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Steelseries Arctis 1 Wireless Xbox Series X Headphones $99 (Was $179) + Shipping @ BPC Tech


Ultra-low latency wireless for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Android, and PC
Noise-cancelling Discord-certified detachable mic
High-performance speaker drivers from the award-winning Arctis 9X
Comfortable fit and lasting durability with an adjustable steel-reinforced
ARCTIS 1 WIRELESS XBOX SERIES X - Headphone Frequency Response 20–20000 Hz - Headphone Sensitivity 98 dBSPL - Headphone Impedance 32 Ohm - Type Lossless 2.4 GHz - Battery Life 20 hours

these are cheapest i could find - theres a few stores selling them for 149 - bpc have them listed as 179. I cant say for sure that these work on the PS5 platform - according the compatibility list, its says playstation on the website. still cheaper than forking out 300+ for the 7x/7p if you can source them from aus. Happy gaming!

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)
BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)

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    This compared to the XBOX Wireless Headset? Already got the Dolby Atmos license

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    just fyi, work mate uses this for Teams calls and the microphone is really good… battery life is also good as well, easily lasts multiple days…

    i find this important as there are many gaming headphones which have crappy mics… i prefer gaming headphones for work as they tend to be more comfy (over-ears) than some of the office ones…

    i myself use TB Stealth 700 Gen 2 due to the Bluetooth connection…

    • Do you game on any consoles? How’s the connection with the TB Stealth 700 Gen 2?

      Many reviews mention connectivity issues, it doesn’t automatically connect first time which initially turned me off from buying them

      • i rarely game using these… initially yes i bought it for this but looking for justification for work which is now actually i can say 100% for work usage (tax claims)…

        however, during the times i plug this into my PS5, i never had issues but i may not do this frequent enough to experience the issues everyone mentioned…

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    Been using this for 4 months now, battery life is great. I game about 2-3 hours a day and only charge it on the weekends. I mainly purchased this because of the detachable mic, the mic itself is fine for calls. They're very comfortable for gaming and I don't get any sort of pain that I used to from my old pair of headphones.

    At this price it's a steal. Would get it.

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    Looks to have free shipping

    Free Shipping (BPC Tech Preferred Courier)

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      Looks like there is free shipping on all Black Friday orders over $80

    • Free shipping options not showing after adding $80+ in the cart.

  • I'm not sure if this is a different model to the one in the title which specificly states Xbox Series X, but the Arctis 1 isn't fully wireless, rather it needs an aux cable to the controller:
    "Also compatible with Xbox Series X
    The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will still feature a headset jack on the controller, so if you have any of the wired Arctis headsets, including the Arctis 1 or Arctis 3, you will be able to easily use those with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S as well."


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      Click the link, specs say wireless USB.

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      I see the issue now - there are two models. The wireless model and wired one. The quote above is for the wired model.

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    Tempting me to upgrade from my Hyper X cloud II. Nothing wrong with them but I do like wireless peripherals….

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    Kids christmas present sorted, thanks.

  • Sold out at 9:45 am WST.

  • wait what? so the same sound quality as the 9X??

  • Did anyone get a email confirmation with a tracking number?

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      Not yet. My order is still "processing" according to their website.

  • Still waiting to be shipped. What a disgrace.

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