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[NSW] 6.6kW Solar System (17x 390W Risen Panel & 5kW Goodwe Inverter) $2900 Fully Installed (Was $3600) @ All About Solar Camden


Hi everyone

My name is Wayne and I am the owner/installer at All About Solar. I would like to offer the following deal.

6.6kW solar energy system with 17 x 390 Watt Risen Panels and a 5kW Goodwe inverter for $2900 fully installed. (Price is your final price after STC discounts)

The panels come with 25 year warranty and the inverter comes with 10 year warranty. Lifetime warranty on workmanship.
We are based near Camden NSW and this deal applies to a 150km radius.
All work is carried out by myself and an offsider. We organise metering to be done after installation.
I have been in business for 21 years
Please click on the link to our website to get this deal

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  • please check PM.

  • Random question:

    How much trouble have you had getting stock in lately?

  • any Growatt option?

    • I think you’d find a lot of installers would prefer not to choose this option

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        Can you please clearify? Was there any particular issue?

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    How much for fronius inverter/with Trina panels?

    • I am installing fronius with Trina panels 12kw from other installer for $7500

  • How much for inverter/battery only with 6.6 kw Hyuei panels

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    Op should come here answer some questions

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    25 year performance or product warranty?

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    25 years performance warranty is the industry standard and is pretty much not worth the paper it is written on.

    The product warranty is to cover defective materials or workmanship in the manufacture of the Panel. It is provided by the manufacturer of the Panel, not the solar installation company.

  • 6.6kw is not going to greatly offset your power bill. Get 10kw or greater.

  • Is risen considered as good as trina?

    • Definitely not

  • Can anyone vouch for this company?

  • Looks like he joined to post his ad and then bailed.

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      Roughly the same length of time as the lifetime warranty on workmanship

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