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SecretLab Gaming Chairs from $644 TITAN Evo 2022, $559 OMEGA 2020 Delivered @ SecretLab AU


Secret Lab is having a Black Friday sale, including:

  • $35 OFF select Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette and SoftWeave® Plus fabric models. (Excluding: The International 10, The Flash, Superman, Minecraft and Jinx editions)

  • Up to $45 OFF all Secretlab 2020 Series PRIME™ 2.0 PU Leather and SoftWeave™ Fabric models.

  • $200 OFF all Secretlab 2020 Series NAPA models.

  • Up to $61 OFF all Secretlab MAGNUS desk bundles (When you purchase a Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk and MAGPAD™ Desk Mat together.)

  • $70 OFF all NeueChair™ Silver and Obsidian models.

Add to your tax deductions for this Tax Year.
Ships from Sydney with a 5 year Warranty (subject to conditions)

Feel free to use the referral links to help a fellow OzBargainer out, although I tried using it for the previous sales and was told I couldn't use it for sales.

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Referee gets $25 off their purchase (excluding sale items), Referrer gets a bottle of upholstery cleaner. Maximum of 2 Referrals.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +26

    Bought two a couple of weeks ago and definitely don't think they are worth the money

    • +2

      Been sitting on a Titan throughout the pandemic and I like it. I prefer it to the Herman Miller chair I used to have at work. However, I'm sure there are better ergonomic chairs to choose instead of either of these options. In general, sitting for long periods is bad for you and no matter what you're sitting on, you should basically just stand up if/when you can, and move as often as possible.

    • +1

      I hated my 2022 Evo for the first two weeks, but once I grown accustomed to it, and dialled it in just right; now I couldn't imagine sitting in everything else. All the pain I had sitting at the computer for a decade has vanished.

      It's the same as mattresses and pillows. You hate them to begin with because your body isn't used to it.

      • +2

        I am not saying that it is a bad chair, it is OK, but IMHO definitely not worth that kind of money.

      • They aren't comfy chairs unfortunately. They are super stuff and makes my butt sore after a few hours.

        I was hoping it would be better after breaking in but it hasn't changed much for me.

        • That sucks. It being stiff is exactly why I like it. I can and do sit in mine for 5-10 hours a day.

  • +12

    These chairs are just pure gimmicks, better to go for an office chair that actually has proper ergonomics and 12 year warranties

    • +3

      Those office chairs are shit. I had one, and also many $1000 ones in the office (Herman Miller)….. and no… those office chairs cause a sore back for me after sitting for just 1 hour. I have a Secretlab chair from 2018, and it is much better for my back. This chair is hard, don't expect a soft plush feeling when you sit. But the support is so good that I was literally sitting though 10 hour work days (with short breaks in between), and my back was still good.

      • +3

        Agree with sleepy.. have two secret lab chairs and worked in many mesh office chairs and leather chairs and definitely prefer working from my secretlab chairs.

        Everyone has a preference though.

      • +1

        That's your problem, there are more comfortable chairs than the Aeron (I feel that chair is way overhyped and I hated it). Gaming chair support is just a pillow, it's an absolute joke how non supportive they are.

        Examples of better chairs are: Steelcase Gesture and Leap (Think as well), Haworth Fern and Zody (Soji as well, but it's not for larger people) There's humanscale too that some people rate but I find then weird.

        • Some people prefer the Gesture but it's actually a multi person design which self adjusts.

          The Leap is intended as a single person chair and is more adjustable.

        • +3

          The Secretlab chairs are the complete opposite of 'pillow'. Almost every user complains how rock hard they are at first until their body grows accustomed to it. Secretlab Evo 2022 is the most supportive chair I've ever sat in, and I used to work in offices with expensive ergo chairs. I'm physically disabled with chronic pain and the Secretlab chair has made a significant improvement to my quality of life.

          • @BradH13: Hi Brad , im physically disabled as well , i have nerve damage in my lower back so sitting is painful
            i'm currently using a noname brand chair and within a week the comfy base went to crap as cheap computer chairs go,
            Anyway i use the chair in a partially reclined to watch youtube videos ,even with my pain meds i can only last 2-3 hours , My question is are the secret lab titan chairs comfortable using it reclined ? .

