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TLC 'The Classic Plus' $80 (Was $149) + Free Shipping @ TLC Latex Pillows


One of our most popular pillows ON SALE for 7 days only. (End 29 November)
THE CLASSIC PLUS Talalay latex pillow has a RRP of $149.00. On sale on our website for $100.00. Ozbargain take AN EXTRA $20.00 off - SELLING $80.00 per pillow with FREE shipping Australia wide.

Enter the code CLASSICPLUSSALE at the checkout. Extra $20 off for 7 days only.

THE CLASSIC PLUS is an extra length, medium density, medium profile pillow. All natural Talalay latex. It will fit into a standard size pillow case.
It is an all rounder pillow, excellent for side sleepers. It is 10cm longer than our 'The Classic'. An abundant, luxurious pillow.

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    How does this compare to Dunlopillo? And if 10cm longer, does that mean special pillowcases are needed?

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    Hi bdl - it can almost be directly compared with a Dunlopillo as they are both Talalay latex pillows. About a decade ago Dunlopillo changed their factory of manufacture and many say the 'old school' Dunlopillos were far superior to what they produce now. Our pillows are actually made in the original Dunlopillo factory. They are a beautiful product.

    And 'The Classic Plus' will fit into a standard pillow case. It will fill it, but it will fit. They are lovely & long - look great on the bed. Sleep beautifully.

    Hope this helps. Cheers, Amanda

  • @ OP - Do you have any super firm pillow pls

    • All our pillows are Talalay latex, so none of them are what you could call super firm density (like some memory foam can be). We do have a 'The High & Firm' pillow: https://www.tlclatexpillows.com.au/the-high-firm-extra-lengt...

      And also a low, firm pillow called 'The Firm': https://www.tlclatexpillows.com.au/low-profile-firm-natural-...

      So if you are comparing the density of latex pillows then our 'The High & Firm' is indeed super firm. But of you are comparing a ur latex pillows to a memory foam pillow then you would likely not describe our pillows as firm at all. I hope this makes sense.

      • Thanks for your reply. I would be really interested in the high and firm pillow. Do u have any deals on that pls

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          'The High & Firm' is on sale at the moment at $110. It is a big, abundant pillow. It's amazing. We can extend the MORESLEEP code to you which gives you another $10 off your cart, and includes free shipping Australia wide. Hope this helps.

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      That is indeed a great deal on that type of pillow. I wear $20 shoes and sleep on a $100 pillow. Like all things in life, you get what you pay for.

  • I'm giving these a try… Bought one for myself & the wifey… Sick of cheap pillows…Hopefully these can get me sleeping properly again

    • Well I am a little biased ThePunchingBag but I think you are going to LOVE them. They are beautiful pillows.

  • Highly rated. Been sleeping on a Plus firm for about a year. No complaints.

    Can be a bit of a struggle to get the pillow back into the inner cover but I only wash that once a month. Once it's back in it's back in.

    edit: someone asked about pillowcases, my Pluses fit in regular pillow cases (fill them up completely).

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      Thanks for the kind words Shard. We are a small, family business so it ctually means a lot to us to get this kind of support. You are a star!

    • Is that the high and firm pillow ?

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        When I ordered last year I tried the high and firm first. It was too tall and was busting my neck. I gave it a week from memory.

        They had a few Pluses in the firm so I managed to get one of those. Slightly shorter than the High and firm and has been perfect.

        Not sure if they're regularly in stock. Customer service was A+

        • Do u mind sharing the link pls. I really need a good pillow! Thanks Shard.

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            @ozzyoi: I got it through customer service, you'll have to contact them (were quick to reply to my queries last year).

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            @ozzyoi: Hi ozzyoi - if you order 'The Classic Plus' and add a note at the checkout saying "Firm version - as discussed with Amanda" I will make sure the warehouse sends you the pillow Shard is referencing.

            • @Sp8472: Thanks will do it now then :)

            • @Sp8472: I have ordered, I have messaged you too. Thanks Amanda.

            • @Sp8472: Thanks for the deal. I have also ordered for the firmer pillow with the same comment.

