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Kambrook 2 Slice Toaster $7.35 (Was $49) @ Woolworths


Spotted this on Woolies app for $7.35 and ducked down to my local Woolies and managed to snag one. Doesn’t seem to be much stock around though.


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    I don't need one but @ $7.35 I'd buy one.

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      My thoughts exactly haha!

    • I need one. Thanks JAF.

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      Bargain First, Justify Later

    • Have them on the shelf at our woolies but still $49!

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    Now that's what you call a bargain, thanks JAF

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      You’re welcome :)

  • Doesn’t state price?

    • Shows price on Woolies app if you have stock around you.

      • Oh found. There a store in 1.7km of me. Says it in the centre of the store so it probably gone now.

        • Said centre of store for me as well but was just down the normal aisle where appliances are kept and was still decent amount of stock there as there’s no clearance pricing on it.

          • @JAF: its not in the centre of store, its in kitchen appliances section

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              @Ehty: Uhh that's what he just said

              • @RoeJogan: I meant to reply to comment above this, somehow replied to OP…

  • Out of stock in most places

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    In Stock at
    Cnr Lonsdale & Swanston Street, Melbourne
    Subiaco Square Store Centro Subiaco, Perth

    • Also still another 2 in stock at the baldivis, Wa Woolies I bought from

      • Cheers, one left now. Its a striped style one.

        • Hmm interesting the stripe styled one scanned up at $49 at Kwinana. No stock even though there is supposed to be.

          • @rmk: Seems like others have mentioned the striped one doesn't get the discount, so none left in Baldivis then :(

    • Cranebrook NSW
      Penrith South NSW

  • Out of stock NSW all stores according website

  • Still stock in Perth.

  • Thanks OP, just got the last one from my local Woolies.

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    Thanks, got one at Boronia, near ice cream/freezer, shows $49, but scans at $7.35

    EDIT: 5-7 left

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    Legend! Plenty of stock in my regional local store. Labelled at $49 still. Just got one.

  • Out of stock at my local store.

  • Found 1 in Brisbane store showing unavailable. Stock at other local stores.
    Price scanned @$49 a minute ago!

  • Scanned at $49 for me too :(

    • There are two types one is for $49 other is for $7

  • Got the last one in Campbelltown Marketfair

  • Scanned at 49 dollars for qv melb central in victoria too.

  • Scanned at $49 for me (Springvale)

  • It's scanning at $49 and can't show the online price for some reason

  • Woolworths Kew scanning at 49

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    There seems to be 2 different Kambrook 2-slice toasters originally at $49. The one on sale is the smooth surface one. The other $49 one (which isn't on sale) has a horizontal textered surface. There are still plenty of these ones on the shelves and perhaps people are confusing the two.

  • Showed as in stock at my local store but got there and there weren't any kind of toasters at all… Got them to check out the back and they said there was a stock level error. Thanks anyway OP! Still need a new toaster so the bargain hunt continues.

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      That's codeword for manager secured it for themselves hehehe

      • Haha yes that did occur to me as the most likely explanation!

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    Bought one of these a while back. Good value but very messy regarding crumbs that fall through.

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    • Too late probably.

  • Found 2 in Brisbane CBD but both of them weren't discounted when scanning :(

  • Hm, I don't know.. had my eye on a $200 Kitchenaid one that does the exact same thing but comes in blue…

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    Got last one at Maroochydore $7.35. I think titus above is correct - there are two different but similar models and it only applies to one.

  • No click and collect sadly unless you spend minimum $30

  • Showed stock at St Mary’s - sent someone who loves close by. They had 7 there but staff insisted the price was $49 each.

  • Thanks guys… Got one from Joondalup Perth… This is a different model and the staff helped me get one from their warehouse behind

  • So what's the deal with the $7.35 price tag as per what OP mentioned, was that a price error at that particular store?

    • They were on clearance in March at $19.60 and were replaced shortly after by model with ribbed surface. This sale is just clearing remaining stock.

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        Well ribbed surfaces give more pleasure. So that’s understandable.

  • Out of stock everywhere around me :))

  • Stock at Inala, scans at $49 though. Luckily the mars bars were free.

  • Just went there where a few left and refused to sell to me saying it was only at particular stores.. pi$$ed off!

    • Thats outrageous! Which store? No self serve check out?

      • Kew, maybe someone else will have more luck ! And it didn't come up reduced there, so when I asked the staff member they said no can do.. anyways a please explain email has been sent, back to toasting my bread with a stick and fire :)

  • Gah, gone in Syd.

    Any suggestions for a budget toaster that's small? new kitchen is tiny and I have a massive 4 slice.

  • says there is stock at beecroft

  • Placed a C&C last night for opening time and managed to snag one! Thanks OP

  • Thanks picked up lucky they were on shelf with the 49.95 ones scanned at special price 👍👍

    • Where did you get yours from? I went to two store that said there was stock but they only had the striped version which isn’t on special.

      • Mandurah forum they were at the back of the other 49.95 stock on shelf
        Stock levels said 3 but only took 2 one 4 my son as well.

        • Awesome! I moved all the boxes hoping there was some at the back but no luck - for either store.

  • Normal price at mount Druitt

    • There are 2 types on show the right one will scan at cheap price

  • Scanned at $49 for me.

  • Crazy cheap, thanks op. Not buying shares of woolies for now!

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