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900W Nutribullet Essentials Set $69, 5 Pack BRITA MAXTRA Filter $27, 2.4L BRITA Jug $17 & More @ Kmart


On sale - 25 Nov, Thursday 8am AEDT

900W Nutribullet Essentials Set $69 (RRP $119.95)
Includes 900W Motor Base, 1 x Extractor Blade, 2 x 700ml Cups, 1 x Cup Ring, 1 x To-Go Lid, 1 x Pocket Nutritionist and User Guide
Dimensions/Size: 21cm (H) x 11cm (W) x 11cm (D)

4+1 Pack BRITA MAXTRA Water Filter $27
MAXTRA+ 4 pack filter and bonus MAXTRA+ 1 pack filter

2.4L BRITA Aluna Water Filter Jug $17
2.4L Aluna Water Filter Jug and 1 x MAXTRA+ filter

Festiva Smoker Charcoal BBQ Grill $129 (RRP $299)
Includes 1 x Charcoal Smoker barbecue, 1 x offset side smoker box, 1 x cooking grill, 1 x temperature gauge and product manual

5 Piece RACO Nourish Cookset $69 (RRP $199.95)
5 pieces Includes 1 x open saucepan, 2 x covered saucepans and 2 x frypans

Egg Chair - White $189 (RRP $399)
Material: Steel, polyethylene (PE) rattan and polyester cushions

1.4m Mirabella Genio Wi-Fi Pixel LED Corner Light $49
Includes corner lamp, Wi-Fi controller and adaptor

Remington Effortless Glide Shaver - White $19 (RRP $29.95)
Includes 1 x shaver, 1 x bikini comb attachment, 1 x storage pouch and 2 x AAA batteries

Remington X-System Dual Foil Shaver - Black $19 (RRP $49.95)
Includes 1 x shaver, 1 x head guard, 1 x cleaning brush and 1 x storage pouch

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • How are the BRITA water jugs? worth it?

    • +12

      They are fairly expensive to maintain if you care about changing the filters on time, but I just leave it and change whenever I want. That aside, the jugs have been pretty useful in removing minerals within tap water and stops calcium build-up in my kettle. I also prefer the taste of the filtered water over the unfiltered. So it is worth it to me, but your personal opinion might be different.

    • +7

      I definitely can taste the difference and chilling the jug in the fridge over summer, can't beat that!

    • With the filters, all are "German Design", but not all are made in Germany, some are made in China. Anyone been to Kmart recently and know where these are made? (should say it on the box)
      I've been sticking to the German made ones in the past. If anyone has done any genuine research on whether the Chinese ones have equal build quality and quality control, your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

      • +2

        Purely sharing from what I have seen at Costco and Coles.
        Jug - Made in Germany
        Filters - Made in China

        We are going to replace our jug when this sale kicks in (assuming these Kmart ones are German made).
        For our filters, once we finish the ones that we have left (which were made in Germany), will switch to the Kirkland Signature filters (Made in Germany).

        • Didn't know Costco made a product… shame it only seems they do the classic cartridge style, not the MAXTRA type.
          Need them for our jug and older BRITA Flow water filter cask.

          • +1

            @Gojkins: Do you mean the other way round? i.e. Kirkland does the MAXTRA but not the classic…

    • I used a Brita for many yrs, however, now that the filters have increased in price, I have invested in a on tap benchtop water filter. It's pretty good (filters more stuff, depending on what filter you choose) and you only replace the filter once a year.

    • thanks guys. How often do you have to replace the filters? If it's once per quarter or there abouts then $27 for 5 is ok.

      • +1

        I change every month

        • yep, i shouldn't be so lazy.

          ' every 150 litres or 1 month (based on average household size drinking 8 glasses per day).'

          Sounds like that could stretch to every 2 months since we would be doing closer to 4 a day.

      • +1

        Depending on your usage.

        A family of 2 are different than 5 or 6 members.

      • Depends on storage too. If its for a water jug kept in a fridge, once per quarter is probably fine.
        If its a jug kept on a counter top that experiences higher temperatures or maybe even direct sunlight, bacterial growth rate increases and so does the rate you need to replace at.
        Interesting video if keen for a watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LObbHbx_2fY

  • Anyone confirm if the Kmart filters fit the brita? https://www.kmart.com.au/product/3-pack-water-filter-cartrid...
    I was looking at getting this https://www.kmart.com.au/product/3.3l-water-jug-with-filter/...

