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R.M. Williams Men's Comfort Craftsman / Sydney Boots $371.25 Delivered (New Accounts Only) @ THE ICONIC


Even cheaper than the recent deal for these boots :)

You'll need to create a new account to take advantage of this coupon, The Iconic data match also so best to deliver to a Parcel Locker or Parcel Point if they can tell you're not a new customer on a different email.

There's a few different listings for Comfort Craftsman in all main colours and widths, search around on The Iconic for the one you'd like, add to cart and apply "heyICONIC75" to get the price in the title.

9:57am: Coupon Updated."

There's also Women's Shoes available such as Millicent and Adelaide for the same price.

Note: Zip Pay currently has 5% cashback when purchasing via the app which can be combined with this. The total cashback is instantly deposited into the rewards goal even when using the coupon. This should credit another $18.56 to the rewards goal and make the total price $352.69

As always, enjoy!

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  • Any way to get wider sizing?

    • +5

      This listing is for the H (Wide) fitting shoe.

      • Nice one, unfortunately most are out of stock, only 8.5 and 10.

        • +2

          Chestnut and Black have plenty of sizes :)

          • @doweyy: ooh just ordered black at 9.5, 9.25am qld time.

            • @ankor: tried ordering the 10.5 wide and it only gave me a $75 discount. $520. Is the deal only for standard fit?

              • @soarer: Did you add the coupon code heyICONIC75?

                Edit - Just attempted and coupon not working for H size

  • +2

    Cheers Op.

    Was planning on getting the wife the Adelaide Cubans for Christmas, now sorted earlier and cheaper :)

  • +1

    I wish they would sell the Macquarie model. I prefer the rounded toe shape instead of the chisel square toe of the craftsman.

  • +2

    Guys Zip only credit $18.56 but yeah still decent price at the moment

    • +1

      That’s odd because the app says 8%, might be worth contacting them for the difference. Have updated the OP for the current rate.

  • -1

    Many interns wearing them nowadays.

    • -2

      It's become a fashion class statement

      • +4

        I dont. Bought mine because I cant afford to keep buying new shoes.

        • +1

          Yes, by the third or fourth year they pay for themselves.

          • +1

            @ankor: Jokes aside. Soles are not cheap (average 2-3 years on daily wearing of app 6 days a week, $160 for the lot and $60 for the heel rubbers) - similar to a new pair of shoes. (not sure if anyone managed to DIY at home) Might be more expensive depending how one wears his/her shoes. Overall, less wastage than buying cheap $100 pairs. Otherwise, rest of the boot is very durable and last for many years.

            My pair of boots survived many monsoons in Asia. Thanks to the rubber sole and routine polish. (nothing fancy, regular stuff bought from the supermarket)

            Word of advice - replace heel rubbers before reaching the "wooden" bit.

            Cost of repair https://www.rmwilliams.com.au/footwear/men/boot-repair-servi...

            • @DisabledUser141524: Not wood, it's a leather heel stack. Don't think any shoes use wood besides clogs mate. Good advice though, I always use topy and I prefer thicker heels like Dr. Soles, will last forever basically.

            • @DisabledUser141524: RM isn't your only option for heel rubbers. My local shoe guy (interestingly, not far from RM themselves) will do heel rubbers and a polish for $30

              • @Matt P: I have had both. I find the original ones are less slipper, particularly on slightly greasy surface.

            • @DisabledUser141524: I actually wasn't joking. I've been going through cemented shoes at a rate of 1 pair per 9 to 12 months on average at a cost of $80 - $120 per boxing day sales purchase. So by year 4 of ownership of the RMs I'm basically at parity with my cemented shoe purchases.

              I cracked the shits when some Julius Marlow shoes only lasted for 3 months before the entire cement sole detached from the shoes while also splitting in the space between the heel and the ball of the foot. The shop manager of which ever place I bought it from told me it was just general wear and tear and back in those days I didn't know what consumer rights were..

              Anyway, since 2017 I've had my RMs on rotation with some cheap meermins, but it was still a good solid 4 days to the rm and 1 day to the meermin. Those were very hard to break in..

