This was posted 5 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo $3778.20 Delivered @ MobileCiti


Latest DJI drone. RRP $4198

Too costly for me but someone may benefit from the deals.
Cheapest price I could find.

Also available DjiAir 2s @1888.20


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    For a second i thought is 378.20 😔

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      Should have gone to specsavers.

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      • I was at Specsavers today… They said delivery in 2 weeks… 😊

  • The best price I can currently find, but surely black Friday will beat last month's price of $1705.26 for the Air 2S Fly More Combo?

  • Why none Mavic Mini 2 deals?

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    Shame on DJI for not even including the Smart controller for that price. My Mavic mini 2, which cost less than a quarter compare to the Mavic 3 have the same controller.

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      There has been a lot of online criticism and shaming about that.

      Shame indeed

      • Thanks for sharing the Air2s @Bippz01 as well.. Been looking at that drone for a while but might hold off for the Black Friday.

  • DJI RC Pro costs AUD $1,529 standalone, almost on par with Air 2S Fly More Combo when on special.

    • wait what, that's just for the controller? fmd.
      I would rather use a Switch to control one of these.

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      Just be careful as the Mavic 3 DOESN'T support the DJI Smart Controller, it requires this RC Pro controller which isn't backward compatible with the old drones.

      Hopefully this info helps someone looking to upgrade as i'm trying to buy the Smart controller for my Mavic 2, which seems to be out of stock with DJI stores, and the RC Pro can't be used. So stuck between a rock and a hard place…

  • These guys finally stopped saying that their stock is Australian. Having grey stock physically in Australia doesn't make it Australian stock lol

  • 15km range seems like a lot. Is that a huge improvement over last generation or am I just out of touch with these things?

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      That's 7.5km out and back :)

      • Ah ok. Thanks.

  • Close to $4K? Good lord it had better be bloody good!

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      Cine version is $7199!!!!!

      • wow i could either ride to work or drone myself, would these lift 80kg? 15km would do it

  • Am thinking of buying a drone, and I'm leaning towards the Air 2S over the Mini 2 (mainly for the Active Tracking and obstacle avoidance), but have just been reading about the mandatory registration and accreditation that's coming next year for drones over 250g.

    I'm not big on having to register my drone with the govo each year and be accredited (although it's not a deal breaker), but can anyone confirm we won't have to pay the $40 levy each year for a drone like the 2S which is over 500g (AFAIK that will still only be for business users or when used as part of your job)?

    • I have the Air 2S and really like it. Couldn't justify the $4000 for Mavic 3.

      As far as the changes from next year, it is mostly for commercial use.

      Check This

      • As far as the changes from next year, it is mostly for commercial use.

        From what I can see, the changes are for those flying for sport or recreation (who currently don't need to be registered or accredited)?

        For my casual drone use, I'm not sure if I really want to pay $40 every year for an Air 2S registration…

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    Good god. When I got my Mavic 2 set for 2500 I thought it was too much already and now they are selling for 4k+
    Guess I'm gonna pass this one

  • This drone seems about 20% better than the Air 2S at double the price, still very happy with my Air 2S

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