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4G LTE GPS Fleet Tracking Device $198 Delivered + Bonus 3 Months Free Platform Access Period @ trackOmeter


We're running a sale until the end of the year.

trackOmeter GPS Tracking service is on sale for $198, FREE SHIPPING.

Use the coupon PRM-OZBARG21 and get the tracker for $176.

All prices include GST and offer includes 3 months free tracking platform access.

The tracker is a plug and play professional car tracker and comes with a sim card and free tracking for 3 months, if you want to continue after the 3 months, it's only $11 per month.

The tracking is REAL TIME and comes with a professional tracking website portal and free app (Made in Australia)

There's no contracts and no minimum plans. You get all the features of the car tracking, for $11 per month, that's it, no contracts or multiple plans.

trackOmeter is a leading GPS Tracking system provider in Australia specialising in Real time GPS Tracking, Telematics, GIS Mapping, and business analytics.

There are over 130,000 users of the system worldwide and this is a rare opportunity to get the same system that is used by federal governments, customs and multinational courier companies around the globe.

The system comes configured and ready to use with a SIM card that automatically connects to Telstra, Optus and Vodafone at the same time for full coverage.

Trackers are made in Europe and come with a 5-year warranty.

The tracker's location is instantly updated on the app and portal.

You get all the features of the portal including geo-fencing, notifications, reporting and all features are unlocked.

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    No offence, but would it just me cheaper to use one of AliExpress with a cheaper simcard plan

    • What is the cheapest data plan these days?

      • +1

        ALDI $5 for 1 year, 100MB. So 2kB every 10 mins. They charge in 1kB units.

        What is the bandwidth use of these?

        • Hi Manic

          The trackers use between 10-50Mb/month depending on how you drive. in a straight line on a freeway it will track every 10 seconds or 100meters. But it also tracks at 15 degree direction changes and braking and acceleration.
          So on a straight road you'll get less records than a roundabout for example where you may have 5-10 points.

          • @trackOmeter: OK,
            then Telstra $30 SIM for 300MB in 6-months.

            or Vodafone $40 prepaid should cover it for a year. 4c/MB, so 1GB.

            • @bargaino: Also depends how much you drive but unless you spend 8 hours on the road it doesn't consume that much. Never know, you may even get away with the Aldi $5 card, if not, just get another one after a few months I suppose.

    • you get what you pay for though. i bought one of the aliexpress ones and they only support 4g lte. i'm assuming the offer is for one of these, https://www.trackometer.net/gps-trackers/rt-obd001 which uses cat m1. i haven't used cat m1 at all, but i'm curious to see how better it is (if it is) over regular 4g lte.

      • Hi Koom

        The offer is for a much better unit actually, it's the Teltonika FMM-001.
        CAT-M1 just refers to the transport of the data, it's a standard that uses less data and less power to power the GSM transmitter.

        CAT NB1: Max. 32Kbps (DL), Max. 70Kbps (UL)
        GPRS: Max. 107Kbps (DL), Max. 85.6Kbps (UL)

        The speed is actually pretty irreverent since the transmitted data is only a few bytes (approx 200bytes or .2Kb per record)

        • thanks for the reply, i looked into cat m1 as i was actually in the market for a gps collar for my dog. the aliexpress specials (like you pointed out) have crappy firmware and as theyre 4g lte, they run out of battery quickly. cat m1 looked good and i know telstra offer it, but it was through their business portal and it got too hard in the end to find a solution. having a look at your website i can see you basically deal with fleet tracking, but do you have anything for pet tracking? haha

          • @koom: Yeah, that's a very specific application. I think we have a few boxes of all different pet trackers that we were testing over the years as a possibility but none actually lasted for long enough, were too big or too hard to recharge. Apart from developing one ourselves, we decided to stick to car tracking :)

  • +2

    Hi Jesse

    No offence taken, common question, you can BYO sim card,
    but if you have 10+ then it's a lot of work to keep track of renewal days, top ups and have to log into each one to top it up, or suspend the sim cards for a few months if you don't need the tracking for that time, etc.

    Also, from ADI's website, "We use parts of Telstra’s 4G and 3G mobile networks"

    the trackOmeter Sims use Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

    The $11 includes the sim and system access which stores unlimited history, reporting, notifications, etc. so you can playback where you've been.
    If you BYO sim card and just use our system then it's only $5.50/month (inc GST)

    If you don't need historical playback, you can just get the tracker and send an SMS to it to get it's location. In this case, you just need a tracker and a cheap sim.

    And sure you can get a $12 tracker online from ali, globasources or ebay, the hardware is almost identical but the problem is the firmware is not written very well which means they leak memory and need to be restarted every few months. Off course not all are bad but we've tried 100's of different models and found poor programming on almost all of them. Actually, 99% of them come out of the same factories like (http://www.coban.net/) and are rebranded by all the ali and ebay sellers.

    We use Teltonika trackers (https://teltonika-gps.com/product/fmm001/), they are the manufacturers of the devices in Europe. They are very stable.

  • -1

    I know not as good but for me a non subscription method like an apple airtag makes more sense. Shame id have to buy an apple device though…..

    • -1

      Air tag is bluetooth..

      • Yes I realise that…. but my use case would not require real time tracking…ie in case the car is stolen. apple network should suffice…. for the price….

        • +1

          The latest privacy related changes are going to ruin this use case.
          In simple words - from iOS 15.2 anyone would be able to disable ANY AirTag next to them.
          This change is to prevent people from using AirTags for stalking.
          But it makes them useless as a theft prevention device.


          • @SickDmith: I believe there is a 3 day delay before they get these notificatons… has that changed?

  • Is it to be connected to the obd plug? Easy to get hardwired?


  • Actually there's 2 models you can pick from.

    Either the OBD model or the hardwired model. https://www.trackometer.net/gps-trackers/rt-obd001 or https://www.trackometer.net/gps-trackers/rt-ar5

    the tr-obd001 gets its power and ignition status from the obd port but it can be seen because its plugged into the port. good if you have a trade business and you have you own drivers.

    If you want to hide it, you can either get the splitter cable (https://www.trackometer.net/gps-trackers/accessories/rt-obds...)
    or get the RT-AR5 which is hardwired, this way you'll need to connect it continuous power (+ and -) and a (+) when the ignition is on if you want the trips calculated (start/stop driving).

    The hardwired one is pretty easy to install if you're familiar with car wiring and where to find them.
    The wiring link is https://www.trackometer.net/gps-trackers/rt-ar5#Wiring

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