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[VIC] 4 Hours of Free PC Video Game Play @ Fortress Melbourne


Walk-in to Australia’s biggest video games venue in the heart of the Melbourne CBD and ‘Game Fast. Game Free.’ with 4 hours of free play on premium gaming PCs. Whether you’re training like a pro or trying out a new game from the extensive games library, you can optimise your gameplay for the ultimate experience.

You can enjoy housemade meals and specialty beverages delivered directly to your station.

Go solo or game with friends, everyone is welcome!


Walk-in to claim your spot – no bookings required.

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Fortress Melbourne
Fortress Melbourne

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  • Do they have controllers you can use?

    • Yep you can plug in Xbox controllers or I think PS

      • Are they provided or BYO?

        • +1

          Provided by the venue just have to ask at the reception when you’re booking a PC :) and

    • +2

      Yes we do have controllers that are free to hire. You can also BYO if you prefer. Just ask at reception when you hire a pc.

  • +6

    I’m surprised this place stayed open.

    • +6

      I reckon this is exactly it. It's probably struggling. This is likely very expensive real estate and probably relies heavily on asian students to keep afloat, which they banked on pre-pandemic but aren't here now.

      • +8

        And it opened one week before the first lockdown in March last year IIRC.

        • +1

          place is also a massive ad for dell/alienware. (large intel chip mural, Alienware computers etc) which presumably helped to offset some of the costs. but yeah, unlucky timing with the opening.

          • @GailCat: Maybe they mined on the open rigs?

  • +10

    To get this freebie, it means I have to… leave the house?

    • +11

      Have you considered taking the house with you?

      • +1

        No, but I have considered bringing this establishment into my own home. Internet and a gaming PC oughta do it.

  • +4

    I recommend the experience here, but I never go as it's so beyond expensive compared to other local PC cafes. They provide a pretty premium exp at least, full gremlin mode with food at your table is pretty nice.

    • +1

      Thursday Uni Nights are worth I'd say. $15 for 2 hours and a pint. https://www.fortressmelbourne.com/bars-dining/#uninight

      • Fair cop, but I don't live in the city so sad times to commute in to play on the PC when I could just do that at home :(

      • +1

        damn prices have gone up.
        i used to pay $7 for all nighters (11pm - 7am)

        • +1

          Fortress is very much an outlier though. Usually $12/hr for standard pc's, off peak, if you're not a member. Way way beyond any other internet cafe in vic. More for a "premium" pc.


          But their PC's are high end, and the venue is very unique. Proper kitchen/bar.

  • +1

    I can only imagine the crowd this would bring :)

    • +2

      the Smell man, oh god.

      • +2

        Super nice place. Getting feeds delivered to the pc’s was epic and a great crowd

        • gotta imitate the experience of being at your parents' place :) . expected more from the menu as well, esp with the chips and snacks to share

    • +1

      Fine specimens

    • +4

      A nice little covid hotbox lol

  • +9

    Lol, is it a coincidence the OzB meet up is here during the free play time? Ha ha I think not

  • +1

    It’s a really cool venue with amazing food and some great beer on tap. Highly recommend it.

  • +1

    As a PS owner considering showing up to this to try out Halo.

    • You can use one of our center accounts to launch and play Halo Infinite. You just need to login or create a free MS account.

  • +1

    Can I play solitaire?

    • Only if you beat a level of Minesweeper first.

  • Really love this place. Even more so since I heard they got an arcade alley with bishi bashi.

    • We just got in Taiko no Tatsujin which is a Japanese drum game.

  • Hope there's some sort of deal for later in December as I'd like to treat my husband for his birthday. A trek into the city is damn hard with a baby now so something like this would be good, just a little later in the month!

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