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Xiaomi Viomi S9 UV Robot Vacuum w/ Auto Empty Station $499 Delivered @ Panmi


Price drop on this popular robot vacuum for Black Friday and cheaper than Aldi. The S9 is an upgraded model of the standard S9 and offers UV sterilisation.


  • Auto-Dumping 2.0
  • 2700Pa Strong Suction
  • 5200mAH Large Capacity
  • 950W Strong Dust Collection
  • 381mm Ultra-short Air Duct
  • 5 Floor Map Storage

Package Contents

1 x Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1 x Automatic Suction Station
1 x Water Tank
2 x Side Brush
10 x Single-use mop
1 x Mop (Reusable)
3 x Dust Bag

$ Specs

RRP $999.00
Navigation LDS + SLAM
Suction Power 2700Pa
Battery 5200mAh
Max working time (Min) 100-270
Climbing 2cm
Dusty Box (ml) 300ml
Water tank(ml) 250ml
Electric Water volume control YES
Cleaning Area 320 m2
Motor 950W
Filter HEPA
Noise <70 db
Size Ø350*98mm
Sweep YES
Vacuum YES
Wet Mopping YES
App control Mijia App
Smart control Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
Mapping / Path planning YES
Automatically Docks and Recharges YES
UV Sterilisation Technology YES
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +2

    Would anyone happen to know how this compares to the Ecovacs DEEBOT T9+ Robotic Vacuum (that costs a lot more $997 at Good Guys Commercial)

    • Alao deebot N8+?

      • I am also thinking between this and Ecovacs Deebot N8+ $749

        There are number of feedbacks on this Viomi S9 around machine not working after few months of use
        and the support of local warranty is quite bad (basically dont expect any support from Viomi, and matter of luck on getting a refund from the retailer)
        Ecovacs seems to be a more reliable brand compare to Viomi (after iRobot and Roborock)
        and N8+ from amazon also backed by amazon after sales protection

        • +1

          Get the n8 pro if you're looking at that space. It has better object avoidance which will stop it getting constantly stuck. There was a recent deal to get it for $600 and you can buy the auto emptying station later when on sale.

          This will give you an extra charging dock e.g. For upstairs/downstairs.

          The n8 pro was one of robot wars' vacuums or the year.

          • @fatgypo: Commercial has it for $625.. trying to justify the purchase to missus :p

            • @aafarup: 609 now! just checked.

              • @RaihaX: U mean goodguys commercial?

                • @aafarup: Yes correct.

                  • @RaihaX: For some reason its showing 625 for me still

                    • @aafarup: odd here is a screenshot of it.


                      • @RaihaX: Thats strange.. who did u open your account with? mine sunsuper… One more thing mate. can you check the price for breville smart grinder please :)

                        • @aafarup: I opened the account directly with Good Guys Commercial.

                          The grinder is 211 :)

                    • @aafarup: My account is also showing 625 (sunsuper as well) so must have different pricing perhaps…

                      How does the N9 Pro compare to the T7+ other than the base station?

                      found this online if others are interested:
                      -The N8 Pro can also map house layouts using laser technology, so users can plan a more efficient cleaning strategy while also remembering the house layout for future cleanings. ECOVACS also upgraded its suction power to 2,600 Pa and included the OZMO Mopping System, so N8 Pro owners can easily clean and mop their floors using the ECOVACS HOME app.

                      • The T9 takes things one step further at 300 Pa suction, larger battery/runtime; TrueDetect 3D 2.0, TrueMapping 2.0 and OZMO Pro 2.0 Electric Oscillating Mopping System. This robot vacuum is even more precise when detecting objects and with the help of 2D and 3D Maps, the exact location of the T9 can be determined so that cleaning more efficient.
    • +5

      Ecovacs has better mapping, detection and definitely mopping. If mopping is important to you then the Viomi really won't do the job, it just drags a wet rag around. The T9 actually has a scrubbing motion and does a decent job.

      Hmm whether or not it's worth twice the price… I can't say.

      • Appreciate that, I am looking after something that does mopping (understand it's just more of a maintenance mop) but would like that feature to work and suspect I would need to do far less manual mops in between with a unit like the T9+…

        • +1

          Ecovacs Deebot X1 OMNI seems to be the latest and greatest atm with twin rotating moping pad, double water tank and 3d lidar, voice control etc…. but thats like $2k the Viomi has a back and forth Y action for mopping to mimic human mopping action. Viomi works ok for the price but you'll need to pre-prep the rooms for vacuuming/mopping as it doesn't have 3d lidar to recognise things dropped on the floor so it will go over them or drag them around. i had my charging cable caught up in the wheel quite a few times. other wise it cleans quite well.

