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Xiaomi Viomi S9 UV Robot Vacuum w/ Auto Empty Station - $499 Delivered @ Panmi


Same item, same vendor as before

Free shipping with this code :


The S9 UV is a slightly upgraded model from the standard S9 and includes well, as the name suggests, UV Sterilisation Technology. Other features and specs are the same.

Auto-Dumping 2.0
2700Pa Strong Suction
5200mAH Large Capacity
950W Strong Dust Collection
381mm Ultra-short Air Duct
5 Floor Map Storage
Comes with 12 month local warranty - further details here(panmi.com.au). For those who are not aware, Panmi is the Australian distributor of Xiaomi and many other brands. Retailers such as JB, Amazon, etc source Xiaomi products from Panmi.

Model VIOMI S9 UV Roborock S6 Max V Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO T8+ iRobot Roomba i7+
RRP $999.00 $1,199.00 $1,299.00 $1,899
Discount Price $499.00 $969.00 $999.00 $1,614
Navigation LDS + SLAM LDS + camera LDS LDS + SLAM
Suction Power 2700Pa 2500 Pa 1500Pa 1700 Pa
Battery 5200mAh 5200mAh 5200mAh 1800 mAh
Max working time (Min) 100-270 150 180 75
Climbing 2cm 2cm 2cm 2cm
Automatic Dirt Disposal YES NO YES YES
Dusty Box (ml) 300ml 3L Dust collection 460ml 420ml 3L Dust collection 400 ml +
Water tank(ml) 250ml 300ml 240ml N/A
Electric Water volume control YES YES YES N/A
Cleaning Area 320 m2 250m² 300 m2 185 m2
Rated Power 50 W + 950W - - -
Noise <70 db 67 db 67 db 68 db
Size Ø350*98mm Ø350*97mm Ø350mm * 93mm Ø339mm * 92mm
Wet Mopping YES YES YES N/A
App control Mi Home App Mi Home App Ecovacs App iRobot HOME App
Smart control Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
Mapping / Path planning YES YES YES YES
Automatically Docks and Recharges YES YES YES YES

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  • Thanks OP.

  • Now thats a ripper of a deal.

  • +17

    I think you can use code "3CZJMPPX25HM" to get free shipping.

    Stumbled across it while I was googling the vac to see if it's any good.

    • +1

      Hey mate just reporting yes that code works, OP should update the original post.

    • Thanks mate! Saved me $12.29 for Couriers Please delivery to Melbourne

    • Did you add the code into the checkout cart or somewhere else? It didn’t work for me…
      My estimated delivery was $32, I’m in WA, address was a parcel locker

      • I added it to the discount code box. I'm in Brisbane though, might be different for different states…

      • It says code is not available for shipping address. I assume it has WA excluded.

      • +5

        Just update the code for you guys. Now the free shipping code 3CZJMPPX25HM will cover all regions

        Anyone would help update the title?

        • Done!

        • I just tried this code for WA and it doesn't work, I'm buying 2, please help?

          • @InagawaKakuji: Try with one and see if that works? Probably need to place 2 orders and then PM electric unicorn maybe?

            • @The Hobo: yea thanks, thats what i ended up doing, just placing two separate orders.

        • I am a first time buyer just wanted to check if there is an issue with the product what would be the turnaround time for that to be repaired or replaced.
          Also if it's faulty and under warranty if there an option for refund or replacement.

        • Hi
          I placed my order on 24th of october, i haven't heard back till now.
          Can you please update me what's happening?
          I have tried emailing, but no response so far.

          • @Prabhreyat: Have you logged into their website and checked your order status? My dispatch notice emails went to junk.

            • @The Hobo: I received email and sms if go through that link, both shows the same page. Stating, 'You’ll receive an email and text when your order is ready'.

              But nothing so far.
              I have checked spam as well.

            • @The Hobo: New update
              They have just cancelled my order and refund the money.

              • +1

                @Prabhreyat: That's a shame - I'm guessing they ran out of stock?

                My tracking details finally updated - was dispatched 25/10, but was only picked up by Couriers Please on the 2/11….

                • @mily: I emailed them about the shipment, after couple of hours order got cancelled, money refunded.

              • +1

                @Prabhreyat: Hi Prabhreyat,

                Order cancellation is an internal compliance issue. To ensure order safety for both sides, occasionally for specific orders we will send an order verification email to verify the order before fulfilling it.

                We have to cancel the order and fully refund if we didn't receive a reply within 7 days. If you are fine to reorder no problem to keep the promotion price for you. Your understanding of this would be appreciated.

          • @Prabhreyat: Hi Guys,

            Local stock is enough. While we noted there is some problem of last week's orders that are shipped by Courier Please (orders via POST are all good)

            We are working with our warehouse and Courier Please and will sort it out asap. Some Courier Please orders already have delivery updates.

            Apologize for the delay!

