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Edifier R2750DB Bluetooth 2.0 Speaker 136W RMS $189 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Best deal since last June Amazon Prime Day. 32% off the original price.

New Edifier R2750DB Bookshelf Speaker 2.0 System with 3-Way Tri-Amp Audio, Bluetooth, Line in, Optical, Coaxial, 6 ½ Bass, 136W RMS, Clear Sound, Ideal for Smartphone, TV, Gaming System (Black)

3-way powered bookshelf speakers
Bluetooth V4.1 with CSR technology
Sub-out for an independent subwoofer
Calibrated bass reflect port in front of the speaker cabinet
F5 pin bi-amplifying XLR type speaker cable with angle connectors
Class D amplifier system with Digital Signal
Processing and electronic tone control technology
Wattage: 136.0 watts

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    I have been waiting for the deal for many months. I was surprised when opening Amazon this morning.

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    • +2

      For $30 difference these are way more powerful.

      • But also significantly larger, the 2750s won't fit on my tiny desk :( Unless anyone knows where I can get my hands on desk clamped speaker risers

        • Yeah, that's the main reason I'm more tempted with the R1855DB, huge difference in size if you're thinking about a desk

          • @Kiminoth: yeah I just got the tape measure out and compared against my r2000's… these are quite big… I'm really undecided myself, lol

    • For near field listening, the R1855DB will be great, and will easily fill a whole room. And once you hook it up to a subwoofer, you'll be blown away!

  • +1

    Got it on Prime day deals. Love it!

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    I imagine these would be an improvement over R2000DB's? Not that I'm looking to upgrade them exactly, but I was looking to get a set of the 1855db's to replace some old solo5c's… but these aren't much more, so could shuffle things in another direction

    • Yes, it is an improvement.

      • cheers… really didn't need them, but I can't pass up the price difference between these and the 1855's… only 4 left at the time of my purchase (so probably 3 now)

  • what is the bass like on these?

    • even smallest separate sub would dramatically change the sound of the whole setup.

    • Very good for the doof doof. Paid $350 for these. Steal for this price.

  • thx op got one! Will be looking at fiddling with a spare car sub+amp that have been collecting dust in the garage. If that wont work - might start looking for a sub.

  • Edifier R1280T, I bought these last time there was a deal but the remote is trash. Would ops ones be worth the upgrade? They are my tvs speakers.

    • +1

      hahaha my r2000db's have a similar remote with more buttons… i hate it… shame such awesome speakers have such crap remotes, but it looks like they've changed with the newer models (including these)

      • I'm glad someone shares my pain. I've been through three remotes and four sets of batteries.
        I wonder if the late model remotes can replace them?

        • Emailed them and the old remotes are not interchangeable with the new remotes.

  • $299 now?

    • back to oringinal price

    • yep "sold out" technically

      • back to $189 again, but only 2 left

  • Thanks got one before the price jumped up!

  • +1

    Noticed there are still 2 left in stock at $189 right now.

  • Got mine today… Yep… Too big for the room for sure… Very good though, hahaha

    • What do you mean too big?

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