      • +3

        scrubbing motion? lol

        V9 has Y or S mopping, its not just dragging around a rag.

        Regardless mopping on a robot vacuum is never a replacement for a steammop and wont be used nearly as often as vacuuming which v9 does reasonably well.

        • +4

          I've had both units so laugh at my opinions if you like.

          • @Ryanek: Hi Ryanek, for your T9, are you able to designate specific areas in a room where the vacuum shouldnt mop?

            For example, my hardwood floored living area has a couple of rugs/squared carpet tiles, will I be able to block those areas off for when I want it to mop, and then have the app vacuum the whole living area when I wish to?

            • @cray: Pretty sure they can all do no mop zones? Even V9 has that.

    • +3

      I ended up buying the Deboot T9+
      suction power - T9+ 3000pa vs. Viomi 2700pa.
      mopping - T9+ has a powered mop attachment called Ozmo Pro that agitates in an S pattern or a deep scrubbing mode vs. Viomi - drags mop across floor
      mobile app - T9+ mapping, navigation, smart detect (avoids obstacles) is superior to Viomi
      dust box - T9+ 420ml vs. 300ml in Viomi (larger is better as it can vacuum more mess without clogging/needing to return to dock and empty bin)
      battery - both have 5200mAH, viomi lilkely has longer battery life due to less suction power
      UV sterilisation - seems gimicky imo
      price - you can buy 2 viomi's for the price of 1 T9+

      • Probably I will end up buying 2, 1 Viomi S9 (for upper floor, fully carpeted)
        and Deboot T9+ for the ground floor (bamboo hard floor + rugs)

        Currently both my upper floor and ground floor are using 2 x Roborock S5
        While they are great, emptying the dust bin weekly isn't that great
        especially for the upper floor with carpet, every week the robot is complaining about the filter is clogged

        Good Guys is currently doing $997 for Deebot T9+
        Both in eBay and website
        will see if there's a bigger discount / cashback tomorrow to pull the trigger

        • +2

          nice - do let us know how they compare.

          I have carpet and tiles in my home. I have no doubt it would do great on floorboards.

          One issue with the deboot is that the dust bin does not empty properly. I had to retrofix a solution using this youtube video.

    • I have returned 2 ecovacs, both had a laser function error within 2 weeks,
      generally the Xiaomi app is a little better.

      Vaccum wise similar function but the ecovacs had 2 spinners this one has 1 .

  • +1

    anyone that bought before and how did you find it

    • I want to find out as well. Almost ready to pull the trigger!

    • +5

      I have 2 now (Trialled one for the parents and liked it so much got my own).

      It's solid. Auto empty is great. Decent suction.

      My only real complaint is that you can't use the rooms subdivided in the map outside of the map (ie in automation) - otherwise i was surprised by how much I like it and the results.

    • +1

      its quite good so far, had it about 5 weeks, am concerned about the stuff around it will be to get more bags

      • +1

        eBay or AliExpress. I just bought 16 bags from eBay and received in a couple of weeks.

    • +3

      Got it last time. It's great. We used to vacuum 3-4 times a week due to kids, pets & life. Now we use this every second day for the main living areas and 1 - 2 times a week for everywhere else.

      Mix of hardwood floors and carpet. Vacuums everything thrown at it thus far - place has never seemed to clean for so long. Mop is okay, but I wouldn't get it for mopping. I tried it because I was curious and was surprised that it did an okay job.

      Auto empty is great - otherwise you would be doing it at the end of every use.

      App is a little on the basic side but perfectly functional and I've had no issues with it.

      For the money I really don't think it can be beaten at the moment - I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

    • I've had mine for a few weeks now, it's my first robovac so I don't really have much to compare it to as a base but overall for the price I'm happy with it.

      The mopping would be used for more maintenance than a proper mop, and I would definitely buy some extra bags/cloth mops from aliexpress because the few disposable mop pads that come with the unit are basically useless. I now have about 5 cloth mop pads and they do a bit of a better job.

      I've had a few issues with hit detection but I've now I've got my out of bounds map just right everything is running smoothly, one thing it doesn't like and I don't think it can pick up on is computer chair with the 6 pronged feet, we have 2 secretlab computer chairs in the same room and if it's going to get stuck on something it will be that. So I've just had to put a virtual wall around where the computer chairs are and it's all sweet.

