This was posted 6 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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½ Price Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream $6.50, V Energy Drink 4 Pack $4.97, Gatorade $1.82, Kettle Chips 150-175g $2.32 @ Woolworths


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    All time low price on the 4 packs (in the last year or so I've been buying them).

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      FYI I was shocked to find Aldi sells V and from memory its $5.50p/l normal price (sold in a 6 pack i think). I saw it the same day i already got a pack at Coles for "40% off" and it was down to $5.95p/l. So Aldi is around 45% off Coles/WOW full price everyday !

      Ohh they only have the normal V flavour i think.

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        Aldi “specials” don’t insult your intelligence like Woolies and Coles do.

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        Yep I always see these at my local ALDI, unfortunately they don't have the sugar-free versions otherwise it would be ideal. I'm partial to the sugar free blue V.

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    Yikes I just got PTSD when I saw the B&J thumbnail

  • Any recommendations on the better Ben & Jerry flavors?

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      All of them. Bar none. You can’t go wrong with Ben and Jerry in the freezer.

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        Gotta agree there, they don't know how to make a bad flavour…

      • Ok but if you had to pick one?

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          That’s like saying you have to pick your favourite child…

        • half baked

        • Tonight show dough!

        • The chocolate one is good, the rest are kind of meh in my opinion. A bit too sweet and flavours aren't as developed as Haagen-Dazs, I think.

          *Chocolate fudge brownie is the good one, just checked.

        • Half baked for me

        • Phish food is by far the greatest IMO. The marshmallow + caramel swirl is such a good combo/texture. I struggle to rate many of the other ones nearly as highly, some of them are very overrated but I guess people can enjoy whatever they want.

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        better than hagen daas chocolate ….made in france even …..
        i will eat the 500 ml of ice cream as dessert in one session.

      • just not the one with chips in it 🤮

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      Choc fudge brownie is the winner for me

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      Tonight dough

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      I'm a fan of The Tonight Dough and Chunky Monkey. I find a lot of the chocolate/caramel based flavours start to taste similar after a while

  • B & J was 12 not so long ago.

    Is cherry Garcia available in Australia?

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    this post basically covers my entire grocery needs from about 14 years ago

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      And somehow you survived…

  • The Tonight Dough Ben & Jerry is my favourite. I also bought Triple Caramel Chunk last time it was on sale which was also very good.

  • I love BJs

    • I like to let it melt in my mouth before I swallow

      • I personally love when it melts and drizzles down my face.

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          You just got Ben and Jerry-d…

          Actually, I’m not a big fan of the messy approach. I make sure to apply plenty of suction to avoid any spillage.

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    Ben and Jerrys and V? perfect. If only it was red rock deli chips and it would make the ultimate trio

  • Got excited but it looks like they're not stocking Triple Caramel Chunk anymore at Colesworth. That's the best one!

  • Got the half baked flavour as the rest are all sold out . It is very sweet so

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