              I'm still yet to grind down the heel block on the RMs to a point where it needs replacement, although I'm now close. The dynamic flex sole is still rock solid as well so I don't think I'll need a proper resole anytime soon.

              So that's a hearty recommendation from me for RMs, despite the fact that they've now become such a cliche status symbol for Aussie blokes in law, finance and even some areas of medicine.

          • @ankor: I jave shoes I paid $120 and they last me for 6 years.

  • No dynamic craftsman?

  • Thanks OP

  • Missed last one, too slow to decide a size.

    Grabbed this one, thanks OP

  • Can you pay with gift cards after using this discount code?

    • +4

      edit: 6% off iconic gift cards via suncorp app :)
      one pair for $350!

      • Damn missed that one

      • Worth noting, though, that if you have to return the item you get refunded in gift cards/store credit.

        Since I'm not 100% sure of sizes, I think it's safer to pay the extra ~$20…

        • +1

          Good point.
          Been told you can potentially swap sizes at a proper full price RM Williams store within 30 days, but I think would depend on who serves you. I've heard some people also unable to swap and having iconic gift cards if you don't use them, a pain for sure!

          • @benchman: Yeah. For me, personally, I need a wide fit shoe which means the probability of getting a replacement size is quite low. So I think the $20 is decent insurance.

  • Man, I need the Dynamic Flex version!

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP - great deal

  • +1

    Thanks OP, wife sorted for xmas

  • -1

    Every time these sales pop up I am proved right that they never have the slim fit.

    • You won’t find F sizing in general retail partner stores. They’re primarily made to order and only stocked by Allingtons or RM themselves.

    • they have a sale where people don't have to play full price, and you complain? it's not a great sale since you don't benefit? that's pretty selfish of you.

      most don't have abnormal skinny fit, that wouldn't sell fast if they kept that in stock. then you would probably still complain that it wasn't freshly made boots hand delivered to you from the CEO.

    • +1

      I have Comfort Craftsman, size F and like you, I always struggle to find them on special. I recently checked the Comfort Craftsman Dynamic Flex sizes at the RM store and they fit me perfectly.
      Thought I would mention this in case you wanted to check out the Dynamic Flex. They go on special more frequently than the Fs. : )

    • same boat - wide Adelaides not stocked by many.
      the mens standard fit is the womens wide fit, so the mens slim fit might be the womens normal fit - you could try Adelaides? It has a rounded pointed toe, bit like the Turnouts but slightly more tapered - down to your preference. I don't think it would like "too feminine" for a man's boot. (I like the Adelaide toe shape much better than the Craftsman, but might compromise given I fit the standard width in Craftsman and with specials like these….)

  • No stock:(

    • +1

      posted too quick, I meant no stock for my size in black. But I decided to go for another colour so all good.

      Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Won't process for me, tried parcelpoint etc on a new account but not sure how they know it's me. Any tips?

    • try a different mobile number maybe?

    • +1

      Enter a different address and then apply the promo code. Once it has applied you can then change the address back to where you want it sent. Worked for me.

  • I now have one pair of each colour. Black, Chesnut and now Dark tan… thanks OP :)

  • Ordered 30 mins ago, still haven't received the confirmation email

    • I haven't either, but the order shows up in my account on the iconic site as "packing".

      • Same. Still "packing". The order should normally be confirmed within 10mins.

        • Same here - no confirmation email but shows up in the account. Hopefully goes through

        • Mines still packing….

          Edit: confirmation email literally just came through.

  • Anyone just getting "thank you yuour order is being processed, please do not close or refresh this window" pop up and then it disappears and you're still on the checkout page?

    • Yes I got this when trying to pay with my ANZ FF Platinum Visa credit card. Then I just tried a different card (HSBC everyday Visa) and it worked. Not sure why but maybe you can try pay with a different card?

      • +1

        Thanks, don't know why I didn't think to change cards, I tried 3 browsers instead. Didn't work with Coles Mastercard, worked with NAB Visa. I appreciate you breaking your username habits for this!

  • I usually wear AU 11 size for running shoes.

    Their website recommended me to buy AU 10 after filling up my details.

    which size to go for ? please share your experience someone. Would really appreciate it.