      If I had cash to burn I'd buy the new Roborock but as something that is half the price with the docking station included. I don't think you can go wrong with this unit

    • +1

      I've had the machine for a few months now and love it! Like everyone's comments about the mopping, nothing will ever replace a good mop and bucket clean in my opinion. The only thing I find annoying is that I'm having to go and do a quick sweep of the house to make sure I don't have things on the floor that shouldn't be there, more specifically my cables around the house (things like desktop on the floor, power cables, etc.). It does get sucked in by the robot and then the vacuum program will fail, meaning you have to go and "save" the vacuum but trying to pull your cable out without destroying it.

      Just a question for all, how does the vacuum notify you if the bag is full? I've used it once a week for about 3 months now and I thought it would be full by now. I've checked the bag and it doesn't look 100% full but is certainly getting there.

    • i got it last time Panmi had this deal.
      Floors have never been this clean for this long!
      The mop function is ok and noticeably better than nothing… but like others, if you want to do it properly, get the mop bucket and mop out.
      You do need to do a quick check that things are off the ground if you want it to get everywhere.
      It will get stuck on loose cords, sting, ribbon, thin socks etc

  • looks like a good idea for Halloween https://www.reddit.com/r/roomba/comments/dl9jsq/spoopy/

  • Had one for the last week, and happy with it so far. I used to own a Neato before it died.

    The different suction settings are great (quiet through to strong). Yet to try out the mopping feature. So far so good.

  • can't believe i just bought this yesterday from Aldi thinking it was the best price i could get. might need to return and buy for $100 less. the customer reviews for customer service at Panmi are really bad. i am still hesitant because of it. anyone have good experience with Panmi?

    • +3

      Panmi are Xiaomi's Australian distributor so Aldi's stock came from Panmi, People are always going to share bad feedback over good. Just look at OzBargain's

      • +4

        “ You literally have groups of users that intentionally harass and start arguments with people (JV is at the top of the list) and in bed with moderators.”
        Poor JV lol

        • +4

          JV is at the top of many people's lists. Almost as often as he/she is at the bottom.

        • Funny thing is JV isn't immune to getting banned (as we recently found out). So i don't think the argument stacks up.

          Although i do agree with some of the reviews re-moderation.

    • +1

      Got one at Aldi too. Remember Aldi has a 60day satisfaction return policy and if there are warranty issues you can take it back to the store. I’ll probably keep the Aldi one for this reason.

      • i just bought the one at Panmi. Figured i could return the aldi one.

        • did they tell you how long it will take to arrive?
          I have seen people complaining about it.

          • @Armandoltx: really? no i don't have any details yet

          • @Armandoltx: I ended up cancelling my order with Panmi. Took me two days but i finally got a response. I really don't think this company is based in NSW as shown on their website. Their English is terrible and very obvious it is translated from another language. It was a horrible experience honestly. I am getting the one from Aldi next Tuesday. Can't wait :)

            • +1

              @sbteunisse: Good, I ended up buying it in Aldi as well

              • @Armandoltx: i got mine from Aldi today. very exciting. it is a bit complex to set up. my son has to help me. it is currently charging :) don't know where the water goes. apparently you just wet the cloth before putting on. I was under the impression that water was stored and used during mopping. i can see why the mopping part is not that impressive now.

                • @sbteunisse: There is a video to show you where to add the water, there is a water dispenser to use the mop.
                  minute 8:07

                  • @Armandoltx: thank you. it turned out the water tank did not work. Aldi got Xiomi to send me a new one. Should be getting it by the end of the week. The vacuum works beautifully. love setting it to vacuum while i am at work. how's yours going?

  • +2

    Been using one for a few weeks. Vacuuming and mapping works well. I've used the mop function once - it was ok but nothing amazing. Vacuuming is well worth it though.

  • How's this on carpet?

    • No problem at all, auto increases suction if not already on maximum.

      • Thanks!

    • Even at max, I think it's not the greatest for "heavier" items like my dog's rope toy remains and other fluff - I'm always going through my carpet again with my Dyson.

  • is the dust bag universal ie we can get similar size ones from Bunnings etc?

    • eBay or AliExpress. I just bought 16 bags from eBay and received in a couple of weeks.

      • +1

        Can you please she the link from Ali express?

  • You can buy dust bags and other replacement parts for cheap from aliexpress/ebay.

    There are bags with a shorter bit of cardboard which are fine, super easy to get working so dont stress if you accidentally buy those.

  • Bought one. Thank you, OP.

