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Macpac Halo Down Jacket $99.99 Delivered (Women’s and Men’s) RRP $279 @ Macpac


OzBargain favourite back down to $99.99. Only the non-hood version. Both Women’s and Men’s available. Get in quick. May need to add something to get free shipping ($0.01 worth!!).


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Same price at BCF where cashbacks are higher

    • Only useful if you can find stock.

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        Stacks of sizes online with free shipping as it's over $99

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    Obligatory reminder that these run large.

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      Like two sizes large. Some macpac clothing I purchased in S size are still too big for me and I normally wear M or S

    • Agreed. I normally wear large or extra large, but needed a medium in these

  • Awesome jacket. Had mine for 5 years and still looks new. Super warm (almost too much). But yep does run large, recommend trying instore if it's your first time buying from Macpac.

  • I'm L-XL anywhere else and had to get one of these in Small last time they were on ozb. Recommend going to a store and trying one on if possible.

    • mind sharing ur waist and chest measurements, quiet confused reading your comment. Measurements shows me I need large size.

  • don’t forget 3% cash rewards

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    These are handy at $1.77 if you're looking something to take you over $100 for the free shipping:


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      No need to add anything else, shipping is already free if you add the jacket to cart.

  • Great jackets, but pretty regularly down at $99.

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      down at $99

      I see what you did there

  • Great jacket, I got one the last time these were $99.

  • I am still using this one from 2016. Puff daddy keeps me warm.

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    My son lives in his from around April to October (but still going because the weather hasnt realised its not August). Needs a good wash at the end of the winter…But they dont fall apart, keep him warm, comfortable and all the rest.

    • How do you wash yours? I'm scared that I'll ruin mine by washing it in the machine

      • gentle cold wash cycle with some specialist down washing liquid (from one of the outdoor stores); then in the dryer for a few hours at low temp. Comes out fine. Takes a while but do it gently at all stages

        I dont have a dryer so have to do my annual visit to the local laundromat!

  • Just the thing for Summer in Australia….

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      Hobart and Melbourne says yeh

  • I see that mens run large, what about for women's sizes? Many thanks all :)

    • Wife is usually a 14-16, had to buy an 18 in the Halo. It seems like their women’s sizing runs the opposite direction to the men’s.

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      I had to size up. Normally I'm an 8, but had to get the 10. I found the shoulders too narrow. I also prefer something bigger so I can layer up.

    • True to size IMO. I am a size 4-6 and the 6 was a bit loose, so accurate to size. I can fit a chunky jumper underneath so don’t mind it being a little loose.

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    Insider tip - although these jackets are officially rated at 600 loft (the higher the number, the warmer the jacket all things being equal), this number actually varies from jacket to jacket. I have seen some Halo jackets exceed 700 loft.

    If you are in-store, simply scan the QR code on the tag and this will tell you what the loft rating is for that individual jacket. Always nice to get something extra for free :)

    • Prefer lower loft for Australia tbh, unless your using it on Canberra mornings or some extreme conditions

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        Warmth depends on both:

        • fill weight (amount of down used)
        • fill loft/power (how puffy the down is)

        If you need a less warm jacket, it is better to buy a jacket that has a lower fill weight than one that has lower fill loft. The advantage of this approach is that you end up with a lighter jacket that is also more compressible.

  • Same price in store. Tickets says $139 but sales person put it thru as $99.99.
    Plenty stock at Eastland, I only see black colour though

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