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[PS4] Cyberpunk 2077 $28 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Was quite a while for $36 for PS4 at Amazon and now further discounted

For this price I'll give this game a shot :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • That would work on a PS5?

    • Wondering the same, worth playing on a PS5 peeps?

      • Played the PS4 version on release on the PS5. Game crashed sporadically probably once a session, which whilst not great, didn't stop me from playing through the entire thing and getting the platinum trophy. Other than that it ran just fine and they did patch the occurrence of crashes along the way back then. The story and side missions are great, they've just skipped the effort on anything else.

        For example you could easily spend half an hour customising your character's look before the game even starts to not then be able to change that again during the playthrough. Like you could get a haircut in GTA San Andreas, why not offer it here, because corners got cut. It's got no little side activities like bowling, pool etc that other sandbox games have. It has the basis to be a fantastic game, for now, it's just a decent one.

        • +1

          Thanks for the heads up, I pulled the trigger and hoping for a PS5 version early next year without an additional tax..

    • +5

      Yes but in backwards compatibility mode. Not a ps5 native game…yet.

    • They will release a next-gen update in Q1 2022. I'm guessing owners of this will have it for free or for a reasonable price.

      • They may, not a good track record so far.
        They may also give up instead.

      • +5

        They've confirmed it'll be free (not that their confirmations are particularly useful information)

  • Isn't the last gen version really bad, or did they fix it?

    • +1

      They "fixed" it - its not as bad as it was, but I wouldnt play it on a base PS4. Apparently PS4 Pro and PS5 will run it fairly well, with a PS5/Xbox Series X Next-Gen Update supposedly in the works.

      • +1

        Agree, played it on PS4 pro, and Graphic is not great.
        Not recommend PS4 version
        PC/PS5/XBX is much better option for this game.
        A lot of bugs have been fixed, and great to play now.

      • How is this game on the Xbox one currently and if they do fix it early next year will it make much difference

  • +10

    Still upset I dropped $80 for this on Day One

    • +5

      That's what happens when you preorder

    • Sorry for your loss.

      • +1

        Hahaha no biggie I'll get my $80 out of it when the PS5 patch comes!

        • +2

          I just wanted to show empathy rather than azngamer, whom I presume has Asperger's.

  • +3

    Still a week off of Black Friday. I think we can do better.

    • +4

      Agreed, it was $22 for the steel case through Amazon UK for a couple months though had to hit the $49 free shipping. So can see it falling to $15-$20 for BF

  • +3

    The transaction is the only thing that doesn't freeze

  • +1

    no deal for PC?

  • Waiting for a cheap digital xbox deal to play on my Series S

    sidenote - anyone installed via an ARG code before

  • Diamond hands, should be $10 soon

  • i have a ps5 and 3080. which version would be better, ps4 (on ps5) or pc?

    • +4

      PC obviously.
      Even if it got a ps5 patch your 3080 smokes the ps5 , especially since this game has RT

    • +1

      Definitely PC even before ray tracing.

  • +1

    As far as I'm aware, the PS4 will receive the PS5 update for free

  • -1

    I'm waiting for $15.

    • Lol! People who negged me for saying I'm waiting for cheaper yet this is ozBARGAIN 🙄

      • +1

        It's probably people who played more. I wouldn't get too worried about negs, who cares? They disagree with you. There could be many reasons.

        • Oh I'm not worried..I find it rather amusing tbh 😂

    • +3

      Decent price, next gen upgrade coming out Q1 next year.

    • +2

      Really holding out for the current gen patch at this point. But since there's a free upgrade path from last gen, $28 seems like a good price for a game that has undergone some big improvements (and will continue to with the patch).

      • +1

        Free upgrade? Man that's awesome! I'll definitely pick it up once it reaches that sweet $19 Amazon price point then 😊

        • Honestly it's worth about that at most. And I say this as someone that purchased (and eventually returned) the collectors edition.

          • @bumbandito69: I played PC on release and honestly although there were a few bugs I still feel it was worth the ~35 I paid through the VPN deal. I didnt finish all the side missions but I played through the main game and most of the content, and will likely go back and play it again once it gets the current-gen patch.

            I definitely see why you would have returned the collectors edition. The game definitely wasn't worth that.

    • +3

      A blast in its current state. Looking forward to the next gen patch for another play through.

    • +2

      Price matching EB Games.

      If you have eBay Plus you can get it for $26.60 Delivered for PS4 on EB Games eBay if you are quick, use code SHO50FF

      Edit: Fixed link.

      • Thanks. Well spotted - I wondered who they were matching! Just updated the post with the EB Games links.

      • +3

        Thanks for this - got one to pickup for $18 using the $10 Afterpay discount (which appeared conveniently at eBay checkout) - not bad at all.

        • Where was this

          • @bwatt72: Original deal post

            It's 1 time use so if you have used it since it first started in May, you won't be able to redeem it again.

            • +1

              @hamza23: Yes used it before and anyway they don’t have xbox on eBay even I could use the Afterpay option that would have been a great price.
              I have asked a question regarding this game and Xbox one edition need more info

            • @hamza23: About time they renew that code as most will have used it already

    • +2

      Thanks OP. Grabbing it now and will wait for the PS5 upgrade next year.

    • Was there not major issue with this orginally and many returned for refund this was probably a year ago, i very rarely buy game new released so past on this when out.
      It’s been up and down in price often and has the issues been fixed ie patches or whatever or are they still coming?
      Is game playable right now if not what’s the issues?
      I have Xbox one no interest in new Xbox until drops in price and have ton of Xbox one games.
      But Is this game not best suited to new Xbox or still ok for older as im sure game needed to work better on new Xbox.

