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[eBay Plus] Switch OLED Bundle $499, Dell 32" Monitor $299, AirPods 3 $219, Chromecast TV $79.95 Delivered @ eBay


ebay have kept the best items last for the Black Friday daily sales.

Credit to Press Start -





Additional info from Techradar. Note - the price stated here for the Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) has changed. I'll post the updated price later.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Anyone have the link for the AirPods?

    • Would also like to know!

  • +3

    When is the switch deal starting?

  • +2

    I don't like having to just continually check into the website to 'catch' a deal. What is the point of ebay plus? This is lame. Glad it was free, no way am I renewing it. Hate to say it but amazon is far better now.

    • +2

      Amazon has always been better……. I only joined as they gave a credit for the same amount as signing up.

  • Switch deal is live!!!

  • +1

    $499 Switch OLED!

    Got one.

  • Nintendo Switch OLED just hit


  • Yes got one as well

  • Got one!

  • Switch is up now!

  • 166 already sold in 10mins….this one is hot. Get one while you can

  • Trying to decide if I get the oled switch now or wait and see if Amazon has a deal so I can use my giftcards, not that I'm in a rush. Decisions

    • Decisions. It's too late for those!

  • You better decide quick. 262 already sold session than 140 available

  • Ah man, I said I wouldn't, and I did. Again. Almost to script.

    I now own the Switch, and it was not part of my plan today,

  • All 400 nintendo switch oleds are now been purchase. Deal over. Well done to the lucky ones and a unfortunate sorry to the ones that didn't get one.

    • +3

      That took longer than I expected.

  • Switch deal had stock for ages, put me off so much I didn’t buy it…

  • Switch is back in stock and the code is working again btw. 7 left in stock

  • +1

    AirPods online now !

    • Link pls if possible

    • This time is way much easier because of the small discount (still > 20% off).

    • Doesn't seem like many people want it this time.

      • +1

        eBay used to tell you when exactly a certain sale would start. Now I assume some people who actually want it don’t even know this is happening.

        • That's me. I was checking every hour since 10 am. I just gave up because screw it.

      • +1

        I posted a deal but later got removed by the moderator. I doubt if people know about this deal would be able to find it on eBay without having them posted separately.

  • +3

    Link for Chromecast with Google TV please. What time does it go on sale?

  • Anyone have the xiaomi vacuum link? Cheers

  • Just grabbed a google chromecast TV. I hope there is still stock for anyone else that was waiting for one.

  • +1

    Just scored a Chromecast… Plenty left

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