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[eBay Plus] PD 100W USB Type C Cable $5.99, iPhone 13 - 2x Screen Protector $3.99, 2x Camera Lens Protector $3.99 @ Baseus eBay


Seems like some good deals on Baseus cable and screen protectors.

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    Isn't the Sapphire crystal on the camera lens durable enough? Why add a layer of plastic on such good quality lens/glass.

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      In case you wanted more chromatic aberration inducing refraction

    • might be good for a day at the beach as sand trumps all but then again scratches on lens don’t really show up on photos

    • It’s more to protect the alloy ring bezels around the camera lenses…

    • I wish there was a "lens protector" without the actual lenses covering the camera sapphire

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    The car charger has "100W" all over the description, lots of pictures of it in a car - however the "100W" is using a 24V source (generally a truck). No specs for it for 12V…

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        aka its going to be 100W no matter what voltage (as long as its in its range). If you go to 12volts the current doubles.

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          100W/12V = 8.3 A. That's a pretty chunky current. Would want a proper cable to support that or else it might melt

          • @JeremyDealFiend: The cigarette lighter socket is probably fused for 10 amps so the cable will be sized accordingly.

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              @spaceflight: I think 100watts is the absolute max you can draw from a standard ciglightersocket. I doubt it could sustain that for long anyway. The heat loss would be cooking.

              • @unifex: Yes it is.
                Also note that for PD that’s rated at 5A/20V,
                Gauge of cable is generally for current.

                • @Z80: nooooooooo P=VI!!!!

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                    @NoGiveJustTake: It is, but 100W is only possible at 20V, right?
                    You can’t do 10A/10V or 20A/5V

                    • @Z80: 100W cables are limited to 5A. Idk what unifex is on.

                    • @Z80: USB C PD has
                      A maximum power output of 100 watts
                      An output voltage of 5/9/15/20v
                      A maximum current of 5A

                      So 100w is only possible at 20v

              • @unifex:

                I think 100watts is the absolute max you can draw from a standard ciglightersocket.

                It depends on the fuse

                On a 12v setup you should have a minimum of 10A, which is 120 watts.
                Some cars may allow a higher draw, normally up to 20A which will mean you can draw up to 240 watts.

                I doubt it could sustain that for long anyway. The heat loss would be cooking.

                It can sustain it until your battery goes flat

    • The USB-C port seems to be 65W max (it's 65W + 30W total). I hate it how the specs for chargers are so confusing these days…

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        It seems like it’s able to do 100W on its own, but 65W when using The other port

        • My bad, thank you for the clarification.

    • "100W" is using a 24V source

      Where does it say that?

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    Wrong link for the Baseus PD 100W USB Type C cable

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      Drop down box.

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      Select cable only from drop down

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    How long is the 100W cable?

    • Same question here - there's nothing in the tech specs about the length of the cable.

  • Is there a way to tell what USB version the cable supports for data transfer?

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      The 100W Red Black USB-C cable is USB 2.0 speeds.

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      these are usb 2.0, so mainly for charging stuff. Good quality for the price.

  • Can we get a code to include the iphone 13 pro (non-max) if possible? =D

    • Worked for me fine for 13 Pro (not Max). Same code.

  • Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again.

  • If this works its really handy. you could get a bit more power into your laptop charge your ipad/camera etc…
    Quite neat.

  • does the cable support display?

    • Based on other similar listings of Baseus cables, no way. This is PD (power delivery, i.e. charging) only, the cable maxes out at USB 2.0 speeds.

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    That PD cable seems to be about $5-7 pretty much everywhere without the coupon now too.

  • Does the code work or just me having the issue.

  • Anyone figure out the cable length?

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    importantly this charger comes with features for "professional protection of your love machine"

    oooh la la

  • Just out of curiousity, say charging your mac charging at 65W from a car charger, does it affect the car battery in anyway?

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      You'll be fine. If the engine is running your alternator will keep the battery juiced up fully, if the engine is turned off then it will use up battery - just like leaving your lights on, or running anything while stopped.

  • code not working on charger for me too?
    Oh I think my Plus expired.

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    Savage markup on the cable over what you pay elsewhere on ebay for the same cable. Yes, it becomes as cheap as you will get it with the code but not the bargain you might think it is.

  • Hi, is the first one "Baseus PD 100W USB Type C" going to be suitable to charge my Macbook Pro 16? Would it be super slow?

    Says it supports "5 volts @ 3 amps" and 100W which is plenty.

    Seems too good to be true…

    • 5V @ 3A would be slow, as it is only 15W, the charger and cable support 20V @ 5A, which is 100W, much faster

  • All deals that this code works with:


    Not much there that I would consider buying.

  • Here are the spec's for the car charger: https://baseusonline.com/index.php/product/baseus-cczx-01-10... lol

    And here are the spec's for another part that probably are the real (at least similar real) spec's: https://baseusonline.com/index.php/product/baseus-superme-di...

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      I'm not sure whether my ears are fully compatible with 100W PD protocol :p

  • The code doesn't work for the camera lens protector. Anyone had same issue?

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      Looks like this deal requires eBay Plus membership (as mentioned in the title) to work. I don’t have eBay Plus and was getting the same error on the car charger.

  • What's the difference between this deal and this?


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