            Thanks in advance

            Edit im 6ft and 105KG

            • +1

              @Twodogs: I'm 6ft 140kg. Reclining is a dream. I find the lean back pivot recline more comfortable than back rest recline but that's just me.

              That being said. Whilst I was getting used to the chair, I was more sore than usual. Took about 2 weeks to get used to it but the short term pain was worth the long term comfort.

              But yeah, both sitting and reclining is good with the Evo.

              Just make sure you're willing to buy a very 'firm' chair. there's very little give in the foam. This is a good thing for your health but if you don't think you could get used to it; it's not for you.

              • @BradH13: Thank you so much for your reply , the price is the hard part as its a lot of money to spend and not like it , i will keep it on my short list for now .

                Thanks again

        • +3

          Other gaming chairs are crappy, I've sat in many at officeworks, Costco etc….

          Secretlabs is an odd chair, it's the only one that makes you feel like you are sitting on a concrete slab and in the first 30 minutes, you question yourself if you had just blown $700 on a dud. Then after that, you start to feel a difference, a significant one over other chairs in term of being able to sit for very long periods without body aches. Then when you recline it fully at shut your eyes….. it's an amazing feeling.

          I can't tell if the designer was brilliant or just crazy with going with such hard/firm foam. It is literally like lying on a wooden floor. But it works somehow…….. It's so good for my back that I can't explain it…..

          • @Sleepycat3: The person designed it just knew human bodies do not like soft cushioning over the long term.

      • +1

        I have to agree that the herman Miller Aeron (v1) I have found to be incredibly uncomfortable. Will probably sell it after I move house and try out one of those $200 office chairs that pop up on sale here semi-regularly.
        Edit: when I say uncomfortable, I mean constantly feeling like I'm unsupported, adjusting the lumbar support (which is crap for me no matter the position, 180cm tall), and basically have a lower back ache as a result.

  • +1

    I picked one at random, it's less than 10% off this https://secretlabchairs.com.au/collections/omega-series

    I don't think less than 10% off is a great bargain.

    I was interested in the Razer Tarok chairs which are about half the price, and have mixed reviews…has anybody got any experience with them?

    • If you do significant sitting, I always recommend that people purchase ergonomic chairs rather than gaming chairs.

      They're more expensive but they last much longer and provide better support throughout their life. Hermann Miller, Steelcase and other brands that businesses buy to avoid workplace injury lawsuits.

      • Can you link a suggestion

    • +1

      I am using Razer Tarok. they are ok chairs

  • +4

    YMMV - plenty of mixed reviews online, and a friend of a friend bought the 2020 one and swore it was the best he'd ever had.

    Personally, I think 500-600 is way too much to spend on a chair no matter how comfortable. I tried this a few weeks ago and found it surprisingly comfy: https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/matchspel-gaming-chair-bomstad-...

    • Interesting. I generally haven't found IKEA kitchen chairs to be very comfortable, but I've not tried the gaming chair.

    • I believe it's IKEA's newer and welcome additions to their chairs lineup. Thanks for your review :)

    • +1

      I think 500-600 is way too much to spend on a chair no matter how comfortable.

      Wait until you get a bad back, then you'll be willing to spend a lot more than $600 for comfort.

      When I was a spry young lad I could sit on a dining table chair for hours and be happy.

    • +4

      When young: Save money, and body suffers
      When older: Spend money to repair body

  • +3

    Good chairs but the PU leather wears out and there's no replacement covers I can find online for the base so… $600 chair looks like shit after 2 years? Yay.

    • +1

      Basically all leather chairs ever. I'm a lifetime fabric chair user for life.

      • Agreed, I bought a 2nd Secretlabs chair, and the 2nd one is the fabric version. My 2018 PU one has quite a bit of wear. I do have vinyl repair kits, so I've been using that to rebuild the worn areas from me sitting cross-legged on the chair with jeans, which causes a lot of wear.

        • +2

          I believe they fixed PU leather with their PU ver. 2.0 in the 2020 chair. Been using mine for 2 years everyday at work and it still looks the same as the day I put it together.

          Though I don't wear jeans at work. YMMV

          • +1

            @Viper18: I love my chair but it looks trash now. Getting a custom pillow made by an awesome family member. Hopefully looks OK and is comfy.

            Definitely would buy another but with fabric not PU. The grey fabric looks nice too.