      Im sure this might drop further yet so could hold and I see they are price matching another store so I. can pick up today if wanted than wait for delivery but im not upto date on the situation of how the game is with Xbox one

      • +3

        It is a good game IMO. Much of the writing, characters and missions stay with you, and if that's what you like i think it is worth your time. If you are more interested in gameplay then maybe not so much. I mean, it is reasonable in terms of combat gameplay, and the open world has some good places to visit. I played it roughly on release on PC and they screwed up lots of things, certainly. The open world was quite busted and there was heaps of small animation bugs. The environment can be quite pretty. I even played on an rx 570, which is equivalent to your xbox one, and thought so. It's really about the style rather than the eye candy. There was some thought put in to making the place look like a high tech slum, which is mainly what I was looking for. They really nailed the characters and many of the quests though. There isn't heaps of choice in the quest design, but the writing and small touches on the characters really sell them as believable inhabitants of the world. For example, a fish out of water ex-corpo you meet early gets violently tossed from the ladder and ends up with you in the slums. He sends you an accidental SMS of his face, fumbling with having to actually use a smartphone. I played AC valhalla recently and I am just so sad that the best a billion dollar studio like Ubisoft can come up with is "they kill my father and mother, i am angry viking". Compared to that, there's literally an AI taxi car that I remember more than any character from other AAA titles. Don't get me wrong, I am angry that they lied about the game before release, and I think they were well punished via their stock price plummeting. But they are slowly fixing the bugs.

    • no pc?

      • +2

        OOS on Amazon, but available at EB Games.

        • is there an Ebay plus link for EBgames ? :)

          • +1

            @bazingaa: They don't have PC on eBay at the moment. It looks like the last listing they had on eBay for PC ended over 2 months ago.

    • Yes but as I’m not updating my Xbox one anytime soon ain’t $28 still too much for this

    • +1

      Thanks - went with the local click an collect option with EB. :)

    • +1

      Hmm to get on PC, PS4 or Xbone?

    • -2

      This game is garbage, thats why the price keeps going down and will only keep going down. So, every time it goes down 10c, no need to make a new post cos at that point its a joke and clutter. stop posting low quality posts to get your karma up. Leave ozbargain for good deals. Not karkas deals.

      • And what’ device did you buy it for? I never got this on release as I wait till they drop a good bit in price. But this had big issues from day one and by sounds still is?
        As I’m happy with Xbox one and wait on price drops of new Xbox then this might be a better game suited to a new Xbox owner. But as I have no plans to get new Xbox I’m not sure if worth buying as $28 is still high if still issues with it

        • i dont think it is appropriate if it is $28 and you are waiting for it to hit $27 on another ozbargain post. that's just a joke.

          • @VudaDasin: Who said I’m waiting to buy at $27 game was flawed from start I never buy games on release dates, was thinking of going for it now but no idea if ok now for Xbox one and if it get better with updates I believe updates will be more focused on next gen consoles

    • +1

      Thanks! Used 8% discount on gift card through work to get it for $25.64

  • Wow you could buy this game xbox one owner and yet still have a crap copy by what I read.
    It might be there goal is to focus on new next gen consoles for this.
    But if they do make the Xbox one copies ok, better then prices will be much more.
    Sovi could just waste my money on still a flaud game which people say it is.
    Im Xbox one owner so not sure if works on other systems better or not

    It is not confirmed at this time if the 1.5 Patch will be coming to just Xbox Series X/S and PS5, or whether the new update will also be coming for the Playstation 4/PS4 and Xbox One.

  • On my 3rd playthrough at the moment, been experimenting with different builds. The Sasquatch money glitch is still there if you want to cash up (hit YouTube for details).

    • -2

      How in the heck does that relate to this forum? How does a glicth have anything to do with the sale. Bro your on the wrong platform. go to reddit

      • +1

        Relax champ, go get a massage

        • -1

          You are LEGIT exploiting the game for anyone new trying to buy the game. Do you understand how idiotic that is? All the no brainers can negative me all they like, but you are doing something rly stupid. You should be posting that not on a site promoting promotions. Reported.

          • @VudaDasin: Lol ok mate I'll bite, it's a slow day for me today anyway. If you want to get down to brass tacks about what comments are relevant and not relevant on OzBargain:

            • VudaDasin on 30/11/2021 - 13:27: "This game is garbage, thats why the price keeps going down and will only keep going down" That is an opinion, and going by your reasoning it does not relate to this forum.

            • "stop posting low quality posts…" As of this posting this bargain currently sits at 53+, quite a popular bargain.

            So tiger, just chill. No need to be internet angry all the time. Maybe try the game out, you might find you'll like it?

  • Going to ask a silly question can you check what Xbox one you own by switching it on and checking settings etc.
    I thought there was only one Xbox one console but im told today at eb there is an Xbox one x?
    Never knew there was two. I thought the two Xbox one’s are digital and one that uses discs.

    I was tempted to get this cyberpunk game and asked if it had improved she said on oc yes and is better on xbox etc.
    I did say they are still working on it but im sure they are more focused on the next gen xbox etc.
    But she says still be ok then we got talking about Xbox one. She asked what I had and mentioned an x? Not idea if I had x or s.
    pretty sure it’s the s.
    She said if it’s the s then this game will struggle on it but if xbox one be ok?
    I never even know there was possibly a newer version on xbox obviously not the next gen currently out.
    So walked out the store without the game.

    If my xbox one is the older xbox one then I’m sure be fine for my needs, I probably upgrade it once next gen starts dropping. As I have a ton of xbox one games I take they will work on next gen.

    Not that I use the games but kids have the xbox 360 and they work on the xbox one do the Xbox 360 games work in next gen as well.

    • -2

      Ahh! You must have mistaken this for Reddit!

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