  • +1

    Bought one on the last deal. I've never had one so can't compare it with anything but very happy with it so far.
    Set up is relatively easy and connects well with WiFi. The app function is good as well, I set it up ready so I can turn it on while I'm watching TV in bed. So lazy!
    The auto empty function is very handy. I haven't had to empty it from the dock yet and it doesn't seem like I'll need to for a while.
    The mop function isn't fantastic but isn't horrible. You can't add detergents so it just uses water. It's ok to just keep the place tidy which is why we got it. With young kids dropping food on the ground all the time it helps us maintain the house a little better.

  • Should I choose this or roborock s5 max? I want both vacuum and mopping functions. Cheers.

    • Roborock is better but 2-3x more expensive.

      • Thank you! That’s what I’ve gathered hmmm.

    • Go for Roborock! While the Viomi robotic vacuum is okay the service is atrocious. Going for a better brand can save you from a future headache.

      • By service you mean Panmis’s?

        • yes and the same goes for viomi too.

  • +5

    I bought this robotic vacuum cleaner 2 months back. The Vacuum suction is good but the mopping doesn't work. Panmi is yet to send me the replacement mopping unit.
    Note:- The customer service is atrocious and the returns policy is not good. Just check out the review on their Facebook page and pull the trigger.

    • Hi Aloot, can you please send me your address via private message . Will check internally to send you the replacement asap.

      • Hi, I will be sending you the details shortly.

      • Just wondering how long it may take to be delivered? Totally understand a delay during this period, just want some ideas.

        • Over a month may be 2, as I am still waiting for mine from 25/10/21

        • Ordered mine Sat, just received email notification with a tracking number.

  • Anyone comment if this works well with dog hair?

    • +1

      Yes no issues at all.

  • Please do Roborock S7 for the same price!

    • +2

      More like "Please do Roborock S7 for the same price ERROR". (i.e. Missing 1 in front of $1499)

      • By any way =) obviously over the 1K price is not acceptable but really really want model which can do proper wet cleaning, not just useless mopping. S7 scrubbing looks very very promising from all the reviews.

    • Roborock S7 of Deebot T9+.. Mmmm I'm looking at the T9+ myself but does cost a lot more… any reason you prefer the Roborock?

  • If I don't care about mopping, is there a better option around the $400-$600 price? I would prefer something that is slightly easier to fix on warranty when things go wrong

    • +2

      There is nothing better at this price point, but you can pay more and get something with theoretically better local support.

  • Thank you - bought 1

  • +1

    Hey can anyone comment on the noise level? How cat-proof is it? I just fostered a very skittish one, the dyson stick freaks her out and she tends to eat better when I'm near (less distracted by random noise). If I had this on for say an hour a day, would the cat be ok? Ironically I'm only considering a robot because her hair is absolutely everywhere…

    • +1

      There are various suction levels which will obviously vary the noise. The lowest should do the job picking up basic dust and cat hair if you do it regularly.
      The regular setting is loud and wakes up my 18 month old. I would suggest this setting will freak out the cat. The low setting should be ok. It's just a low humming noise.

      • Thank you, sounds like it could be a solution for me :)

    • +1

      I recently got this and also have a cat that hates the dyson stick vac. My cat is fine with the robo vac even on max suction she just moves to the other side of the room and watches it go.

  • Hmm my xiaomi gen 1 still going strong. Is this worth the upgrade?

    I don't care and will not use the mopping.

  • +1

    For those on the fence the last time Panmi had this deal there was lots of q&a in the ozbargain thread which will probably answer a lot of the questions here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/658941

    • some of the feedback on the app, company and hardware doesn't exude confident :(

      • +1

        Been dealing with them the last two days. Horrible experience. Cancelled my order. Don't want to have anything to do with them ever again. Had to send repeated emails asking for a refund and they wrote me saying my order was shipped even without checking. In the end they checked and refunded me. It was around 11pm. I don't think their customer service is based in Australia based on their horrible english and time they make contact.

  • Very interested in the price to replace our ageing Roomba 880 but keen on mop function and it seems the S5Max or S7 has the edge there?

    • Exactly in the same situation. But I missed the fact S5Max has the same scrubbing tech as S7, I thought it is kind of unique.

    • +4

      we did communicate. Your order was delayed by POST. on 19/11 I confirmed we will send you a new one given your original parcel are on the way for more than 3 weeks. On 22/11 we send out a new one to you.

      Can you please check your email to see if our customer service has sent you the new tracking number? I just private message you the new tracking number as well

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