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$100 Craft Beer Advent Calendar (RRP $190) Delivered @ Yeah, The Beers!

  1. Head to the website Yeah, The Beers!

  2. Purchase the advent calendar, use the code LASTCALL90 to receive your $90 off the RRP bringing it down to $100 with free AusPost shipping!

  3. Enjoy a crafty every December day until Christmas.

Offer extended until December 5th 11:59pm Sydney time.

Orders will be sent via AusPost the following business day - hope you don't mind playing catch up :)

Showcasing 25 awesomely independent breweries with our favourite tins of the year. Something for everyone - sours through to stouts and plenty in between. Limited releases and unique offerings.

Yeah, The Beers!

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Yeah, The Beers!
Yeah, The Beers!

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  • -1

    When is the best before date?

  • The earliest best before is February 2022.

    • Does that mean the beers are 9 months old?

      Those IPAs gonna be average

      • +5

        That one is for a stout which has aged nicely as that brewing season is usually earlier in the year ready for winter.

        Others we've done our best to get them fresh, including picking several of them up the day of canning, last week :)

  • +1

    Good luck with aust post in Vic at the moment. Anything going through Oakleigh distribution is taking at least an extra week.

    • +1

      Thanks - we have had some luck lately with 3 days from Syd metro to Vic metro. But know that a couple of positive cases can hold up a centre for a week.

    • Anything going through Oakleigh distribution is taking at least an extra week.

      I've had stuff going from Oakleigh to Sunshine and back to Oakleigh again… Go figure????????

    • Try 7 weeks and still not delivered Sydney to Melbourne held up at dandenong South.

      • held up at dandenong South.

        Gang perhaps?

  • +2

    Can you provide some examples of the brewers involved and the beer types?

    • +5

      Sure can! We’re showcasing 25 of the Sydney region's best breweries and the full spectrum of craft beer; pale ales to porters, sours to stouts. Plenty of IPAs and some unique flavour profiles in there too. We’ve included special limited releases, experimental brews and some very easy drinkers.

      We don't want to give too much away but some of the breweries are The Grifter, Batch Brewing, Yulli's, Wayward, Philter, Modus, Bondi, Sydney Brewery, Sauce, and Willie The Boatman.

        • +9

          It's an advent calendar, there is meant to be an element of mystery. I wouldn't want to know in advance what they are, may as well just buy a mixed slab.

  • Normally they sell out of these early. I guess they're moving a lot less stock this year compared to usual.

    I bought it last year, was really enjoyable.
    Don't have the disposable funds this year…

    • -1

      Use non-discretionary funds.

    • We're a brand new company, slow to get going with COVID delays, but love can-vent calendars. Hope you can give us a try when the time is right.

      We haven't launched them just yet but we'll be putting together a 12 & 6 can Christmas mystery pack if you are looking for something more affordable too.

  • +6

    $120 is a lot for a carton IMO

    • +7

      I work with a craft beer nut, a he'll spend $120 on half a carton, sometimes more. I suppose he'll go broke before becoming an alco, so there's that.

    • -8

      $120 is a lot for a carton IMO

      Especially from a seller with no reputation who's concealing the contents.

    • +1

      Only if your benchmark is VB.

  • +2

    @ full price $170 for what 25 beers
    That’s some expensive hops!!?!

  • Works out to $4.80 a can, not too bad for random craft beers (source: spent $30 on a mixed-6 tonight at my local)

  • +1

    What makes a beer a craft beer?

    • +2

      Typically small batch micro breweries (not mass produced) producing unique or traditional beers with experimental flair (try different things).

      • -3

        Like a 2yo in daycare doing small batch painting?

        I struggle to understand the concept of craft beer, coffee… And so forth.

        • They're not mass produced for mass appeal; as opposed to a "regular" beer which is mostly concerned with being produced as cheaply as possible and appealing to as many people as possible.

          Same with coffee and presumably also something or other that you enjoy, understand or take more seriously than the average punter does.

          • -2

            @merriweather: Yes. Similarly, a toddler spend an entire day 'painting', oppose to mass produced 'prints'…

            Not sure if things are taken more 'serious', or purely a 'feel good, i take the good stuff' factor.

            • +2

              @[Deactivated]: It’s cool if it’s not your thing. You said you didn’t understand so I tried to clarify it for you. If you’re actually just trying to let us all know you think it’s dumb then mission accomplished, feel free to spend your hard earned coin elsewhere or get your toddler to brew your beer.

              There’s a bunch of things that I’ll opt for the cheapest most generic stuff because I don’t care. For beer and coffee I reckon the extra coin is worth it. Horses for courses I guess.

  • Sorry, would buy, but I already have two beervent calendars this year!

  • +1

    Nice price 👍 Got one so hopefully not too many sours!!

    • there's no such thing

    • Hope you enjoy!

  • Took a punt and ordered one. Hopefully a couple West Coast/Red IPA's in there!

    • Hope you enjoy!

  • Thank you to everyone who purchased!

  • Any chance that the deal has been extended? Is it too late to order?

    • OZBARG70 will get you $70 off the RRP of $190.

      We will get them in the post ASAP but can't guarantee they will get there before 1DEC.

      Cheers 🍻

      • fail to see the problem of having to drink up the extra days on arrival!

        • Are you not aware of Advent Calendar Rules?

  • I just tried to purchase this but got a "This discount is no longer available." error :(

    • +1

      Sorry about that - we've had orders coming through so not too sure what's going on.
      Regardless we have a new one for last orders.
      LASTCALL90 will get you $90 off. Enjoy.

  • Discount no longer available!

    • +1

      Sorry about that - we've had orders coming through so not too sure what's going on.
      Regardless we have a new one for last orders.
      LASTCALL90 will get you $90 off. Enjoy.

  • jumped in at $100. cheers!

    • 💥

      • Convinced a few mates too. Will be good to compare brews

        • Great to hear. Hope you all enjoy!

  • +1

    Arrived today - nice range of beers - good value at $100

    • Cheers! Hope you enjoy!

  • Damn it, missed the boat.

    • If you'd still like one let me know and I can organise it for you. Send a message or email via contact us on the website :)

      • Don't, just sent you a message.

        • Thanks AussieKid - we are now out of stock for advent calendars.

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