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[eBay Plus] Belkin 10m Blue Cat5e RJ45 Ethernet Cable Network LAN - $3.45 Delivered @ 247Deals eBay


It's back!

Last seen on 12/10/2021, this deal will see your unloved ethernet cables (the ones without the locking tabs that you just can't throw out) joined with some beautiful new cables - coloured in a much sought after shade of light blue.

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      Thanks got it…
      More reliable than my home made cables

      • I don't quite understand. 80% of my existing cables are home made. They've all been reliable. In fact, I've never had an issue with any of them at all.

        • I’m not that good at it yet, at least for ones I’m installing in the ceiling… replacing them is annoying.
          But you’re right, in general

    • Damn! That's a much better price.

    • +1

      ^ This …. With afterpay (AFTERPAY10) code was able to get it for $19.95 … Bargain!

    • Picked this up. Thanks!

    • Cheers brought 2. One for work and one for me.

      Cat5e is fine for 1Gbps.

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    Can I run this through the wall and roof?

    • Yes

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        No you can not

        Then it becomes fixed structured cabling and requires the installer to hold the appropriate cabling endorsements

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          It’s laughable that domestic data cabling requires licensing.

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            @HelpMeiCantSee: not really, the comment below proves why, can not even recognise a patch cable from that of permanent structured cabling

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          Of course the person asking the question is actually asking "can I buy these cables and get a qualified cable installer to install them into my walls and roof?".
          Using the services of a qualified person will ensure integrity of the public telecommunications network by adhering to standards and that an installer in the future will not be put at risk of injury by electrocution and indeed, any connected equipment be put at risk of damage by incorrect application of electrical current.
          Clearly, that was the actual question and that is the intention (not the actual wording) of the appropriate Australian Standards and regulations.

          As a matter of course, any one about to install any form of cabling into a house will carry out full research to establish what is required legally in Australia and take the correct steps to comply to standards.
          My one word answer assumed that people will take the steps that I would always take with any electrical installation. "Yes" means that he/she will be able to install these cables by engaging a qualified installer who may choose not to use these items due to unsuitability for the purpose and recommend an alternative, which may cause a greater cost for the consumer.
          Typically, a consumer may be able to use these cables where it does not constitute a "permanent installation" such as connecting from a network switch to a PC, i.e. where there is next to no risk of any injury to any person or equipment.

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            @wetwork: Mate you have NFI and are talking out your arse.
            You can not even tell the difference between a patch cable and permanent structured cable - they are INHERENTLY different cables - stranded/solid core

            You cannot install a patch cable in place of permanent structure cabling, so again you answer is completely incorrect,misleading and false
            As soon as you enter a wall/roof space it must be of the permanent structured type not a patch lead

            The person installing the cabling does not need to 'carry out full research' they already know and understand AS/CA S009:2020 - Installation requirements for customer cabling

            "qualified installer' the correct term is Registered cabler with appropriate Endorsement in Structured Cabling

            • @thesainter: Good work mate.

            • @thesainter: Are you one of the registered cablers?

              • -1

                @HelpMeiCantSee: It is one of my qualifications,
                I don't give a (profanity) if you do your work, but when an overconfident idiot gives out incorrect advice to someone that does not know any different, I am going to correct them to what the regulations are

                Even worse when the dumb (profanity) and his advice get upvoted, but these days you don't even have to know what you talking about, just have the confidence in the BS you spout

                The cabling standards are freely available to anyone - AS/CA S009:2020 (granted other ones also need to be considered at the same time)

                • @thesainter: Domestic data cabling cert is irrelevant. The certification is a racket.

                  I never would have guessed you make money from it. Heaven forbid somebody permanently installed a network cable, how horrifying! Fire and brimstone are coming! Hell, even 12v cabling can be more damaging.

                  Ease up lad, nobody is taking your income. Better yet, if they f it up, you might end up with MORE work lol

                  • -3

                    @HelpMeiCantSee: There is no specific "Domestic data cabling cert" it applies to all cabling
                    And when it connects to a bigger network outside your front door, you should know what you're doing
                    You know POE can go up to 48v right………..

                    Even Linus tech tips doing his own cabling was a sub-standard install

                    I probably pay more tax than you earn in a year so I am not worried one-bit champ:D

                    • @thesainter: Good on you. That’s bs and you know it. A “sub standard” install within a house cannot affect a larger network, only the network within. Plus, if it was possible, the isp would disable the port.

                      Commercial premises with multiple high speed links MAY be different, however get off your high horse. A patch cable permanently installed within a home is perfectly fine, and will do NO HARM.

                      wooooooooooo 48v. Low amperage. Still ULV. and my point stands.