    Edit: According to reviews the filter fit the brita

    • Yes they do my parents were using these filters, but my opinion is the water does not taste as good as my brita jug with maxtra filter.

    • I specifically tested the Kmart one and the Brita's with a TDS meter and my measures show that they did a pretty similar job. Taste-wise I can't tell the difference as I would normally boil them.

      In case you didn't know about TDS

  • Is this instore or can do click and collect?

    • Everything is available in store and for click and collect.

  • How are those 900w nutribullets? Is there anything better around the same price range? Our single serve blender is getting a bit old and worn now.

    • interested to know as well

      • I much prefer the Nutri Ninja over the Nutri Bullet…

        • Second you. Am keeping a close eye for a black friday deal on Ninja BL642 ? Nothing so far.

  • If anyone has any questions about the products feel free to ask and I’ll help out.

    • Nutribullet link says product no longer available.

      • +1

        Rest assured the product will be available tomorrow morning , throughout today you’ll notice products disappear and reappear from the website as we are constantly updating prices and stock allocations. Just to let you know each store will get roughly 31 NutriBullet so there’ll be plenty for everyone :))

        • +2

          31 Nutribullet - plenty for everyone…lol..

          • @pyramid: Most Black Friday stock we are only getting 5-10 of in each store 🏬 so having 31 in each store is a big difference compared to usual Black Friday stock.

  • +1

    Good price for the Brita MAXTRA Filter, cheaper than Amazon at the moment

  • +2

    7 mins past 8 and the nutribullet is sold out everywhere. ozbargained.

    • +1

      Was sold out by 8:02. Damn.

      • -2

        Probably still some in store

        • +2

          Stores near me all showed as out of stock! Nuts.

          • @idoliseme: Was there to begin with? Already says out of stock online before 8am!

            • @mooreshady: I just checked the website and managed to order one with free delivery! Now to wait and see if I actually get it and my order isn't cancelled..

    • Seems like same price on Amazon

      NutriBullet 900W Series Blender, Champagne (NB9-0507) https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07L5H9VFV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_g...

      • That is just the blender, not a set, and it's 79 not 69 as above.

        • Showing $78 now. I think price keeps changing. When I checked it was $69 and description confirms it's a set

          "Comes with: 900W Power Base, Stainless Steel Extractor Blade, 700ml Tall Cup, 1x Comfort Lip Ring, User Guide."

          • @AliKay: This deal came with 1 x Extractor Blade, 2 x 700ml Cups, 1 x Cup Ring, 1 x To-Go Lid, 1 x Pocket Nutritionist and User Guide

  • +1

    $27 for the Brita filters, then you have to add $10 delivery as there is no click and collect… $37 total for $7.4 a unit, not much of a saving over Woolworths at $8.50/unit for their 3 pack on sale right now, as there's nothing else I really wanted to justify the $10 delivery fee.

    • +1

      Thanks for crunching the numbers for me. What an absolute joke! Sat in a queue for 10 minutes to find them out of stock.

  • +3

    Went to kmart before 8am… they have no stock of everything so I tried to order online and they had me wait on a queue for 5-10 minutes, ran out of stock while I was checking out. Bloody waste of time this was.

  • I’m in store now and the filters are made in China

    • production line operates in China a few years ago, the German brand is now made in china, hard to find Germany made ones.

  • Not happy

    Kmart cancelled my order one-sidedly.

    Yesterday 25Nov2021 after queueing in their virtual online queue first thing in the morning from 7:45am and I managed to place an order at 8:13 am for a 4+1 Pack BRITA MAXTRA Water Filter.
    But yesterday at 5:37 pm my order got cancelled.

    Even though just before I submitted my order, there was a pop-up screen that said if they ran out of stock they can offer free delivery.

    I checked this morning 26Nov before noon, Kmart is still selling it online ! ! !

    This was my first Kmart online order, probably will be the Last.

  • +1

    This morning, surprisingly, I was able to order 2 packs of brita filters and some other things I wanted from k-mart to get past the $65 mark for free delivery.
    Unsurprisingly, the brita filters got cancelled almost straight away, but as a bonus, my other ~$20 of items will still be sent from kmart for free

  • Any NutriBullet alternatives?

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