What Is The Point of Black Friday Anymore?

I noticed Black Friday sales have been up and running since Monday 15th Nov for a lot of companies. Black Friday doesn't officially start until Friday 26th Nov with most companies usually starting on the Thursday generally.

With companies starting 10 days or so early, what is the point in having the name Black Friday in Australia? Defeats the whole purpose of following on the lines of the US tradition.

I can understand the greed of businesses trying to get the advantage over other businesses by advertising early but it's all become one big gimmick now.


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    Like you just have said. its a "Gimmick".

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    Welcome to maximising profits. You must be new to the Western world?

    Don't forget about price jacking, bait and switch, and more.

    • Yeah those retailers are really swimming in cash right now, the forced closure of businesses has really done wonders for the bottom line. Dont forget about price jacking, which isn't worth the effort as most people know how to use google and the ACCC loves to target companies who use these tactics.

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    Lots of nuffies read BLACK FRIDAY - they instantly believe it means a bargain..

    its nothing pathetic marketing really

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      Too good for sales, you must be very proud of yourself.

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    Same as the old point: to convince numpties to get excited and spend on fake "bargains" that aren't really worth it.

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      not fake bargains if you been keeping tabs on the something and know its usual price and someone sells it during black friday promo and happens to be less than the usual sell price and you also happen to be in need of it…

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    It's just yet another American gimmick that we've copied.

    • And Halloween! Why don't we also celebrate Thanksgiving? 'Murica! **** Yeah!

      • My favourite American holiday is thanks giving. The food is amazing, deep fried turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, etc.

        2nd favourite is Halloween, the parties are amazing, everyone goes all out.

        Even black Fridays in the US have been largely disappointing lately, seemingly getting worse every year.

        • Even black Fridays in the US have been largely disappointing lately, seemingly getting worse every year.

          All the TVs and appliances people usually fight over are sitting somewhere on the docks or still on their way from 'Gina. They will all be shouting "Lets go Brandon" on this Black Friday instead.

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    Just another day and "excuse" for a "sale".

    • which is the entire point of the site, to track sales.

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    Marketing mumble jumble

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      Wait….the saying is "mumble jumble"? - I've been saying mumbo jumbo for years! why didn't anyone tell me!! - Uggh I've been making an idiot of myself!

      • https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/mumbo%20jumbo

        Both actually

        The original and by far the most common form of this expression referring to superstitions or needlessly complex and obscure language is “mumbo jumbo.” “Mumble jumble” is far less common, but still accepted by the Oxford English Dictionary as a variant.

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          This is just like saying that "literally" means "not literally" or "I could care less" is the same as "I couldn't care less".

          Many dictionaries accept the wrong meaning because so many people got it wrong, and a word's meaning is whatever people agree it is. That's what meaning means.

          But those people are still wrong, and the incorrect version is still dumb.

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            @ItsMeAgro: I really hate that, "I could care less" is not the same as "I couldn't care less"

            Same as idiots in games saying "I dropped this amazing sword" ….. ummm no…… the game dropped the item, you picked it up.

            And yes it's Mumbo Jumbo, never in my life have i heard Mumble Jumble, and if you say it, you are a clown.

            There's also another one "have your work cut out for you" is pretty stupid

            Something else that's not wrong, but really annoys me, is how AFL commentators all started saying "At the coal face" lol

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              and if you say it, you are a clown.

              To be fair, this is ozbargain, and I am Pennywise.

            • @Pittyh: OMG, the Tennis. Commentators saying "he's/she's asking so and so the question", and "he asked the question, now does so and so have the answer?". Just RAGE, argh!! Unless I play the "asking the question" drinking game :P

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            @ItsMeAgro: How about… "you can't underestimate" instead of "you can't overestimate"? Likewise the fact that "fulsome" meaning "abundant" and "enormity" meaning "magnitude" are both accepted in some dictionaries now as correct might reflect the fluid nature of language… but it is still rooted in ignorance of proper usage… as you say: dumb.

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            @ItsMeAgro: You sound like you would enjoy the rantings of David Mitchell:


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              @GB84: Haha nice, thanks for this.

