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Apple AirPods Pro with Wireless Charging Case - White $289 Delivered @ MyDeal


Featuring a wireless charging case, Adaptive EQ, active noise cancellation and transparency mode, Apple AirPods Pro with Wireless Charging Case - White are some of the most advanced earphones out there. Coming with a high capacity and fast charging Qi-compatible wireless charging case, these wireless earphones deliver on convenience - as well as comfort, style and high fidelity audio. Integrating with Apple's Siri digital assistant, you can adjust the volume, change your playlist, make a call or get directions by simply saying "Hey Siri". Made with Apple's new H1 headphone chip, these AirPods can automatically detect when they're placed in your ears, as well as detecting and filtering out external audio when you're on a call. For enhanced convenience and comfort, they're even sweat and water resistant, and come with 3 sizes of silicon tip. Designed for modern life, Apple AirPods are for you.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Is this covered by local 2yrs warranty or it is grey import for only 1yr international warranty?

  • Would this be Australian Stock with the 2 years Consumer Guarantee?

    • +4

      Probably not..

      Jenny (verified buyer): "These took ages to arrive because they came from overseas (which wasn’t on the original site) but they did eventually arrive and are perfect"

      • Thanks for that info 👍

        • Takes “ages” is literally accurate, or takes over a month and still counting in my case… would recommend if purchasing for a Christmas gift next year

    • +1

      Pop into your local Officework and price beat.

  • +7

    Just price matched at officeworks for $274.55. They even gave me the magsafe one!

  • +2

    Unfortunately, I didn't have any luck getting a price beat/match via OfficeWorks due to the absence of the model/part number on the MyDeal website.

  • OW don't sell the normal wireless charger anymore. Only stock the magsafe version

  • +1

    Anyone tried OW price match over the phone?

    • I just now did and got price match for magsafe version for 274.55 via phone

      • Damn they rejected me for reasons above no SKU on mydeal. How did you get around it & where are you based?

        • I have received order confirmation and is ready for pick up. Melbourne

          • @anchit30: Thanks! i actually called again a few times today and I finally found a really lovely customer service rep who put it through for me! not mag safe but regardless I am so happy at $274.55 & its going to be posted out to me next week :)

  • Tried Officeworks price match in store but was unsuccessful, basically said it was an import and there was no model number /sku listed so they cant. They price beat the MediaForm $319 price for $303 though.

  • MediaForm successful. Mydeal was declined. Staff are well aware of mydeal and have been instructed to decline… Sounds like they're on top of it

  • I just now placed my order for Magsafe Airpod Pro for 274.55$ from officework in Melbourne price match via Phone. As I can see that they don't have wireless charging pro airpods online OW website.

  • +1

    This would be my first apple product.

    Is wireless charging case different than MagSafe? My nearest store has both in stock.

    Am I wrong to assume that the MagSafe would also support wireless charging (like in car) ; or would it only & only work with a MagSafe charger?

    • +1

      Got price match in Sydney over the phone.
      Paid 274 for it

      • edit - got them too! :)

  • How did you guys get around the SKU/Model Number when they asked you for it for the magsafe version?

    • The rep on phone asked me to email the SKU number and I also attached the receipt shared earlier here.

      He asked if it was me who bought in their physical store in WA. I politely said, "I'm in Sydney, my friend bought it there".

      I emailed sku and receipt, rep verified while I was on phone and 💥 boom. Done ✅

      • ZenderBing Sorry how did you email the rep the SKU Number? The MyDeal website doesn’t have the SKU Number for the airpod pros. I’m not feeling great at the moment so i’m not sure if i’ve missed something simple from what you just told me.

        • +1

          He told me his email.
          Yeah, My MyDeal doesn't have the SKU. Rep was checking for it. But I told him I got the SKU and he asked to email it.

          He was just one month into the job, but a great guy though. So, it depends whom you get on the call.

          I can share the receipt tomorrow after I pickup, it's from Sydney. May be that will help?

          If you don't get it, and are in Sydney, I can give you mine. Don't worry about it too much

          • @ZenderBing: Hey ZenderBing, Im in Sydney, The office works I called at Ryde was very reluctant to price match, coming up with excuses left right and centre, if you can tell me which Office works you went to and who served you, I'll happy drive there to pick one up :)

            • +2

              @Magik: I got it over phone and then rep did a click and collect for me. I will pick it up from Auburn OW today.
              I can give you the receipt and may be it will help?

              • @ZenderBing: Did you actually complete your order over the phone and pay any everything?

          • @ZenderBing: @ZenderBing: Sure that would be great thank you, also what is the SKU Number you gave them in the email - MLWK3ZA/A ?

            • +1

              @Golly1153: Yeah, but I just realized that the rep only price matched and gave me the wireless version, not the MagSafe 😭

              • @ZenderBing: @ZenderBing: It’s a bit hit and miss i went instore yesterday and they wouldn’t do it for the magsafe version

  • US amazon currently gas them the cheapest.
    (Renewed) Apple AirPods Pro https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0828BJGD2/

    $170 + GST + $10 shipping. That's USD.

  • I tried multiple times they kept saying the one on mydeal isn’t the MagSafe one because mydeal actually has the MagSafe ones listed as well. YMMW

  • +2

    Bought these. Came within a week. Can confirm iPhone shows 2 year warranty.

  • Additional $10 off with promo code BLACK

  • +1

    Tried several times with price match on the phone and in store. Must be unlucky as no one would match it as the product doesn't have a part number on the page.

    Gave up trying.

  • +1

    Successfully price matched with MyDeal at Officeworks Ipswich QLD. THANK YOU OZBARGAIN! Showed them the receipt from the store in WA and the website, they looked it up themselves to verify and done!

  • Good luck getting it. I haven’t had mine for 40+ days since the purchase and customer rep hang up on me

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