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R.M. Williams Men's Comfort Craftsman / Sydney Boots $371.25 Delivered (New Accounts Only) @ THE ICONIC


Even cheaper than the recent deal for these boots :)

You'll need to create a new account to take advantage of this coupon, The Iconic data match also so best to deliver to a Parcel Locker or Parcel Point if they can tell you're not a new customer on a different email.

There's a few different listings for Comfort Craftsman in all main colours and widths, search around on The Iconic for the one you'd like, add to cart and apply "heyICONIC75" to get the price in the title.

9:57am: Coupon Updated."

There's also Women's Shoes available such as Millicent and Adelaide for the same price.

Note: Zip Pay currently has 5% cashback when purchasing via the app which can be combined with this. The total cashback is instantly deposited into the rewards goal even when using the coupon. This should credit another $18.56 to the rewards goal and make the total price $352.69

As always, enjoy!

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    • I got chestnut because there we no dark tan sizes left in the wide fit. I definitely would have gone for dark tan, though.

    • +6

      It's not as dark as it appears in those photos. Thisis a slightly better representation of the colours.

      • Thanks, I actually like dark tan

        • It is actually my favourite colour when wearing my comfort craftsman

      • Thanks for sharing this photo. I don't think the colour on the website reflect the true colours of the boots either.
        In the photo you shared, is the dark tan the one on the left or the middle? (Genuine question)

    • Already got chestnut so bought the black =D

    • chestnut is the best, dark tan, then black.

  • Went through cash rewards for the 20% off iconic and it's showing $67.5 cashback.

    • Update, changed it down to the $35 cap that was listed. Thought I got lucky!
    • +1

      showing its capped at $35 per transaction for me, maybe they just updated it.

      • Yep, got an email update, still for a total of $337 practically half price!

    • didn't track for me

  • Expired? Getting

    Your code has not been applied as no items were eligible. Please note items can only have one discount applied.

    Edit - May be some website dodginess, looks like my order went through maybe? Might be the request being sent twice and rejecting the second discount code. No email has been sent though

  • Thanks OP - Got a Dark Tan.

  • +2

    hmmm its been hours and no email confirmation yet…

    • I ordered at 9am. My order was shipped at 2pm

    • +2

      Same here. They charged my credit card but no email yet

      • I got an email from them asking me to provide more info to verify my identity. Soon after I reply to them, I received the order confirmation email.

        But don’t think it’s shipped yet

  • How long would a pair of these last? Spending this much I would expect them to last at least 10 years.

    • You would expect them to last 10 years if you maintain them. May need soles and/or heels replaced if you wear them heaps.

    • +1

      I'm currently at year 6 with mine. 2 heel rubber replacements and regular polishing. Pick up some wool innersoles.

      • So they dont last foreever like what people make you to believe 😒

  • Say my shoe size is out of stock could i just buy a random size and exchange for when they have one in stock? What is the iconics return policy?

    • Been waiting for a 12.5 W to come in stock, has been at least two months with no change, contacted them and got the standard we don't know. But feels like they may just be getting rid of stock and don't plan on getting more.

  • Ordered at 9:30 am and paid for next day delivery, got an email saying it could take up to 3 days to send it. :\

    • Same email was just received. I too payed for next day delivery.

  • Does the voucher work on other things?

  • What is special about these to be around $600 rrp and people would still buy?

    • +2


      They're hand made from the highest quality materials. With the right care they'll last a very long time.

  • Couldn’t find any charge on paypal (or the card I used), no confirmation, not in my iconic account, so I ordered again.

  • Doesn't apply to wide range unfortunately.

    • It did, I bought it at midday.

      • Yep same

    • unfortunately you missed out son, worked for me and everyone else.

      • Ah that's a shame!

  • Received mine today although being sent the e-mail about the 3-day delay in packaging.

  • Disappointed - received the incorrect shoes (wrong gender, model, size) and now none in stock to exchange for.

  • +1

    Mine arrived yesterday. I got the wide model. I'd hate to see how narrow the narrow model is. The wide ones aren't particularly wide. Great boots, though.

  • Mine came 3-4 days after the order was made. Really damned fast. Been WFH the whole time due to the crappy weather tho. Almost seems pointless having them…

  • I noticed the box of these have a little slip area at the back, looks like there's meant to be a square piece of paper there or a card of some sort, yet I didn't get anything. Does anyone know what I mean?

    • Yep. Nothing in mine either.

    • It's a little RM Williams care booklet. I just chucked mine out so can't scan and upload for you unfortunately. But just follow what those hardcore shoe nerds say on r/Goodyearwelt or on Facebook's welted shoes Australia group and you'll be fine.

      • Thanks for that. Just wondered, I thought maybe it was there for something more important.

  • So I ordered a normal size (chestnut) but need a wide. Wanted to exchange but live chat wasn't helpful :(

    Any ideas?

    If anyone here ordered a wide size but needs a normal, hmu and we can exchange for each other's sizes!

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