                      • -1

                        @HelpMeiCantSee: Stating the clear legal requirements for an install is not a high horse it is an indisputable fact, does not matter if it is domestic or commercial

                        It is connected to the larger network, therefore can affect it, how many installs have you done, zero? armchair expert

                        Like any equipment, it must be fit for purpose, even a patch cord, and not used for structured cabling (i.e in walls/ceiling), as the other poster mentioned

                        No such terminology as ULV in Aus, its ELV - Extra Low voltage, not exceeding 50v AC or 120v DC
                        First you say 12v is worse, now you say 48v is nothing, so which is it? It only takes 100mA to kill someone

                        Your lack of knowledge and overconfience is frankly embarssing

                        • @thesainter: Mate, get your hand off it. Irrespective of legality, a domestic install within a house cannot affect beyond it. Elv, ulv same same. Now you’re being a pedant for the sake of it. As I said, I’m not certain with commercial installs, but you have clarified it’s the same. The legislation is a racket for a protected industry, it has zero to do with harm or damage. If that’s the case, what’s to stop someone hooking up a car battery to their hardline?

                          12v, 48v whatever. Wiring in a car is exponentially more dangerous than running some data cable. Just because you have a pretty protected industry doesn’t change that.

                          A patch cord is indeed fit for purpose. The purpose being to connect 2 ends. The fact it’s run through a ceiling is immaterial. Get your hand off it, and let some poor schlob do what they need to get by.

                          You’ll find it’s quite a bit lower than 100mA that’s required to kill someone. ULV will have a hard time overcoming the impedance and resistance of human skin, especially DC. Pot. Kettle. Black?

                          Move on lad.

                          • -2

                            @HelpMeiCantSee: So much opinion their sweetie with not even a shred of technical knowledge

                            " let some poor schlob do what they need to get by."
                            Because you cannot seem to read, I said i don't give a flap amount people doing their own wiring, your the knobhead that keeps waffling on with false and illegal advice.

                            "Elv, ulv same same"
                            One is a clearly defined term in the Electrical Wiring rules AS/NZS 3000:2018, the other does not exist………..can you guess which one that is

                            "The fact it’s run through a ceiling is immaterial."
                            How a cable is run is extremely relevant, like minimum separations to other services, do you even know them? no is the answer without trying to google it.

                            "You’ll find it’s quite a bit lower than 100mA that’s required to kill someone. ULV will have a hard time overcoming the impedance and resistance of human skin"
                            WRONG - So many contradictions, you can not even tell the difference between voltage and amperage
                            You will find the accepted amount is 100mA to kill a human, and it is the Amps that punch not the voltage

                            • -2

                              @thesainter: Uhhh, you’re a moron lad. Nowhere did I suggest voltage and current the same, or intermix them- I said 12v (wiring, systems etc) is more dangerous than data. Blind Freddie can understand that. Minimal risk to humans, because of how we are as an electrical conductor- look it up.

                              As in “”12v” systems- cars, battery backup, caravans. (Being the pedant you seem to be, you will probably blurt out some irrelevant rubbish like but it’s not achktually 12v) I said ULV as there is no standard covering such wiring (yet), it also encompasses 24v and 48v (trucks and storage are a few examples. In fact, you knew exactly what I meant when I said it, just chose to wave your flag.

                              Please show me references to the numerous fatalities from your magical fairy dust 48v data cable. Even better, data that supports your position that a patch cable in a ceiling won’t work- legality and actuality are totally different my friend.

                              Oh dude. Please. Spare the pedantry and mumbo jumbo. Accept it. A patch cable in the ceiling won’t end the world. Just because you have a ticket to protect doesn’t change facts. It will work just fine.

                              • @HelpMeiCantSee: "Nowhere did I suggest voltage and current the same"
                                Never said that, i said 'contradiction', you jumped from mA, then voltage in reference to human life, your also incorrect AGAIN- DC is much harder to let go of once your 'hooked' AC current and sine wave, at least gives a chance to be able to let go when under electric shock.

                                "I said 12v (wiring, systems etc) is more dangerous than data."

                                Which is also wrong again, it does not matter what/where the cable is data (poe,security system),truck, if it falls under the correct definition of ELV, it is an ELV wiring system - it can be both data and ELV, but you are pretty slow on the uptake

                                '12v,24v,48v systems' "ULV'
                                None of these are correct terms, as someone that holds an Electrical license you look like an uneducated fool more and more with each post of nonsense

                                "legality and actuality are totally different my friend"
                                There not, its not hard to follow basic install practices. But the only one that actually matters is legally, so your 'opinion' on the matter means jack shit, because its fundamentally wrong. It can not be any more clean cut on what is correct.

                                "It will work just fine'
                                Never said it would not, but your comprehension is very lacking, when you give out illegal information i will call you dumb (profanity) out on it. As well as the cabling rules you also must follow manufacturers specifications for installation.

                                Also note the other posters calling out these cables as fakes, that can not even reach the claimed specifications, no cabler is using these junk cables.

                                "Spare the pedantry and mumbo jumbo'
                                It is the correct terminology and speak for someone that actually knows what they are talking about.

