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10% Cashback When You Spend $40 or More at Ampol Star Mart and Foodary @ CommBank Rewards (Activation in App Required)


Check your commonwealth rewards tab, need to be activated.
It's probably targeted.

Same reward was posted earlier but this one expires on 15/12/21
Possible those who did not receive the earlier offer would receive this one

  • Rewards can only be claimed once
  • Required spent in 1 transaction
  • Offer available at Ampol Star Mart and Foodary and Caltex Star Mart and Foodary locations in Australia
  • Offer eligible for in-store and in-app purchases only
  • Spend by 15/12/2021

Stack this reward with 5% off AmpolCash & Caltex StarCash Physical Gift Cards - Thanks WookieMonster


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  • What would/can you buy for $40?

      • Great if it works for fuel

        • Just buy 20 coffees.

    • A bag of lollies

      • lollies you mean

  • +3

    You can stack this deal with another deal at participating Ampol and Caltex locations that are selling AmpolCash and Caltex StarCash gift cards at a 5% discount.

    You could get a $500 AmpolCash gift card for $450, and get $45 cashback through this deal as well…

    • +1

      Will add this to the post, thanks

      • +1

        Sorry, my maths is way off!

        The $500 AmpolCash gift card would cost $475 (not $450), so you’d get $47.50 cashback through this deal.

        • +1

          hahaha, all good.
          I was about to say that and that's why didn't add calculations to the post.

          Any savings is a good saving :)

        • +1

          Total discount of 14.5% with this method (or 14.5c off for every $1 spent on fuel) - great deal heading into Xmas.

          Just remember that the 5% off gift cards end on 30/11

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