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Wingspan Board Game $49 @ Kmart


Just bought from this deal for 67 :-(

Starts Thursday.


Wingspan is a competitive, medium-weight, card-driven, engine-building board game from designer Elizabeth Hargrave and Stonemaier Games. It is the winner of the prestigious 2019 Kennerspiel des Jahres award.

You are bird enthusiasts - researchers, bird watchers, ornithologists, and collectors -seeking to discover and attract the best birds to your network of wildlife preserves. Each bird extends a chain of powerful combinations in one of your habitats (actions). These habitats focus on several key aspects of growth:

Gain food tokens via custom dice in a birdfeeder dice tower
Lay eggs using egg miniatures in a variety of colours
Draw from hundreds of unique bird cards and play them
The winner is the player with the most points after 4 rounds.

If you enjoy Terraforming Mars and Gizmos, we think this game will take flight at your table.

Product Details
Suitable for ages: 10+ years
Dimensions/Size: 30cm (H) x 30cm (W) x 8cm (D)
Material: Cardboard and plastic
Ideal for: 1-5 players
Duration: 40-70 minutes

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Just snagged one at Chatswood :)

    • online says no stock at Chatswood - was there a lot of stock when you were there?

      • +1

        Yeah there was 5 in store.

  • Got one, said it was out of stock but just kept trying and got it

    • Out of stock in my 5 closest stores. Would love to know what you meant by "just kept trying" — as in take it out of the cart then re-add?

      • Might have been a different scenario for me. It said it was in stock when I added to cart but when I proceeded to pay, it said it was out of stock. So I took it out of my cart and tried again. Second time it said out of stock again when I tried to pay, the third time it let me pay. But if yours says out of stock from the beginning then that sounds like a different scenario to me sorry.

  • Thanks just ordered a copy of Wingspan and 7 Wonders :)

  • +1

    Strange checkout issues.
    In stock, no stock. Then worked.
    Click and collect

    • Same here

  • i got a click and collect, hopefully they have a copy there…

  • Got in about 8:10 and got one for delivery. Was one in my local store for click and collect, but was too worried I would get an email later saying it was no longer in stock once they went to collect it.

    • I put the C&C order in but then went straight in and was prepared to grab it off the shelf lol. They were already processing it for me though :)

  • ordered one to be pick up at north rocks

  • +2

    I bought a copy this morning from Kmart
    Here is a photo front and back

    As others have mentioned they also have 7 Wonders for $49

    My local Kmart didn't put them in the board gaming section, rather in a Black Friday specials section. I was about to leave disappointed, when I saw it towards the front of the store. So make sure to check there.

    • Nice! Looks like the swift start pack is included which makes it the same as the Amazon one.

  • Grabbed the last one at Calamvale, thank you!

  • Anyone in WA had luck?

    • Nope!

    • Doesn't appear to be any stock in any WA stores… :/

    • Just had a walk around the CBD store and couldn't find any

    • Nope, I have a feeling they didn't send any stock this way… :-(

    • I was able to buy then got refunded.

    • There was like ~10 copies at Belmont today, even though the website reckons there is nothing.

      A few copies of 7 Wonders left also.

  • Check in store as there was plenty near me despite showing not available for C&C.

    Boronia VIC had around a dozen in stock 30mins ago when I went.

  • +1

    Just got one for Click & Collect - wasn't showing as available this morning but I just checked again and one of the stores was showing stock

    • Thanks for the tip @cyrax83! Managed to get a C&C copy at a Kmart slightly further away. If you missed out, keep trying!

  • Those who got Wingspan copies from Kmart, can you check which edition is it? Kmart online shows the picture of 7 wonders new edition (2nd) whereas in store copies were all older edition (at least in the 2 kmarts I went to).

    Not much difference in game play but if newer editions are available, the prices for older ones will definetly fall further.

    • How would I check?

      • Here some info - https://stonemaiergames.com/games/wingspan/rules/ (Go to Errata and Early Printings Info)
        But as @mrderrickc mentions if it says "now includes a swift-start pack" it's a newer one.

        Also Product Code: STM910 is for 2nd edition and first is Product Code: STM900

        • +1

          STM 910 is printed on the barcode on the underside of the box.

    • +3

      no mention of 1st edition or any other on the box. It says on the back "now includes a swift-start pack", so assume it's a newer edition.

    • Mine is second edition.

    • Newer version. Includes swift pack.

    • See photos of the game i picked up this morning, hopefully that helps.

    • bugger i ordered online and i wanted the 2nd edition of 7 wonders, or else i'll return it as i can get 1st edition for $35

      • I ordered click and collect and read your comment and now worried too about the 7 wonders edition.

        I placed order in the afternoon so click and collect not ready. Does anyone know if I can just go to the store and pick up the items and speed up the click and collect? Also would want to check on edition of 7 wonders. Hopefully it is the new version so I don't have to return it.

        • I just received my delivery package its the 2nd edition 7 wonders

  • Big win for Stonemeyer to see this in a mainstream store. I Think the Uno/Monopoly crowd won’t know what hit them. I hope it brings more people into the hobby but I’m concerned if this is someone’s first euro game it might be a bit much.

    7 Wonders is definitely more intro friendly.

  • 5/6 stores nearest to me have them .
    Only problem is one BF deal interests me and I got them all already :)

  • +4

    Fyi, they have plenty in stock in the actual stores. Most stores started with half a dozen. You can't hold them and they're not available for click and collect.

    Also, it comes with the Swift starter pack.

