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Panasonic DP-UB820 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player with Dolby Vision & HDR10+ Support $453 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Not quite the cheapest its ever been but still a great price.

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  • I think this was $468 the last time it was "well" discounted; but with the AUD at this time…. an extra $5 isn't that bad. Get some TCN GCs to improve on this.

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    Also just noticed its $13 cheaper at videopro with free shipping to most areas.

  • Is this a multi-region capable player?

    • UHD is region free, for Blu Ray you will need this - https://www.regionfreedom.com/index.php/enhanced-firmware/pa...

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      I have this unit. It will not play multi region DVD’s out of the box. I tried some uk dvds and no luck. However all you have to do is take it to a Panasonic service centre and they will make it multi region for dvds while you wait and for free.

      As for blu rays, I have only tried Australian ones. I do have some cough cough, unofficial ones I bought in Thailand so I have no idea what region they are. Haven’t actually tried one yet to be honest as only had the player a couple of weeks and I was trying out some 4K ones I bought. And apparently 4K blu ray are region free.

      I have read that all you have to do is press the home menu twice at the home screen and that will let you input the region. As I said not tried. Might try it tonight and report.

      This is what I copied from an AV forum. It is clearly a US poster but I guess the hack should work regardless.

      “Just hit Top Menu twice on the home screen while the disc is in and it will boot up. I not have a ton of region B disc's but the few I have all work using this method. No hack or mod, my unit was bought new at Bestbuy and is not altered”

  • I'm sure somebody knows this. Apart from the analogue ports on the 820, does both the 420 and 820 do everything 100% the same via the digital toslink? Neither has better capability with or without the toslink? Does using the analogue ports improve on anything over the digital toslink?

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      420 doesn't do Dolby Vision.

      Does using the analogue ports improve on anything over the digital toslink?

      No, and toslink doesn't have the bandwidth to use lossless audio that HDMI will give you.

      • Okay, so best to use the analogue ports then? And toslink can't match it?

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          Analogue can give you 24-bit/192kHz, while toslink can give you 24-bit/96kHz, but, analogue can introduce noise.
          I have no idea on your setup, or what you are trying to achieve, all I can advise is that you google a few things that are specific to you, and have a read.

  • $432 here - https://www.billyguyatts.com.au/panasonic-ultra-hd-blu-ray-p...

    I have heard of this store but have never purchased from them.

    Also good for local pickup as I live in VIC. But the JB deal coupled with the Amex cash back makes it the cheapest.

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      They used to have physical stores all over the place, then went to crap and became online only.
      I purchased form them a few years ago, all good.

      • Yes, they work in with Stan Cash … together they pool buying power and pickups can usually be done at Stan Cash.

        btw I got a price match from Videopro at $440 — used 15% discounted GCs for $350 of the $440 and theother $90 with JB GC.

  • Appliances Online have now bought the price down to $439.

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