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Gigabyte Z590 AORUS XTREME LGA 1200 E-ATX Motherboard $349 & Free Delivery @ BPC Tech


Seems like a great deal, $950 off,

2.5gbe + 10gbe lan.

For 10 and 11th gen not Intel's latest 12th gen.

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BPC Technology

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  • A motherboard shouldn’t normally cost $1299, surely?

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      GPU's shouldn't cost 2-3k but here we are.. :)

  • I think they may have mixed up the full size ATX with the E-ATX.

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    ordered 10 gonna resell

    • Scumbag

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    • Scumbag

    • based

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      bum scab

  • what's the best cpu for this mb? 11900k?

    • If you're getting such a premium board, probably yeah.

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    not sure if it's a error🤔

    Was posted by the rep a few days ago:

    3. Gigabyte Z590 AORUS XTREME LGA 1200 E-ATX Motherboard $349 + Delivery

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    Dead socket

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      other than 1700, which one isn't a dead socket?

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        It's as if some people think that just because a new product is released, the previous generation from a day ago is suddenly completely unusable…

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          Agree, I don't understand all the negativity about buying 11th gen, unless you run benchmarks for a living, best time to upgrade is now, 10/11th gen provides great performance for a very good price, especially when you overclock a cheaper cpu, hello 11600KF, most games are dependant on GPU anyway, which is my problem, I wont pay $2000+ for a 3080!

  • it's ok, main features are 10gbe (single port ) and thunderbolt. You can get the Aorus pro for $199 (previously at Shopping express). A intel x540(-da2) is about $150 for a dual port if you're going 10gbe. Really depends if you want thunderbolt.

    Also only has 3 x m2 instead of 4 like the pro

    Probably better prices on blick friday.

  • +1

    Pretty sweet mobo for the price. If you're saving coin and building a last generation starship at the same time it's a real bargain.

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    Bought few things on 13th of Nov from BPC, nothing happens since then…so be aware.

    • I ordered previous deal for Aorus mobo/ssd combo on the 13th from them. Arrived yesterday, was very well packaged for shipping.

      • Mine just shipped out..

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