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Creative Pebble V3 $49.95 Delivered @ Creative Australia


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The perfect PC speaker for work calls, movies and even gaming:

  • Wireless Bluetooth® 5.0 streaming and AUX-in connectivity
  • USB Audio for power and audio
  • Clear Dialog audio processing
  • Automated high gain switch for amplified audio without distortion
  • Larger 2.25" full-ranger drivers for 50% louder and richer acoustics than the original Creative Pebble

With over 30k reviews (and counting), our Creative Pebble USB speakers have been awarded "Best PC Speakers" by numerous top reviewers. They are a family of small computer speakers that fit into any home, office, or even gaming setup. Despite their small footprint, this series packs plenty of an audio punch with specially angled drivers for the ultimate listening experience.

"The Creative Pebble V3 not only sound great for the money, but they also look good on your desk and don’t take up much room. Add Bluetooth connectivity into the mix and it’s easy to see why we selected this set as our runner up in the category." - EXPERT REVIEWS

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  • +3

    Bought this for full price a couple of weeks ago.

    Can confirm they sound great and look good on my desk.

    • Same! I bought it at full price unfortunately, but its great small speakers for desks. Used for lectures and sound is very clear. Used for movies as well and dang. Not as great as those 500$ speakers, but it sounds like speakers in the 200-300$ range.

      • Exactly.

        Only $10 difference to be fair, and I would totally buy them again at full price they are so good.

      • Define "Dang"

        • Dang plague69, you look fine.

  • As far as USB speakers go, these are pretty good.

  • +2

    Well worth it in my opinion. They sound pretty decent and can get loud enough for normal PC use.

    Bluetooth functionality is a pretty nice selling point too.

    (If anyones wondering they ship with a USB C to A adapter in the box)

  • +4

    Great speakers but why oh why must creative ship with Aramex? Almost a gamble whether you will receive it or not, took weeks of being messed around by the courier to get mine.

    • +26

      Hey, we have stopped using Aramex after receiving feedback from you guys, and have switched to completely using AU post instead for deliveries :)

      • Awesome

      • +3

        You can probably update your no PO Box policy then.

  • Is the Pebble plus using v2?

    • Physically the satellites of the Pebble Plus are the most similar to V2 (manual switch and same system power), but the drivers are similar to V1. Hope this helps!

      • The plus still uses USB for power? How small is the 'sub'? There is no details about this 'sub' on your website from what I can see

  • Bought myself a pair a year ago as placeholders till I had a bigger budget for better speakers. I still don't feel like I need new speakers, these sound great

  • Got this on my desk now. Looks good and sounds awesome.

  • Thinking of downgrading my Katana to the Pebble to save desk space. Any plans for a subwoofer for the v3?

  • V3 uses USB-C and have BT. V2 can be bought for $35. I guess everyone needs to way up the balance.

  • Just bought these a month ago. Sounds decent, and the small size is godsent for my smallish table.

  • How to get the deal? Subscribed but not getting anything, price is 59.9

    • Hey, have you tried refreshing the page? Or if not try checking out with that same email and check the order summary before payment. Price should be $49.95. If you need any further assistance you may drop me a DM with your email!

      • Experienced a weird glitch where it shows 49.95 on the checkout page but on the paypal redirect, it shows 59.9x. Had to go back and refresh.

  • Was eying these off the other day at $60. Even better at $50. Bought a set. Cheers.

  • How is the bass on these?

    • +2

      Bad, you don’t get much bass on 2.25” drivers. These should be capable of handling vocals and stuff on the higher end but not the lower end like bass I’d recommend getting the ‘2.1 system’ with subwoofer if you want bass

      • Great thanks for the reply :)

      • But the RMS on Pebble V2 and the Pebble Plus is the same at 8W.

        It's also powered by USB.

        Low power woofer = useless

        • I wouldn’t say it’s useless, it suits the target market quite fine. A compact and somewhat portable sound solution for people who might not necessarily have the space to setup even active speakers for well within near field listening.

          Otherwise I’d just recommend Edifiers

  • Can you do any deal on T100

    • It's going at $139.95 now if you subscribe to our newsletters!

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