                                'Just because you have a ticket to protect'
                                It ensures fundamental knowledge and skills are possessed, neither of which you have

                                • -1

                                  @thesainter: I’m quite content with who and how I am thanks.

                                  You can continue to make assumptions and reaches as you please, just stretch before you do- you’ll wind up hurting yourself.

                                  In any case, I wish you well, and hope you continue to bring in more money than I can ever dream of.

                                  Nice of you to assume I’m licensed, Thankyou! :)

                                  • @HelpMeiCantSee: "You can continue to make assumptions and reaches as you please"

                                    Easy when it comes to data cabling or electrical, as you do not even know basic terms and principles, so assumption is not necessary, its clear your knowledge is less than zero

                                    "Nice of you to assume I’m licensed"
                                    Delusional and poor of comprehension

                                    " and hope you continue to bring in more money than I can ever dream of"
                                    Only thing you got right, as i sit here in a hotel room via a business class seat, in another country to do cabling you know shit all about

                                    You got a lot of participation awards hey…..

                                    • @thesainter: Laughs in Amex platinum. Mate the metal my card is made of is worth more than you. Happy to flex about cash, but only insecure people tend to do that.

                                      Enjoy the “less than zero” knowledge lad. Glad the racket has been good to you, hope the trip is fun and free of covid and you return to your family safely.

                                      • @HelpMeiCantSee: LOL not even a hard card to obtain, Qantas version is far more beneficial for me, with enough points for round the world in first class

                                        Very touching, but with top tier health insurance and global coverage that does not cost me anything, i will be just swell

                                        • @thesainter: Quite the pissing contest you two have right now.

  • OOS

  • Any good deals to get ebay Plus? I remember there used to be a voucher that paid for the entire thing when you joined.

    • $40 these days, haven’t seen $50 for a while.
      Ignore the $30 retention offer, cancel and get the $40 joining one

      • How do I get that one?

        EDIT: Wait found it, $40 off next purchase. Thanks!

        • It’s fairly common, they seem to offer it half the time or more. Usually you get an email offer

  • +1

    OzBargained yet again! Well done, team! haha

  • I bought 2 off eBay that were supposed to be Cat5e, 5 meter $7.95, on nVidia shield reports back as 100Mb, opened a case for wrong cables, what a rip off.

    EDIT not from this seller, just make sure you're getting the right specced cables when you do get them.

    • +3

      The 100Mb is due to your setup, not the cables, unless the cables are faulty in that only two pairs of the 4 pairs are working, which is HIGHLY unlikely based on my networking experience over 20 years. There is no difference between 10/100/1000 CAT5E cables.

      I have seen this before and it usually caused by either:
      A) using a 100Mbit network device somewhere that causes the network speed to drop to 100Mbit
      B) Network driver that is buggy or old that does not support 1000Mbit
      C) Network driver configured to not support 1000Mbit or locked at 100Mbit

      • +2

        Nothing to do with my setup, when I go back to the original cable it replaced, Shield reports 1000Mb

        • +1

          I got this with one CAT6 cable I had.
          Swapped the cable and got full speed.
          Cut off the connector on one end and replaced. 50% chance it was the right end!
          So, the connector was at fault. Simples.
          btw - AndyC1 is also correct with his/her suggestions.

          • @wetwork: Yeah I have initiated a return, onus is on them, they will more than likely refund me, I will check the other cable though as I bought 2.

            • +1

              @[Deactivated]: This seller sells a lot of counterfeit junk. I wouldn’t rely on the seller reported performance at all. But ozb just sees the price and foams at the mouth.

              • @PlagueistheCheap: That's why I originally posted what I did, it is best to make sure you have the right performance even though the cable is labelled what it is.
                It's not about the price, it's about not being able to use the cables as intended.

                EDIT just checked both cables from same purchase, both report back as 100Mb, both labelled CATE 5e which clearly they are not and are only 5 meter lengths, back to old 3 meter cable and reports as 1000Mb

  • Oos

  • The last time there was a deal like this, they cancelled my order. Still not fast enough again, I reckon. c'est la vie

  • gee that was quick.. didnt last very long. What do I do with 12 cables?

    • Lan a couple of neighbours together and share internet

  • So is a cat8 cable better? What can it be used for?

    • Whatever you use any other cat cable for but can feel superior in doing so, knowing you paid a lot more than you would ever need, for uses you would never come across.

      I'm domestic uses, you really don't need much more that 5e or 6.

      • Thanks for the reply, I got 3 cat8 cables on the aliexpress deals for $4 each or something like that. I figured 8 cats are better then 5 or 6

  • I thought I'd just check again and there were two in stock, so I got them both.

    I'll finally be able to move my PC!

  • Looks like this deal will fall through for most.

    Consider that I was the first post after the OP, and my order got cancelled due to not enough stock and refunded. Note, I bought 2 single ones, not the 12 pack.

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