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Nerf Mega Motorstryke Blaster $29 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $65 Order) @ Kmart


Nerf Mega Motorstryke Blaster $29 @ Kmart

Just saw it at Kmart and seems like a big Nerf gun for this price

It’s motorised and uses C Batteries

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    4 x C batteries is a lot of batteries.

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      Double Ds are much more also.

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        Hmmmm Double Dollop

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      Eneloops + these. You're welcome.

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    I wonder why won't they just make them rechargeable

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      FWIW, the mega bullets fire so much faster/harder than the regular ones.

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        That's a complete lie, Mega darts fly on average 20% slower than regular Elite blasters, and when combined with the fact that Australia gets the neutered grey trigger variants, they don't fly very fast at all.

        • Wait is that true? What's the neutered grey trigger variant? (I picked one up in hard rubbish a few months ago and they fly far! Wonder if I got a non-Aussie one?)

        • Australian projectile toy laws are based on joules/energy. Bigger and heavier projectiles like mega darts will generally have a lower muzzle velocity than elite darts because of their mass.
          Aussie toy laws were recently changed so that retailers can sell ‘orange triggers’ from oversees as long as they meet OS requirements like Europe, US and international standards, but still have a joule limitation.
          In short hasbro can sell ‘orange trigger’ variants here now if they’re willing to send them to retailers, but i doubt we will see their rival range as its age restricted overseas because of it’s higher muzzle energy.

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    Warning about this blaster: Nerf cheaped out in the worst way possible by using a plastic leaf trigger return spring rather than a regular metal one. The Amazon reviews don't lie - you'll be constantly be manually moving the trigger back into position. Don't get this if you love your kids.


    Look at that piece of s*** trigger mechanism, literally two bendy strips of plastic that look like they're about to break any second.

    • Seems it can be modded very easy for way better performance?

      • How do you plan on modding it?

        • There are some YouTube videos on how to replace parts. I just mention this for others, I never said I was going to do it

      • Pretty sure every nerf gun has modding ability

        • The Elite 2.0 range is pretty difficult to mod as Hasbro has used even more cost cutting methods like plastic leaf springs instead of actual springs and now sonic/plastic weld a lot of blasters together so are difficult to open, like hacksaw required difficult, instead of screws.

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    I've been buying Nerf Rival blasters from US on Facebook marketplace. Someguy in Berwick [VIC] Sells a good range of them and IMHO they are much better to play with.

  • So after seeing this gun, posting it here and thinking more about it, I decided to go buy one.

    After using it I must say for $29 its great. Yes the trigger is a tad slow sometimes coming back but I have shot all 10 darts rapidly without any issues a number of times now. It shoots fast and far and the darts sound cool when flying threw the air hahaha

    Once again, yes the trigger can sometimes be a tad slow loading back but I have read this can be fixed easy with a mod if you wanna but I’m happy with it

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