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Topaz AI Software Range Black Friday Sale: Video Enhance AI US$99 (Save US$200), Complete Suite US$199 (Save US$359.98)


All the Topaz AI image and video enhancement software is on sale, I know it's pretty niche but if you have a use for it then you know it's actually pretty decent tech and I think this is the lowest price ever.

Did the following from 512x288 up to 1920x1080

You can also use code MSJPHOTO15 for another 15% off.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    A lot of 15% codes out there that bring the Image Bundle (Denoise, Sharpen and Gigapixel) down to $85 USD.

    davidkelly is one code (not my referal, I just got it off https://couponfollow.com/site/topazlabs.com#C4826020)

  • I have used the software here and there over the past 1-2 years.

    Gigapixel is amazing if you need to upscale images. Sharpen AI also very impressive, I've been meaning to compare both with the similar features adobe has. Yet to try DeNoise.

    Video Enhance AI I found far too slow to render, however that is to be expected (its a slightly longer render time to exporting an Adobe Premiere Pro/DaVinci Resolve video).

    I would suggest giving each a go with the free trial and then using the code wittyusername included above to get the image bundle….unless you desperately need the video enhance as part of your workflow.

    • amazing if you need to upscale images

      Is it? I've found that it mainly just ruins images. The de-noising and de-blocking works well but the up-scaling is terrible.

      • In my experience it has been. I've often needed to upscale architectural interiors and it has been flawless. Perhaps its an outlier based on your experience.

  • I have never heard about Video Enhance AI before and using FCP on desktop or iMovie on iPad for video editing. Is it any better?

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      Gigapixel products use machine learning to guess details to add when upscaling video. It doesn't work that well.

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          This is wrong.

      • +1

        The Topaz tools work outstandingly well - have a look at this https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/323905-far-beyond-the-st...

        • +1

          Cannot endorse this enough. For those who are sceptics, please read the article linked to here.

  • Just be aware that this software is very situational.

    There will be some photos/videos that it will just completely ruin no matter what the settings, particularly things with people, and particularly if there is teeth showing for example.

    I've put so many photos through denoise and I'm generally disappointed, I'm pretty sure this is only intended for DSLR's etc where there is minimum processing, phones already sharpen the picture and denoise rarely seems to be able to do anything useful.

    • phones do it like crazy, they sharpen and de-noise.
      If you have Apple ProRAW, that processes nicely though

      • Yeah…tricky shots taken on phones look like oil paintings when enlarged. The denoise is obvious. Fine on a small screen though.

        Topaz's Denoise is my favourite of the three main still processing apps (Sharpen, Gigapixel, and Denoise). Handy on some of the micro four-thirds shots I take with shadows/low light, and IMHO does a better job than Lightroom/Photoshop.

        Shame that Apple broke those apps on my 2012 Mac when they put out their last security update.

        • You haven’t tried noise ninja?
          I’ve found it to be slightly better.
          DFine from niksoft (formerly Google - formerly niksoft) is also quite good

          • @Z80: Have not as yet. Have only tried Adobe's products, Topaz, and I also have the Affinity series of products. Can't recall using NR on Affinity's stuff…bought it on sale and tend to only bust it out on iPad.

            Will look into those (though might look for feedback on whether they still work on my generation of Mac…might be time for a new one I think).

  • +1

    It's too much effort to reply to everyone and clearly a lot of know it all's here that have never used this software.

    I added a couple of examples in the original post I did with Video Enhance (I've not used the others). I have to take off for work, I'd suggest that if anyone is curious they just get the free trial and see for themselves.

    Please be aware that whilst this will work on CPU only, it really needs a graphics card, the better the… better…

    Even Intel iGPU beats Ryzen 9 etc.

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      For anyone who wants to see what sort of results are possible, check this out - https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/323905-far-beyond-the-st... - with the right settings, it does a stellar job.

      • +1

        Why would anyone downvote a link to some real-world results ?

        Weird 🤷🏼‍♂️

        • apprentices wouldn't, most likely it'd be initiates or novices

          • -2

            @gizmomelb: Lets have a contest, either put up or shutup;

            1. Pick any source. Any source you like, make it difficult like one that has artifacts. Make it available on dropbox / google drive or whatever other cloud storage so that its publicly accessible.
            2. Do your best with your fake ai/machine learning/deep learning snake oil software.
            3. I will use a freely available, no cost peice of software called Avisynth and provide you with the script I use.
            4. Lets compare who knows what the heck they are doing with proper PSNR analysis over the source as well as frame to frame comparisons.

            Lets do this. You want to throw jabs then lets dance. Otheerwise scurry off back under your rock.

            • +1


              snake oil software.

              I'm sorry but WTF are you taking about ?

              This software is not snake oil. It most definately can upscale videos.
              It's pretty clear you've never even used it 🤷🏼‍♂️

              Why are you here spreading this nonsense in this thread ?

              • -1

                @Nom: Accept the challenge or crawl away.

            • @initiateit: initiateit, I appreciate your healthy scepticism about AI hype but on this occasion you are way off the mark.

              As someone who did the trial and bought the software and spent hundreds of hours running it, it has changed my life. I spend $3k on a new PC to run it and am wildly happy with the results.

              You have not used it.

              There are countless examples out there but the Star Trek one is very good. That guy went to a ton of effort and has tried everything out there.


