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Hi Mates,

I am trying to port in and port out of my jb hi fi telstra mobile plan to hopefully get on another 12 months with a gift card. Struggling to come up with the cheapest way to port out and port in, with the cheapest m2m sim only being $15…

Understand previously they were offering the flex plan with optus but heard that isnt done anymore…

Any gurus able to suggest something?



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    Optus Flex is definitely still a thing. $1 per day for 4G and $2 per day for 5G. Otherwise you've got Vodafone 28 days for $5 and Kogan 90 days for $12.90. Kogan uses the Vodafone network.

    I've heard people mention you need to be away from Telstra for 30 days to do the JB deal, but it really depends on the rep you get, because I've personally done it with less. Also seen people mentioning signing up at JB with a new number, and then live chatting with Telstra to swap the new plan onto your old number, but apparently this confuses people.

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      thanks mate, absolute appreciate the level of detail

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        No worries. I was needing the same thing myself.

        Also, if it's relevant to you, Optus Flex is great for 'parking' a number or to keep an active SIM in a spare phone. You have to recharge every 180 days, but that's $2 a year for an active number! And if you ever need to use it, it's just a $1 recharge for the day. It's really handy for a spare phone.

        • thanks i went with the voda since i wanted to get the cheapest for a month off before i port back into Telstra/JB deal.

          I would also get the optus too, great to keep a few spare numbers to get the uber eats first user promo! Great tip and will def get good referral bonuses

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