  • The thing is they jack up price before sale by like 200% of RRP, then they bring it to 100% of RRP a little bit before sale claiming its reduced by 50%, or make up BS claim like reduced by $99 on a $100 (original price sticker) piece of good (which is normally only like $1-$4 anyway).

    • ohh the old jack up price trick, have any examples to prove this widespread price manipulation and if so why havent you reported to the ACCC?

      • ACCC doesn't care about if 1 individual reports to them, they only care if its a thing reported by many many people (So it makes a case on behalf of certain group)

        • Is that so… and here I was thinking the ACCC was a government body who enforces fair trade practices and does not provide legal advice or represent consumer groups. They should really change the wording on their website.

  • noticed Black Friday sales have been up and running since Monday 15th Nov for a lot of companies.

    Companies trying to front run all the other companies. Notice how it used to be mid year and end of year sales now it is basically a sale every other month. It is like Easter stuff appearing basically a week after Australia Day.

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    What Is The Point of Black Friday

    Bad luck ?

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    Usually has more genuine bargains than Boxing Day.

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      That being said it's better to just set up price alerts on things you don't need urgently than wait for a particular sale (boxing day, singles day, labour day) to purchase the item.

      • Yup I have those setup everywhere on everything. Sometimes they're jacked in these sales and sometimes they're not.

        I made 21 purchases on AliExpress on Singles Day and only 1 product got price jacked. Some had a discount of <10 cents though, but coupons + cashback made it better.

        • Some AliE's price even better than taobao.

          • @Richardc: Certainly much easier to order from Ali than Taobao since I'm not a fluent Chinese speaker and Google Translate can be a bit iffy.

      • What's the best way to set up price alerts?

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    To trick idiots into buying more crap they don't need.

  • Companies are just trying to get in first and capture as much of your dollars with half deals in the lead up and will save their best deals for the actual Black Friday when there's real competition.

  • Its about creating a panic state, to get people to buy stuff they dont really need. Yes the deals are good though is $100 worth your time etx.

  • I think only Amazon has decent Black Friday deals and also they actually stick to the day

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    Retailers in the US are mostly going digital for BF sales events and discouraging physical shopping mostly for health reasons. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/02/black-friday-is-over-heres-w.... That and also people have just lost interest in shopping on BF/Cybermonday specifically so the magic behind the 1-day only Black Friday sales is slowly waning year after year.

    On the flipside, from a logistics point of view having everyone purchasing their items on the same day is likely going to result in a major backlog of items needing to be shipped out and this would place an even greater strain on an otherwise already strained package delivery network.

    Spreading out the Black Friday promos from a single busy day to a span of several weeks might allow customers to get their parcels delivered early.

  • What Is The Point of Black Friday Anymore?

    Fundamentally the same answer to "why do Christmas goods go on sale in September?"

  • Still you get better deals on Black Friday/ Cyber Monday than in Boxing day sales.

  • A bargain is only a bargain if you need it anyway otherwise it’s a luxury

    • I think pretty much everything paid for is a luxury.

      Can go hunt and gather the necessities without spending money.

  • sounds better than "Black Fortnight" i suppose

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    I'm ok with more sales

  • Boxing Day sales are another gimmick. With blocks and blocks of cars parked half a kilometre away from even the car park for a shopping centre, everyone rushing in to suddenly buy big TVs and Xmas gifts for next year and such. The advertising is what sells it but the prices are pretty much just regular sale prices, however sometimes you do get the "25% off everything in store" at a big retailer like The Good Guys or something, which enables you to buy something you've been thinking about but not watching too closely.

    I wonder though, this year with stock harder to come by due to the pandemic will the bigger companies be able to do this kind of thing for the next few years.

  • It's a gigantic con anyway. All these businesses are getting very tight fisted. Inflated RRP's and regular discounts is the norm now too. Many companies are not even having black Friday sales claiming 'staff and stock shortages'.

  • noticed Black Friday sales have been up and running since Monday 15th Nov for a lot of companies.

    Far out I was getting a little confused about what date BF actually was, seeing as I received so many promo emails Friday the 19th saying the sales were on 😕

  • If you need to buy something and it's on sale, it helps.

    I paid 15% at the fish markets.. every bit helps

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