    • -1

      FWIW, just to clarify, I was able to buy one click and collect, and just got my collection sms - so click and collect was possible. But most of the stock that is in stores probably hasn't been put up on the website for click and collect, which is probably what you are saying! :)

      • -1

        Don't know about this one, my local store was showing stock online later towards lunch (was no stock at 9am, probably not updated), however wouldn't allow for C&C.

        My cousin went to the same store and picked up one directly, there were still 5 available (as at 7pm) from the 11 when I went at 10am.

        • -1

          Well I have a copy sitting here right in front of me, that I purchased online and then collected…so yeah, I do know about this one! :)

          Other people have also commented that they have done click and collect, so it’s not just me!

          (Do you want a screenshot of the click and collect SMS’s or something? Lol)

          • -1

            @caprimulgus: I'm saying it's store specific and it's not consistent across stores in terms of C&C.

            I too can easily take screenshots of my local store showing stock online but not allowing C&C as well.

            Point is, check physically in store or call up.

            • @mrderrickc: Ok, so then read my first response again…I never claimed click and collect was available from all stores!!! I never said it wasn’t store specific!!!

              I simply mentioned that I was able to click and collect (fact). I even said that most stock in stores doesn’t seem to be put online for click and collect (fact).

              I was simply correcting / clarifying the above post that click and collect was indeed possible for SOME people, from SOME stores. :)

              Learn to read. :)

  • +1

    If anyone is in VIC, Brunswick store has 4 left. Can confirm Swift pack included. Camberwell store still shows stock online if anyone wants to check them out.

    And 7 Wonders is new edition (they have about 11).

  • Anyone scoped out any deals on the expansions?

  • None in stock for C&C locally, but 6 sitting on the shelf in store!
    Cheers for the deal OP

  • +1

    So I asked someone at the local store (Darwin) whether he'd seen the game, and I mentioned it was a Black Friday sale item. No he hadn't seen it (or heard of it), but he did say that deliveries for Black Friday had been delayed about about 2 weeks due to the industrial action down south. Could be the same problem affecting the WA stores too. I wonder if it'll still be this price by the time the stock comes in?

  • +1

    Damn just got email telling me Wingspan is cancelled and it showed like 4 items at the store when I ordered. Terrible website with stock inventory. I should have just ordered delivery instead.

    • Yeah, had this happen before. All my stores nearby only showed 1 in stock, so I paid the $10 for delivery. Still much cheaper than amazon.

      • Maybe that's the mistake I am making, hoping that click and collect stock is accurate. Staff at shop told me to order delivery but stock appear and disappear.
        Just didn't want to pay for shipping now after they fulfilled the 7 wonders part of my click and collect order. Should have returned that and order delivery together.

        • Damn, I thought K-Mart will send it to you delivered (for free) from a different store, if your click and collect becomes unavailable? They didn't offer that?

          Sounds like the website is a complete crap-shoot! Both my click n collect orders (I ordered Wingspan first, then decided to grab 7 Wonders as well…should have just ordered them together for free delivery!), went through fine, thankfully - I wasn't aware it was such a risk buying click and collect, otherwise I probably would have just driven down to a store at 8am instead!

          • @caprimulgus: To be fair I did try to buy them a bit late. I went to a store near me and was hoping even though none for click and collect, some might be available on the shelf like someone mentioned they saw at their store.

            I chose that delivered for free option but they just cancelled and refunded that part of the order. I originally chose click and collect thinking I could get it sooner and it won't get damaged in transit.

            But no Wingspan left at all but about 10 copies of 7 Wonders left. Sales said come in about 2 weeks but not sure price will be then.

            • @JL1: Damn that sucks! Maybe try calling customer service, and try and argue that you thought they would send it from elsewhere rather than cancel…see if they will give you the same price when it gets re-stocked?

              Good luck!

              • @caprimulgus: That is an idea, but website does say sometimes they will refund if they cannot find stock. Now website says sold out online and not available in many states.

                Closest store which supposedly has stock is 1 hour away but not trying my luck there. Should have paid the postage for delivery as staff said sometimes they source from stores to use for deliveries. So maybe all stock got used for online deliveries.

                Was foolish to try another store that said it had 6 in stock. Nope order cancelled and refund processed.

  • Ordered 1 from NSW Lidcombe store for C&C just now

    • You got it confirmed and picked up?

  • Ordered 7 Wonders from click and collect with no luck from online, saying in stock on the page but out of stock in checkout. Asked at the service desk and she went up and found it. So sounds like the system is just having issues with it being a new product. Got one, thanks OP.

  • leopold kmart near geelong has 3 left on the shelf

  • 6 out of 6 stores have it near me .
    I'll get it it much cheaper :)

  • Have been trying over the past few days and now see availble back online, there were three south of WA locations having in store pick up!!!!

    ***Edit: 7 Wonders also available online!

  • It says unavailable in Tas, but store finder shows stock in several tassie stores. Odd.

    Edit: ah when I try to click and collect, none available.

    • The website is definitely not displaying correctly. Stanhope Gardens have 5 for click and collect but showing out of stock when you look at check in store on the website. Click and collect order gets cancelled shortly after.

  • Thanks, just picked this up at Kmart instore, such a well constructed game for $49.

  • Tassie had stock listed in some stores, and sure enough new town had some at lunchtime when visiting (even though click and collect then showed 0).

  • Just found it in Perth CBD, not listed in stock on website. 5 copies left at 1020am.

  • Website stock levels is incorrect I guess.
    Melb CBD has 5 in stock. No stock listed on website.

  • I manged to find this at a metro Kmart in WA today (2nd ed). Only $39 now! Worth trying your luck or calling up to see if they can find anything. Also managed to get a copy of 7 Wonders for $39 too.

    • Amazing bargains! They usually retail for $70-80 plus.

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