's simple economics.

          • +1

            @blergmonkeys: Feel like my original comment makes it pretty clear that's precisely what I'm alluding to, but whatever 🤷‍♂️

  • Any chance of some more deals like the 3080 deal? My browser crashed when I was going through checkout (haha, obviously not your fault) and I missed out!

  • +1

    Hey rep, the images and description of the Steelseries Arctis 1 headset show it's a wired headset.
    Is it supposed to be the wired or wireless version?

  • +3

    Hi Firerunner,

    Thanks for the mention, let me check with the PM, should be a wireless model.

    BPC Team

  • Minesweeper compatible?

  • +11

    2.5K for a graphics card….

    Ozbargainers are ozBallers.

  • Any way to pay with amex?

  • Any way to pay with future earned bitcoins?

    • +1

      Yes fund zip pay repayments from earned crypto. If crypto price crashes then just respawn

  • What would a 3080 non LHR be worth on the 2nd hand market?

    • I've heard $2400. I've been thinking of selling mine but $2400 is a lot of money to gamble on getting scammed, robbed, etc.

      • Yep, thats what I'm thinking…..

      • +2

        Mine went for $2700 a few weeks ago

        • wow maybe i should sell my non-lhr 3080 and upgrade to a 3080ti + cash

      • +3

        Couple years ago I sold a Gucci handbag. I ended up with a catch up with a police officer to explain what happened. Lol

    • +2

      2.7-3k as the price of eth surge

    • +1

      Sold mine for 2900 last week.

      • Which model?

        • Asus tuf oc. Did well with the silicon lottery and sat stable at 105mh/s for 12 months.

  • +4

    Tossing up between this and a motorbike.

    • +2

      This is a load of shite on both counts.

      • It was widely known that the EVGA 10 series had improper cooling and exploded at random, they even have a dedicated page on their website to it.

        When my 1080ti exploded they wanted me to pay return, insured shipping to taiwan out of pocket while the product was still under warranty ($400~ to insure the cost of the card).

        Even after threatening to contact the ACCC they said we're not in Australia so we don't have to abide by your rules.

        The 30 series cards were exploding due to "bad soldering" on their cards, people recieving replacement cards still had the same issues they had with their first cards. If you'd like an entire list of articles covering this I can post them, but saying "this is a load of shite" with literally no retort other than that is moronic.

  • Is it worth upgrading from a 3080 to this 3080ti with an extra $700?

    • +1

      if your 3080 is FHR then it's about the same price as this second hand

    • +1


  • +1

    Can you do a deal on a 6600XT? really want one that's sub $800.

  • These are just going up all the time. I don't understand how this is a deal. I know you shouldn't compare to rrp. But this is exactly the reason I won't build a pc its become so lucrative with ethereal mining that the poor gamer who wants to just buy a card to play can't do it anymore

  • +3

    People are sleeping on the 2TB SSD here, staticice suggests it's a great deal.

    • +1

      Most people wanting 2TB SSDs would have purchased them by now. People purchasing for PS5 and/or Alder Lake (Intel 12th gen) are after PCIe gen 4. 4 x PCIe gen 4 NVMe SSDs support in Z690 chipset (and that's not counting PCIe gen 5 support).

      • i would have gotten the corsair as a windows Boot drive but not after reading those Reviews


        • +2

          Yeah quite a big difference in durability. Corsair 2TB is rated at 200TBW 400TBW whereas the Samsung 980 Pro 2TB is rated at 1,200TBW.

          • @ChillBro: i just bought one for my PS5, the 970 would have been suitable for my PC were it not for all the write bugs and swaps …….

    • picked one up this arvo to go in the PCIe to M.2 adaptor that arrived from Aliexpress earlier this week. Great timing. Great Price.

      Benchmark -> https://i.imgur.com/pyP4aCh.png

      nice drive and doesn't seem to be limited by my X79 system. If can get the modded BIOS to work it will make a nice boot drive replacement for my Samsung 850 Evo.

  • this as a steam/activision drive?

  • Still waiting for my Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB I ordered on the 3rd, supposedly shipped from Mount Waverey on the 5th and I'm in Melbourne, still waiting on AusPost. Wish I could have just picked it up.

    • Hi Rumbaar,

      Can you send the order number through Private chat, we will look into it.

      BPC Team

    • AusPost is a hot mess right now, you're not alone.

  • Does it work with ps5 tho ?

  • Is the Corsair Force MP400 2TB NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD PS5 compatible?

    • +4

      NO !

      • Thanks man, I need one for that and I find it a bit confusing tbh

  • Does anyone have a review of the 2TB nvme m2 drive vs the one BCP previously featured here on ozbargain?

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