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Amazon Kindle Oasis 8GB $299, 32GB $339 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon Kindle Oasis 8GB $299, 32GB $339 @amazon

Amazon black Friday deal

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    New version with USB-C coming soon

    • Where did you read this? I couldn't find any information on it

  • Even disregarding price, IMO Paperwhite is better as it has long battery life, lighter and easier to hold.

    You either hate or like this, it doesn't feel like a traditional kindle.
    Pro's are the option of the yellow light, auto orientation and page buttons, but damn does it feel awkward. Supposed to emulate a physical book with the spine being thick and heavier.

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      I have both and i find that the oasis runs significanlty faster, especislly wuth very graphical titles.

      • Certainly not my experience comparing a Paperwhite 11th Gen (released 2 weeks ago) with an Oasis Gen 10 (this deal), but you could be correct, just not something I have experienced.
        They do keep leapfrogging each other, and the 11th Gen Oasis will likely be the most responsive when it is released shortly, but now the 11thGen paperwhite feels like it has the edge.

        • I don't believe that the newer features would justify an upgrade from existing Kindle devices, not just the Oasis model. The USB-C feature could have been included on the Oasis Gen 10 model but sadly wasn't for whatever obscure reason Amazon may have had.

          I have the Gen 10 32GB Wi-Fi model purchased during last year's Black Friday sales. I love using it (except for the monochrome graphics) and while the 32GB storage is generous (I thought I would have several graphics intensive titles loaded), it is overkill and the 8GB represents better value as most people may only load at most about a dozen of text only titles and leave all other titles in the Kindle Cloud library until needed. Titles d/load to device pretty quickly via Wi-Fi.

  • Going as per the image on this deal, can someone enlighten me as to why would someone hold/read a kindle in the tub or in the pool ? Also, given that the Oasis is not as compact as the regular kindle or PW !

    • My daughters and Wife use their Kindles\Oasis in the bath. Always have they love it, as above IMO the Oasis is not for everyone.

    • I bought this because it's not as compact. The screen is larger, and I had a Kindle DX before that.

    • When you have ageing eyesight, the larger screen is ideal. You can customise the screen to suit your viewing capacity. Having used both, I prefer this screen size and sharpness to that of the smaller Paperwhite. The larger spine makes holding it for long periods easier and more comfortable for my arthritic hands also.

      As for using in the bath or pool, the unit is as 'spash-proof' as a smart phone or tablet but it certainly isn't water-proof. Once you drop it in liquid water ingress via the charge/data port would be instant imho. Water could also possibly enter via the page buttons. Having never had the back off, I can't attest to having seen any water-proofing. My guess is it is about as water-proof as a normal paper book.

      • I think you are referring to the older Paperwhite, as the current 2021 paperwhite has a screen size of 6.8inch which is <5mm difference at the same resolution 300ppi.
        But seriously you couldn't notice the 5mm difference of the Oasis. Even the older kindle paperwhite was 300ppi so perhaps you are thinking of a very old model.

        Can vouch that both the Oasis and PaperWhite are definitely waterproof, been at the bottom of pools, baths and no issues.
        I do agree though, that if you can handle the different feel the lighter Oasis does make a difference.
        The latest PaperWhite also has the Yellow screen option so not a lot of difference, until the new Oasis is released anyway.

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    Just bought the 4G version, can't believe that $439 is a 'good' price for this but it's a lot better than normal

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    May as well add that the regular version has been dropped to $89 to clear them out

    Thats kind of a big deal

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    I got one of these last year. As someone who has been using kindles almost since they first came out - this one is probably the most disappointing. And that's mainly down to battery life for the cost. I still have a first gen paperwhite that I got in late 2012 that gets about 15 hours of battery life.
    Compare that with the new Oasis that gives me only 10 hours battery life at best, and that's with a brightness below the one they base their battery tests on.

    At least it charges fast. But having the 'low battery' warning popping up at least twice a week is really annoying. And forget about taking it away for a weekend, you'll need the charger for sure.

    • Make sure you do the update, the original firmware had an issue (indexing) that ran for far too long and killed performance.
      Also the battery life tends to increase after a few uses. The warm light does chew through the batteries so if you need battery life switch back to white.
      But yes has reduced battery life, but hey it's lighter. Where possible after loading new books, keep on the power, so indexing ect.. finishes.

      • Thanks for the tips, those are all things I tend to do anyway but I'll make a point about stopping it going into auto-standby for a while after downloading new books.
        The kindle itself is all updated and I've had it for a bit over 12 months. Probably been charged about 100 times or so at this point. :) I'll give it some due that the battery has been a consistent 10 hours the whole time and hasn't yet shown any sign of fade yet.

        I wish they had an option that was heavier but with a beefy battery. I grew up reading Wheel of Time books, a heavy book doesn't bother me.

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    Can't really justify the price of this when the newly released KPW 11 is going for $169 - $10 new user bonus - $14.46 cashback (through Shopback) = $144.54

    • Hi, I just bought KPW 11. Can you show how to claim $10 new user bonus? Thanks

      • It showed up on the Amazon page when I went to make the payment

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