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Optus Prepaid $180 Mobile SIM Starter Kit (100GB + 20GB Bonus Data, 365 Day Expiry) - $150 @ Optus (Online Only)


Seems like a good deal, especially as Boost has removed their $150 plan.

  • Includes 20GB bonus data for new customers. Purchase by 20/01/22 and activate by 27/01/22 on the Epic Value Plan.
  • 3-in-1 SIM fits all phones
  • Keep your number or get a new number
  • No lock-in contract

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  • Boost removed $150 plan but the new $200 can be bought around $150 though, unless you want Optus network.

    • That's only on the first recharge though if you're an existing customer, but yeah there'll probably be some sales around for the $200 SIM like there usually is for the other ones.

      • If you ask customer support nicely you can use it to 'recharge', I already did that this year on my $300 plan. Otherwise just get cheap Kogan 30 days to port out.

        • Did you call or contact online to get to Boost customer support? I can't get to a real person!

  • Coles Mobile (which is an Optus brand) is offer 150GB/365d and free calls/sms to 16 countries for $119. Seems a better deal than this one.

  • Any international minutes in it?

    • No, that comes from extras credit (minimum $10/14 days). Full details in CIS. If you want extras credit (and don't mind not VoLTE/VoWiFi), Coles Mobile is your better bet.

      • Should have read "If you want international calls (and don't mind not VoLTE/VoWiFi), Coles Mobile is your better bet"

  • woolworths mobile 365 days prepaid paln is also 100gb/$150, which might be better coverage for someone.

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