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Vanish Preen Gold Pro Trigger Stain Remover, 6x450ml Pack $15.80 ($14.22 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Works out to be $2.633333333333333 a bottle or $2.37 a bottle if you S&S.
Amazon are currently selling one bottle for $5.50.

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  • Thank OP

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    An alternative from Aldi is their Di-San Pre Wash Stain Remover 750ml (used to be 500ml) which I'm pretty sure is under $2.00 (the 500ml was $1.29) and that stuff is amazing. I always have a spray bottle in the cupboard. Also brilliant for cleaning tile grout strangely enough.

    • I found it works well with fabric … I also have tried it on tile's grout thinking it might work … but it doesn't really help. How did you apply it (eg. how long do you leave it before scrubbing)?

      • Oh you gotta try again because it's the best thing you can use (better than bleach)

        It doesn't need to sit long, just have a brush, a toothbrush is perfect for small areas or something larger for larger areas and just give it a little scrub to agitate the dirt then wipe it off. Ridiculous how good it works. I'd imagine all stain removers work the same but only tried the cheap Aldi one. As for fabrics, I'm a slob so I'm always spilling coffee or sauce on my shirts - same thing, spray on as early as you can for best results, toothbrush scrub and it'll usually be 100% gone. Throw in the wash (or put back on if you're me)

        Only negative is the smell, seems pleasant at first but it really gets to you. Makes me and my daughter cough, so use sparingly or have the room well ventilated. In saying that, i'd pick that over bleach any day.

        Also, they have a degreaser version which I've found is brilliant in the kitchen around the stove stop where cleaning up last nights oil splutter and general grease. Also dirt cheap.

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          Thanks for sharing. I gotta give it another try.

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            @peuwayaqdq: It's the best $1.29 I ever spent (old smaller size bottle)👍

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    How is it compared to Aldi's Di San?

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    I used both, we now use only Di San very good for less than half price of Vanish.

  • Great find! Thanks OP!

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    I appreciate the precision in the single bottle value.

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    Is the 6 pack sold out? I only have 1 pc (bottle) as an option

  • As above have said, Aldi pre wash stain remover is better than the "brands", Love it.

    Source: Me, I have 2 kids under 5.

  • how does this work on carpet?

    my gf spilled a decent amount of dark colour hair dye on the carpet and she has been using home solutions from the internet and trying to rub it out for weeks now. its better but still a good amount of rubbing to go.

    • Some guy on Ozbargain answered a similar question years ago, he was a scientist of some sort from memory (serious) and explained the best thing you can do with stains is to get onto it ASAP, the longer they are left means the lower the success rate will become. It was more interesting than a read about stain removal should ever be. Wish I could find that thread now.

      In my non-scientific answer I'd say by now there's little you can do with that stain, it'll never come out entirely and would have been smudged and locked into the thread of the carpet in a permanent capacity. You'll probably lighten it with a stain remover but that's about it. Depending on the colour, something like bleach might be more effective. Otherwise either ignore it (put something on top of it) / get the professionals in / re-carpet.

      It absolutely would have worked effectively had you got onto it immediately. I literally have bottles of this stuff on standby at all times (the Aldi version but I'm sure they all do the same job)

  • Sold out, only showing a single for $5.50

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