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Huawei Watch GT2 46mm with Bonus Strap - Brown $171.62, Black $162.09 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Black Color

1.39 inches AMOLED Display with 3D Glass Screen with highly accurate touch response
This watch has 2 WEEKS of Battery Life.
Bluetooth Call
Cheapest according to camelcamelcamel.

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  • +6

    I own it for a few months. The best smartwatch I ever had. Can confirm 2 weeks of battery life, plenty of faces, very comfortable strap. Good brightness on the sun

    • Same here, owned for a few months. Battery life is good. Silicone strap is IMHO crap! Recommend getting notch-less strap. Brightness is fantastic but at night whilst asleep can't turn down brightness (5 options for brightness are just too bright!) - still learning about settings and features so there might be a solution to this.

    • Can you turn Bluetooth/Wi-Fi off / flight mode on easily? Will need to toggle it daily for the areas I work in

      • There is DND option

  • +2

    I was about to buy it then I realised it doesn't have NFC so you can't really use it to pay for things which is a deal-breaker for me. Still a good price tho for those who don't use NFC

    • Same here, I need one for iPhone.

    • the other huawei watches that have nfc still can't be used for payment

  • Is this shipped from Oz or the UK?

    • Mentions Amazon UK as seller so it would ship from the UK

  • Have this watch. Fantastic battery life, well made and looks great. Also the watch fit new model for $95 is a very good price just grabbed one.

    • +1

      Rec. getting a glass face protector for knock or bumps though. Saved me a few times.

  • +1

    Good watch. Purchased about a month ago from Amazon aswell. However didn't come with additional strap. Doesn't matter as can buy generic ones from ebay.

  • The new watch fit for $95? Can I have link pretty, pretty, pretty please?

  • Great watch and great deal. I grabbed 6 months ago for 100buck more. Fantastic battery life and all the right features for a fitness watch. Plus the classic black looks professional too, so you can wear all day comfortably for work and play

    • Paid 250$ odd @JBs months ago. First smartwatch. Can't wait for a smart patch though that just streams information to your phone - I'm one of those people that doesn't care about getting water/suds on wrist whilst washing hands but now I'm fairly careful cause of the watch. Being in the kitchen cooking doesn't help with smart watches either. lol. The watch does have a water resistance rating though. More info Huawei GT2

      • +1

        its water resistance, i wore it to swim a few times, and wash it under a tap when it got dirty, no problem at all.

        • Appreciate the feedback. Always good to know the depth of water protection. Thanks

    • Can you turn Bluetooth/Wi-Fi off / flight mode on easily? Will need to toggle it daily for the areas I work in

      • No unfortunately. Bluetooth is always on

  • +1

    this or the galaxy watch 4

    • Depends if WearOS is of value to you, i guess.

      I actually decided against it, because I find Tizen more responsive.

  • +1

    Great watch and decent deal. Bought one from JB Hi Fi for $149 in Titanium Grey (with additional metal strap) about 1.5 years ago but never used the metal strap as the silicon one is very comfortable and still looks new. I sometimes forget that I am wearing it as it is so light & comfortable. Currently using Fenix 6 pro but go back to GT2 now and then as it goes well with business wear.
    For me, GT2 tracks heart rate and GPS better than my Fenix which was a surprise.
    But note, Huawei took away integration with MyFitnessPal to track calorie intake etc. so cannot be considered full fitness watch (for me). I don't use watch NFC or Music so not of concern for me, cannot comment on that.
    10 day battery life, about 4 days with about an hour of activity tracking.

    • You can also adjust the heart rate to track more frequently but that doesn't show up in the huawei app records. Oxygen rate is fairly accurate when you test it - my pulse oximeter shows same levels at time of test. Beware the sleep tracking is okay not the best. Has recorded my sleep when I'm not and just on the couch.

  • The GT2e is on sale for $128 on Amazon - wouldn't this be a better deal?

    • Gt2 you can answer phone calls from the watch, while gt2e you can hang up calls but cant talk on watch. I have gt2e I like the design better and I prefer to take calls from my mobile phone.

      • I have a GT2e on the way and thought I might be missing out, if I don't have the ability to answer calls on my watch - not that I think I'll use it all that much.

        With the GT2e, can you take the calls via ear buds with a mic paired to the watch?

        • Dont think you can. You can cancel and get the gt2.

          • @Bangerbargain: At $125 for a previous gen health watch, the GT2e will do all I need it to with battery life that will trump the majority of smart watches for a long time to come.

  • I bought this one also on sale
    Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smartwatch 1.55 Inch GPS Fitness Activity Tracker with 14 Day Battery Life, 70 Sports Modes, Monitoring SpO2, Heart Rate, Sleep and Stress for Men and Women, Green https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08PD5XV8X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_g...

  • Some good things about this watch. You can set vibration warning when heart rate gets to high or low. Its got a remote shutter option for taking selfies from a smartphone. Some extras like compass, barometer (inc. altitude), alarm, stopwatch, timer, etc. As stated many times battery life is great, and charging time is fast, under 2-3 hours every time - the watch does warn you at 10% it needs charging. Like all devices, lots of settings to look at and adjust if the default doesn't suit you!

  • Can anyone convince me on getting a Smart watch when I always have my phone with me?

    • Your phone can do things your smart watch can't and vice versa. Smart watch is good for health and fitness monitoring generally but might have other added benefits.

  • Can I control my music with this watch? If not, no deal.

    • You can store upto 500 songs on the watch. Play, skip forward/back, loop/shuffle/play-in-order playlist, loop song.

    • +1

      Can control Spotify etc on my phone no problems

  • Now $169.75 with 3% cashback on Shopback

  • Down to $149 for BF. Almost tempted to get another one.

  • I cancelled mine as it is not shipped yet and bought $149

    • Was it $149 yesterday? Now back to $170

      • Yes yesterday black strap one was $149 and shipped by Amazon AU

        • Thanks for the quick reply. I was after the brown. I thought it dropped to $149.

  • What bonus strap comes with Brown?

    • Black silicone strap, I checked in YouTube videos

  • Classic S/S with brown leather strap and bonus black silicone strap now $157.12 (UK)

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