        • I would put a lambswool Seat cover on the PU one .

  • +2

    i was going this route… then i just saved a couple hundred more and got a herman miller sayl (during last badbacks sale) instead… no regrets at all.

  • +1

    Was hoping for like $100 off since it’s gone up about $100. Definitely wishing for more significant savings for Black Friday.

  • +2

    I have the HM Aeron (with headrest) and Batman Titan 2021 version. I definitely prefer the Secret Lab chair for my fat ass.

  • -1

    "I'm a gamer" brand identity.

  • +2

    Why does everyone compare them to Herman miller chairs? They're uncomfortable compared to other companies, mainly steelcase

    Especially post covid, you'd be better off finding an office clearing out and pick up a steelcase leap V2(so you can even add a headrest if necessar, as V1 doesn't have the ability to add it without extreme modding) for around 200 bucks in good condition.

    I've tried all the gaming chairs under the sun between my own and friends that have bought them, before realising how truly shit they are. Maybe it's my height and build (6'4, 95kg) or the fact I drove a gtir with a bride seat for so long I got fed up of such solid seating.

    Your mileage may vary, but try the chairs atleast before buying

    • Steelcase seem to be quite a lot cheaper than Herman Miller. Any idea why? HM can charge a premium because of their name?

      I have an Aeron remastered and while it was a great upgrade over the le epic gamur chair, some days it just doesn't feel good on my body. It can feel overly stiff and not really comfortable, especially when you can't sit on your foot or whatever because the plastic is right there and just pushes into your body. I think it would be a good office chair but it's not a great relaxing/playing games chair (imo).

      Perhaps it's time to sell mine and get something a little more comfortable, I seem to be in the same boat you were, similar height and weight too.

      • Yep, it's all marketing. They like the market them selves as design led and premium hence their high prices, and people fall for it. Not saying they're crap, but Haworth and Steelcase (their biggest competitors) are far superior with value for money.

        That's the problem with hard mesh on the Aeron, it's not great for the home but fine for the office.

        • That's the problem with hard mesh on the Aeron, it's not great for the home but fine for the office.

          I still don't regret buying it, even with its faults, it's been a godsend over those shitty poorly-made chairs. Thanks for the advice.

  • +1

    These seem to be controversial chairs, but I personally like mine. I've had it for a few weeks now and it's far more comfortable than the chair I had previously. My only gripe is that I've got a squeak when moving side to side, but SecretLab reached out proactively and said this is a known issue and are making good on it.

    • Same, I bought my omega slightly used for half price and it's been nothing short of amazing for wfh

  • How are these compared to buro metro chairs ??

    • Buro isn't great honestly. Heard nothing but complaints from offices that have them.

    • Big Padding than most office chairs, but as always, you'll sink to the backboard eventually when it warms up enough. And that pain of your tailbone just after getting up is never fun.

  • +2

    I've had my Omega for 3+ years and absolutely hate it. Worst part is the add-on cushion for lumbar support. You move a bit and it just drops down and tickles my arse crack.
    Definitely not worth the money IMO.

    • Yeah the lumbar "support" annoys me. I also find it hard to get comfortable in it. Having the base flat or slightly angled doesn't feel particularly comfy.

  • +1

    I was looking at ordering the Joker one. Are they worth the price?

  • Ive got the Evo 2022 softweave plus chair and i think its great. Havnt tried herman miller. Though its a shame Secretlab had to increase prices a while back due to increasing costs, at least the BF price is close to pre price rise.

  • Wouldn't GTChair from Costco for $850 be better?

  • High quality stuff

  • I have omega mesh, the best thing I’ve bought, with office chairs I had sore neck back and cannot sit for 2 hours, with that omega 10 plus hours straight, cannot survive WFH without it.
    I prefer to have neck pillow removed, had sore neck with pillow on after a few hours

  • +1

    These chairs are oversized as (profanity) if you're on the smaller side. Also many of the 2022 evo have squeaking issues, so they have barrier kits which reduce but don't eliminate noise.

    • The squeaking comes from the lumbar support, as it is a new one that has in/out and up/down adjustment. Hopefully Secretlabs are able to fix it, but someone already DIY'd a fix for it (i'd still recommend using warranty instead of DIY if it is a 2022).