    • +1

      Go in store and try yourself tbh. I wear 10.5-11 usually for shoes and I got sized 8.5X because of wide feet.

    • +1

      Yeah sizing is really wierd for RMs, this is a shoe you need to try on in-store.

      For exmaple I'm US14 in Nike/Adidas and am a US11.5 in RMs..

    • +1

      I would go 10.5. I usually wear 10.5 in ASICS au, and size 10 fits well. Iconic are pretty easy for free returns, get a label on your phone and they will print it out at auspost for you.

    • +1

      I’m 11.5 US for ASICS and other runners but got sized up at an RM store and was 9.5

  • Been wanting a pair for 2 years now, finally bit the bullet with this deal!! Thanks OP!!

  • Great deal!

  • Coupon code does not work for me :(

    • +1

      Use the coupon HEYICONIC75 :)

      • Just did! Thank you :)

  • Coupon expired fuuuck, just missed out

    • +1

      Use HEYICONIC75

  • +3

    Don't worry all, use the coupon "HEYICONIC75" and it'll work again :)

    • thanks mate , that worked!

  • i've just created a new account and it states coupon is not valid ?

    • +1

      If you're using a delivery address they have on file it will not work. Try changing to Click & Collect. Worked for me

  • +1

    If only the Iconic stocked the Kangaroo Craftsman - never on sale anywhere

  • Shopback doing 30% upsized cashback now capped at $30 - coupon not listed but could be worth a shot!

    • Would the coupon + zip card + cashback work together?

      EDIT: I don't think it would as you need to pay via the Zip app which wouldn't track with Shopback/CashRewards

      • I checked out using Zip Pay's virtual card on the desktop + cashback, 8% Zip rewards tracked instantly on the app

    • Cashrewards is slightly better at a $35 cap, I've had luck before in being paid out when using beICONIC75.

    • Mine just tracked.

      • I placed an order one hour ago but not tracked until now!
        May I know how long it takes to track

        • Tracking confirmation is always pretty quick after the sale is completed. Whether it's approved is another matter.

  • +1

    With returns, if the size is wrong and I have to return, I assume I don't the the option to exchange for a different size? I just return, get credited, and then re-purchase the new size? Meaning I'd likely miss the sale on the new pair? Thanks.

    • +2

      You can exchange sizes, I did it recently for a different shoe. You send the pair back and they send you a new pair with the correct sizing.

      From their support:

      • If your item does not fit (and meet our rules of return listed above), you can exchange it for another size. Once you initiate your return and select exchange, the new size will be put on hold for 14 days while you post your item back to us.

      • Please note: we cannot exchange the same item in another colour. If you need to change the colour or style, please choose a refund or store credit and re-purchase your item.

      • Ahh cool. Thanks. I guess if the size you want is OOS you have no choice but to refund, though?

        • +1

          Yeah you're at the mercy of sizing I believe unless you wanted to wait for it to come back in stock.

          • @doweyy: thanks for your help

          • @doweyy: Im thinking of buying a size that i know wont fit but in the same style but then exchanging it with my actual sizing and hoping it comes back into stock (maybe someone here order the wrong size and returns it or they get more stock). Do you think this will work?

            • @sheesh21: I believe it should also work that way, as long as you exchange within the window of your return period and your size comes back in stock (from what I understand).

  • Thank you OP

  • Do RMs have the size on the boot somewhere? I've got a pair but am not sure of the size, and can't find the tag. I've had some repairs though, so not sure if its hiding somewhere.

    • On the base I think, and it'll be on the box

    • Mine have been resoled and no longer have the size on the sole, but there is an "8" punched into the red sole lining.

    • Some have it punched on the sole (mid-foot just before the heel). Some also have it on the inside of the shoe on the insole at the heel but this wears off very quickly!

  • Iconic doesn't seem to show the letters for the sizes (e.g. g, h). Do I assume all the sizes are g?

    • They have separate listings for regular sizes (which would be G) and wide fit (which would be H).

      • Ah I see, thanks!

  • thanks for this OP. got one sorted out for as a christmas gift. =)

  • What color is everyone going for ? Dark Tan is nice yeh?

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