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[Switch] Dicey Dungeons - $5.62 (Was $22.50, 75% off) @ Nintendo eShop


Cheapest price ever for this popular indie gem on Switch

It's a game about dice and dice are popular. Enjoy

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    Its also been added to Xbox Gamepass. Great game 😊

  • Thanks OP the kids will love it. Question for anyone: how do you use Platinum points?

    I’ve used all my gold points during purchases but not sure about Platinum.

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      Platinum points are more for the landfill collectibles you can redeem through the Nintendo Store or My Nintendo. They're kinda a waste of time unless you're a collector.

      • Awesome good to know thanks.

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    The game is good. I personally prefer the first few characters you get to play as because the other ones you unlock shortly after are a little more complex and the playstyles aren't as intuitive.

    I think it's the sort of game you'd pick up to do a run of every once in a while as it's hard to forget the mechanics and it's good to switch up your games so they don't get stale.

    At this price on the Switch I'd say it's worth it if you're a fan of luck based games and roguelikes

  • Great game, little short. I like some of their ‘challenge’ settings but became little repetitive. Personally prefer the Slay the spire

  • It's weird, if you try to search for the game at https://www.nintendo.com.au/ you get nothing but if you use the direct link it works.

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      • Awesome and thanks!
        EDIT: And just got Dragon Ball FighterZ for AU$13.49 :-)
        Edit again: and Trivial Pursuit

  • Had a couple successful runs last night on gamepass. Great game

  • I picked this up having seen it here. It is pretty fun! I was looking for something similar to Pocket Card Jockey on my 3DS and this is close enough for now. Anyone have recommendations for puzzle-y games with a veneer or twist of theme? Also thinking of Henry Hatsworth on the DS…

    • I haven't played either of the games you mentioned, but the first thing that comes to mind when you say "puzzle games with a twist" is Baba Is You. It's super tough, but also very unique

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