              Again, you can't possibly have read this article of tried this software to carry on like you are.

              Please watch this from Digital Foundry:


              'Some of the results are quite spectacular'

              This Metallica concert is incredible also.


              If you are sceptical about Topaz then you will go nuts over the hype from some of their expected future competition:


              I am massive sceptical about future hype, I value actual results and this program delivers, today. It is mind blowingly good.

              • -2

                @B3: Get stuffed I have used it. You rattle off rubbish results and you think they are impressive? Seriously? They are laughable and it you had bothered to learn something like Avisynth you could have done it better and for free.

                The challenge is there, either accept or go back under your rock.

                • @initiateit: ^ reported for trolling.

                  Stop wasting our time.

  • Smart phones already do significant processing so it's not designed for them, unless you shoot in RAW.
    I have had some good results with stills from CCTV footage, using Gigapixel to enlarge a small area and retain detail. Not adding in mind-blowing detail, but certainly makes the image appear sharper and more presentable.

  • What update scheme do you get for buying it? 1 year of updates? Lifetime?

    • +1

      I believe it's until they bring out a new version. So if you buy V3.0 you get V3.1, V3.2 etc for free, but when V4 comes out, need to cough up again.

      • +1

        You get 1 year of updates. So if you don't pay any more you can only use the latest version you paid for.

  • +2

    I use Denoise a LOT, and it's great. I often find myself going back to old photos from my travels around Asia and reprocessing to get the benefits of the updated AI models.

    I've actually also been using Denoise in my film scanning workflow. Hundreds of 35mm negatives scanned in at 7200dpi, cleaned up (dust and scratches), resized down then run through Denoise to clean up the grain, and it even does a great job of sharpening up parts of the image that were left soft by my crappy old film era lenses.

    AI Sharpen is frustrating for me. The potential is there… there have been times when I've had a photo ruined by motion blur, and the AI model does a remarkable job of figuring out the motion of pattern and de-blurring, but it always leaves far too many artefacts. Even subtle sharpening on RAW images introduces an over-sharpened look that I'm not keen on. I actually get more natural, pleasing (to my eyes) sharpening results using Denoise, with the noise reduction turned way down and using just the sharpening slider.

    I've used the trial of Gigapixel. It works OK for some types of images. I find it excels at certain things (e.g. foliage, bricks, stone) but it sometimes looks strange where certain elements get upscaled with lots of extra detail and other parts are left blurry because it can't figure out what detail to add.

    Video Enhance is not really something I use. I tried it on a bunch of old, low res, highly compressed videos from my point-and-shoot camera and the results - unsurprisingly - were pretty bad. Garbage in, garbage out! Losing the whole video if it gets stopped partway is also frustrating - the only way to avoid this is to output individual images and then stitch together with other software, and add the audio track back in.

    • if I had to buy just one it would be denoise.

    • I have an EPSON scanner with ICE that I use to scan negatives, cost a fair whack at the time. Good results, but when ICE is enabled it's bloody slow, wonder how this will compare in-terms of quality and processing time. I can't imagine the processor on the scanner being of any great power.

      • I use ICE (equivalent) on my Opticfast scanner and yeah it's bloody slow. The ICE only partly deals with scratches, I find, and I don't like the way it fills in bigger scratches, so I have to spend a lot of time touching up before denoising anyway.

        Denoise isn't an equivalent of ICE, though. Digital ICE uses infrared to detect dust and scratches, but it's not foolproof and there is often a slight offset between passes (one for RGB, one for infrared) meaning it carefully blanks out two pixels to the left of a scratch. Sigh…

  • Okay, purchased the bundle and used the AI Video Enhance on my Wedding Videos "720x576' upscaling to "1440x1152" with the Artemis Medium profile and WOW!!
    What an amazing difference!! Processing the full video now ETA 23hours!! but from the samples worth it!!

    PS deal should be updated, confirm the 15% code also applies to the bundle.

    • +1

      It's probs meant to be 1440x1080, 720x576 is just a DVD Resolution, it will be rendered at 720x540 or 720x400 depending if it's fullscreen or widescreen.

      Run your video through MKVToolnix or something and set a aspect ratio flag to either 4/3 or 16/9. Because you'll have to do it to the end product anyway or it's gonna come out stretched.

      • Thank-you for the TIP!

      • With your feedback, started a few smaller tests and actually Topaz preserved the aspect ratio and it wasn't stretched playing back via Plex.
        Have been playing with the crop options, if I select say 1920x1080, I get to add black bars or crop, so has a reasonable about of flexibility.
        Getting some good results.

  • +1

    I've been using Video Enhance AI for maybe 3 months now. Amazing software. Only painful part is that I paid way more than the $99 in this deal!

  • Just used MSJPHOTO15 for further 15% off

  • I have some PAL Digital 8 and Hi8 videos which I transferred via Firewire to AVI files on a portable drive a few years ago. I think I used Avidemux at the time. I tried a few clips with the demo of Video enhance AI and the resolution and upscaling is impressive, but I get jitter/interlacing/frame rate issues. What would be the best settings to try?

    • +1

      There are a couple of models called "DIONE" to play around with, some of them are meant specifically for Interlaced videos.

      Or you could use StaxRip with QTGMC filter to convert them from Interlaced 25 Frames to Progressive 50 frames and the put that through Topaz with one of it's regular models.

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