  • any deals for children first pillow?

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      Hi Johnny L - most of our pillows have a sale price on them on the website at the monent. On top of that I can offer you the MORESLEEP discount code which will give you an extra $10 off your cart, and includes free shipping.

      • Thanks OP, got one

  • A bit off-topic (sorry), but what’s the difference between the LOW AND SOFT and THE STOMACH SLEEPER pillows? Or, are they the same?

    I just bought a LOW AND SOFT and love it, it’s kinda like the old Tontine latex pillow I had (before Dunlopillo made them firmer and higher). Just wondering if THE STOMACH SLEEPER is any lower/softer as I’m looking to get another one as a spare.

    • Hi Graffin - they are actually the same pillow. It is the only pillow in our range that has 2 different names. The reason is because we were getting multiple calls & emails each week asking if we had a pillow suitable for a tummy sleeper, so we tried to find a way to answer the question before it was asked - this making it easier for the customer. So 'The Low & Soft' and 'The Stomach Sleeper' are the same pillow - all other pillows are unique/different.

  • Which pillow would you recommend for a 6 year old? Is the Junior Pillow appropriate for that age?

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      Yes, 'The Junior' or 'The Junior Plus' are best for a 6 year old. My daughter went onto 'The Junior' at 3 or 4 years old & is still on it now at 10 years old.

      • Thanks so much for your help - just ordered a couple of pillows. Will this promotion be on for a while? Hoping to see how the pillow I ordered for my wife is before making a choice my self!

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          It is just for 7 days - until 29 November. Your order will go out today so I expect you will have your parcel by then.

  • Also is the classic plus "firm" version you mention above, same firmness as the "firm pillow"?

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      Hi takezo - no it is not the same density as 'The Firm'. It is a 'The Classic Plus' size & height pillow with a little extra density - so just sits on the firmer side of medium density. If you are after a firm pillow then you are best to look at 'The Firm' or 'The High & Firm'.

      • +1

        Thanks - just one more question if that's OK.

        Is the slightly more dense version available in the standard classis as well or just the classic plus? Also if I just leave a comment when I order, will that be sufficient to ensure the more dense version? (if I end up going that way).

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          Hi takezo - I am afraid we do not have a firmer version of 'The Classic'. They are all medium density. If you would like a medium-firm 'The Classic Plus' then simply add the note 'Firm version - as discussed with Amanda' in the notes section at the checkout.

  • these are all online only?

    If im not sure what one i want, i guess if I go into a dept store to check out latex pillows of different firmness/height they will pretty much be comparable to your product?

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      Yes we are an online store only, which enables us to keep our prices as low as possible. If you have never felt or used a Talalay latex pillow before then it may be beneficial to do so, just so you know their 'sleep feel'. Talalay latex has a reputation for feeling soft to sleep on whilst still providing the ultimate in head & neck support. So even our firm pillows will feel light & soft when compared to say a memory foam pillow - which are heavy & hard.

      We do have a generous returns/exchange policy as we very much want our customer to love their TLC pillow.

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        yeah, no problem. read the return policy but i dont want to waste a pillow or your time because im too lazy to go and do some pre-work before purchasing :)

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          I will say that taking the time to find the perfect pillow for you is a great investment of time, because the outcome can be life changing. Good luck, and do let me know if you have any quesitons as you go.

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            @Sp8472: Hi Amanda, i went and checked out some pillows. Im thinking i prefereed the Dunlopillo Medium profile, firm feel pillow the best. Where as the the high profile, firm feel felt too firm. Looking above, im thinking the classic plus - firm version will be best suited. Would you agree or should i consider another model? Thanks.

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              @Grandpipe: I think you are right - a 'The Classic Plus' with the form feel is definitely the way to go. When yiu place your order just add a note saying 'Firm version - as discussed with Amanda' and we will make sure you get the right pillow.

  • Hi is there any discount on the basic Classic pillow ?

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      This deal is on 'The Classic Plus'. Our 'The Classic' is on sale at $85 at the moment, and I can extend the MORESLEEP discount code to you which gives you an additional $10 off your cart. Hope this helps.

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