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Wltoys 124017 1/12, Brushless 4WD RC Car, Metal Chassis - US$3 Now, US$124.99 25-28/11 (Total ~A$174.16) Delivered @ Banggood


As part of BG's Black Friday Sales the WL Toys 124017 RC Car is being discounted by US$20 with their 'Saver Deposit Sale'. At US$127.99 it's also US$5.20 cheaper than the July preorder price. Price after promotion will be US$147.99.

To get price of US$127.99 you need to pay a deposit of US$3 and pay the balance of US$124.99 between November 25th 16:00 to November 28th 16:00(UTC + 8). Ships in 24 hours after balance payment.

Important: You must pay the balance during the period stated above. Failure to do so will trigger an order cancellation and the deposit fee is non-refundable.

Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD.

More info:
Perth West Oz RC
& WL TOYS 124016 124017 Preview: First Factory Brushless WL TOYS RC Cars

You can check out the rest of Banggood's Black Friday Sales here

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  • Will the cashback be based off the deposit amount or the final price?

  • For what its worth I bought a 124019 (The purple one) the other day and its absolutely fantastic

    • +1 I bought one for X'mas (yet to unbox it). Was really hoping for good things from the 124017, but after seeing the poor reviews went with the tried and trusted 124019 🤞

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    Have a read of the reviews of these before you pull the trigger, I got a 124016 as a pre-order and it is terrible.. the cogging has made it all but unusable on grass.

  • +1

    Is brushless good?

    • Can't speak for these specifically, I have only used traxxas, turnigy, castle creations, and hobby King, but for electric rc, brushless is the only way to go. With a decent set up it is way better than nitro too

      • +2

        The main advantages are better battery life and less/no maintenance on the motor. Disadvantage is slightly higher price (about $25-$50 difference at this cheap end of the RC range) and potential cogging.

        Cogging for anyone wondering, is the inability for a sensorless brushless motor to get going from standstill. It occurs if there is too much preventing the car from moving. The result is the motor attempting to spin, not getting to the next position and then trying the other direction. It then flips back and forth between forward and reverse without moving the vehicle. It's a bit more complicated than that, but for an OZB comment this will do.

  • Any advice on what RC car to get for a 7yo kid around this price point?

    So many to chose from and there seems to be a few ppl here who really know their RC cars.


    • +1

      The a959 is a decent 1/16 buggy as a starter. Plenty of parts available as well. The 144001 is also an option which is 1/14

      • got my 6.5yo a 144001 and he absolutely loves it! cant go wrong.

    • +1

      At this price point I'd go for a HBX 16889a Pro. I have a couple of Wl toys 144001s and the HBX is heaps tougher and the brushless motor means that battery life is way better. The 144001s are good little cars, but you need to be prepared to put a fair amount of work and spare parts into them to keep them on the road. My son is getting sick of repairing his 144001. The brushed motor and ESC in the 144001s also aren't very reliable, generate lots of heat and tend to fail reasonably quickly.

      • Thanks for the info on the HBX. I checked out some videos, seem that the car tend to have its front tyres lifting off when accelerate? Remind me of the Tamiya Wild Willy.

        • Yep, it goes hard. You need to screw on the wheelie bar for sure.

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    • This one is amazing also

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    Just keep in mind that these suffer from cogging. Better off getting the 124019 and upgrading it brushless

    • +1 I was waiting for the 124017 for ages, but after seeing the poor reviews (cogging, remote issues) - I decided to get the 124019 instead. ~$AUD148 (no promo codes, just initial ~$3 new user coupon)

  • +3

    I have one of these and with the current cogging issues, I wouldnt bother.

    Look to grab the 124019 instead which is the brushed version. Thrash it until it breaks and then upgrade to Brushless.

    The only reason I would grab the 124017 is that the ESC can take 3S Battery and its not an all in one ESC Receiver combo like in the 124019. Means you can upgrade Servo and Receiver without buying new ESC as well.

    Currently I have ordered some parts based on a guide from Quadify and will be making the 124017 driveable again.



  • +1

    I've heard about the cogging issues on 124016/7 so I bought the 124018, happy with it.

  • I willl point out that this deal is still active (its actually cheaper now AU$105.29) which I believe to be a much better deal. 2x batteries, brushless, lots of metal parts. knock off of a 144001 although some pros/cons to each. Even comes with a spare set of wheels.


    Even though I had to buy a bearing as one was missing, that was only $2 extra (Plaig Bearings, can recommend)

  • Agree with the other owners.
    I bought and tried the programming card which makes little or no difference to the cogging.
    Buy this one because you like the blue colour, the knobbly tyres and separate control components but with the full knowledge you will have cogging issues and will have to invest more $$ into rectifying it or just buy the 019 and change all the control gear.

  • Anyone know the difference between each of the Wltoys 124016,7,8,9 versions? I'm very confused what's what, and what is good.
    Which are Brushless, which cog, are ones upgrades of others?

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