      In terms of oversized, there are so many size options now. Back in 2018, you had super big (Titan) and super small (Omega). Now there is Titan XXS (kids and cats sized), Titan Small, Titan Regular and Titan XL,

      • It can also come from the seat base. My friend had a whole new backrest sent to them to replace the lumbar squeaking, but the seat base near where it joins the plastic at the back also squeaks.
        The 2022 titan evo replacing all the older chairs, there was nothing for the very small category like the omega. The XXS is not in the 2022 lineup.

    • Yup. I'm omega sized but I find my feet just touch the ground. As a result I can't feel too comfy in it.

      I should have gone the smaller chair which is the girls chair apparently lol. I'm 5 ft 9 which is slightly shorter than average but is sized for the omega.

      • No such thing as girls chair when the secretlabs chairs are sized for the average american. I'm a tiny bit shorter, the 2022 small feels too big, and for the regular, the arm rests are almost unusable. I feel like my arms need to be wings before I can use them, even if they're adjusted as close as possible.

  • +1

    I own the 2020 Titan and imo my old Battlebull from PLE is insanely more comfortable chair than my Secretlab titan. the secret lab is a VERY hard seat which gets uncomfortable very quickly.
    titan i can go maybe 2 hours if im lucky, my battlebull i can go 24 hours no trouble.

    No idea if they have improved there seat hardness on the 2022 titans.

  • +4

    This is the most split comment section ever, half of y'all love it, half hate it and recommend other stuff.

    • +1

      The arse like what the arse likes haha

    • Theres no reason not to choose something with mesh in a climate like ours.

      • You mustn’t be from Victoria, it’s going to be 15 degrees next weekend and it’s nearly summer…

        • +1

          Victoria is the land of bushfire smoke, floods, hail and snow, all in a days work.

  • +1

    I've been using the 2020 Titan for 2 years now everyday at work. I love it, always comfortable and worth every penny, solid build, looks the same as they day I put it together. Brilliant chair. I admit when I first bought it, the foam does feel a little too firm to begin with but stick with it and it'll just always feel great.
    My sister just bought (~6mths ago) a 2022 Titan during lock-down for working from home and also loves it.

  • $35 off a $600 chair is hardly what i would call a black Friday discount.., still I suppose something is better than nothing especially if margins are tight.

    What i am interested in is how these chairs stack up against the NOBLE range of chairs, EPIC or HERO series.
    IMO the noble chairs have a better design and look to them interested in how they stack up comfort wise.

    I wonder if there will be any black Friday stuff on Noble chairs..

    • considering you can get $25 off using a referral (doesnt stack with sales), its only an extra $10 off a $600 chair

      • Like this all the time, they had $100, $150 off sometimes but only on older models.

  • i had a secretlab omega for 8 years. lumbar support isnt great, i had to buy a lumbar support cushion off ebay to make it bearable. plus the pui leather was peeling off after 1 year.
    switched to a herman miller sayl, going great for 6 months now, without any lumbar cushion at all. the net on the sayl supports my lower back quite well its surprising.
    bought the sayl to dip my foot into the herman miller brand, will upgrade to a embody in the future.

  • +1

    Their discounts are so insignificant. If $35 off $600 would sway you to wait and buy at this particular time, you don't really want it.

  • Secret Lab never offer signicant discounts and so I am resigned to paying close to full price. One day I will get a Secret Labs chair…. But $35 won't get me across the line today.

  • +3

    I too read a heap of mixed reviews and was worried about purchasing one. I've got the titan chair in early 2020 and its been great. It was firm compared to my previous chair so I noticed it for a week or two but now I prefer it to a normal office chair. The lumbar support adjustor is great and the seat is more wide and flat than the omega so I can sit my legs up and I wont get the sides digging in. The leather hasn't creased or faded and I sit on this several hours day. the wheels are great and roll nicely. arm rests are good though it they had more granular height adjustment it'd be much better. Overall its a great chair and I'm happy with my purchase.

  • +2

    For anyone who is interested in the titan 2020, please be aware that there are HUGE issues with this model, and many complaints on the returns + restocking fees + lack of customer support over them. The biggest issue is the squeaking back/lumbar support. If you want to know how bad it is, take a gander at this:


  • Hmm.. been thinking about getting a Titan Cloud9 edition… will take me some time today to decide if I wanna pull the trigger based on these mixed comments lol

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