            • +1

              @Panmi Group Buying: For new orders, we temporarily closed the Courier Please option until the problem is solved. Apologize again on this.

              • @Panmi Group Buying: Good move - they are poor at the best of times.

              • @Panmi Group Buying: Hi there, I'm using the shop app to track my order and the last update was "Parcel data submitted to carrier" on October 30 showing AusPost. I have selected Couriers Please at checkout though. Was my order affected by the problem you mentioned?

                • @Cablava: Hi Cablava, If you already received the AusPost tracking number then it was shipped by Post. For free shipping items, the system will choose the default courier based on the delivery address.

                  For orders shipped by AusPost , you will see tracking update when Post process the order in their transit facility.

  • Perfect timing. Got new carpets and the Xiaomi 1st Gen doesn't work because the carpet is too thick. My 2nd Gen works so hoping this Viomi does too

  • +1

    Thanks op , $499 delivered with Australia post. Though looks like potentially about to 12 day’s delivery as up to 4 and 8 days each for dispatch and delivery stages.

    • +5

      The actual dispatch date only takes 1-2 business. However, our delivery partners (AU Post & Couriers Please) are currently experiencing delays. Some orders could still be delivered within 5 days. Most take around 1-2 weeks. Occasionally some even take 2-4 weeks. Honestly, delivery delays are quite random.

      • Thanks unicorn

      • Does the tracking number show when the delivery partner recieves the package? Mine does not seems to work

  • +2

    Any feed back on mopping?

    • +4

      Like all robovacs, it won't get rid of hard stains more just a wipe over. But performs just as well as other robovacs I've had.

      • Thx

    • +2

      I found that if you use the Y pattern, Level 2 water and repeat vacuuming function, it will get rid of all but the most stubborn stains

      • That's true the Y is a bit better. Most of the time if I'm going mop l scrape the stubborn stuff before hand and it manages to get it

    • Probably good for maintaining a reasonably clean floor - but without the ability to suck up the dirty water (which very very few robo vacs have), it's essentially relying on just the microfibre cloth to capture the dirt.

      Having said that, 98% of robovacs out there are the same.

      • that's helpful.
        My "mopping" is usually using damp microfibre cloth for a room. (rinse after half the room)
        I guess this would be a smaller cloth doing the same thing

    • I'm happy with it, got it in the last deal. Buy extra washable mop pads and it works really well.
      Like others said it won't get anything stuck on but it's great with the day to day. Great to get rid of dog prints on rainy days.

  • Anyone know where to get replacement bags from "that work"? Only options I can see on eBay, bangood etc have reviews saying they don't fit properly…

    • +6

      I just got bags and pads from AliExpress for close to $30aud. Only took a couple of weeks shipping.


      • +2

        and they fit and function correctly? just want to make sure before I buy the vacuum that the bags are easy to come by :) (I presume they are since you didn't say anything wrong with them but want to double check)

        • +4

          The bags, pads and side brushes are identical to the oem parts that came with the s9. The little HEPA filter is slightly inferior from the look of it but so far has functioned well. I had to change the bag the a couple of week back after owning for a few months with vacuuming ever couple of days (3 kids and a lab). For a software point of view, the map disappeared only once and we had to remap the house which was a little frustrating. The rescan map was rotated 180 to the original and no way to spin it around (that I can find) but I haven't been bother to create a new scan as it still works. Besides that extremely happy with the unit. Never gets stuck and mopping is fantastic.

          • @Uncle BucK: Thank you, really appreciate the thorough response, will order one now :)!
            I've got 2 german shepherds and our Roborock S50 cannot handle it haha

            • @camshandez: I have an S50 that's getting a little tired - please let me know how they compare, this model looks very interesting for the price.

          • @Uncle BucK: Was there any modification required on the bag?

        • +1

          Can confirm the bags fit fine for this

    • +5

      We will sell replacement bags later. please stay tuned.

      • +3

        Any word on pricepoint?

  • +1

    Got their last deal earlier in month Ordered 5th arrived 21st as it seemed to take them ten days to give it to auspost. Upgraded from s5 with hard floors and a labdrador it .seems.!I auto empty the dog hair just fine. Unable to get google home to see it yet but could be the apps. Shows as off line all the time.

    • How did you find the vacuum and its performance compared to the s5?

      • +2

        it seems about the same in the size and the way it moves around the house (but looks much sexier in the black and deep blue) but the main difference is its doing a much better job at handling the dog hair. with the s5 it would fill the bin in no time and clog up the intake hole and the brush would end up with lots of hair.

        about 3 days in with this I just checked again and the bin itself was completely empty, its passing it all over to the bag correctly etc.. so we can actually schedule it nightly and just let it do its own thing without worrying about needing to check the bin is clogged after half the house.

        • Great real world review! This might push me to get one for the new house, which is 110sqm of tiles !!

        • I don't even have a dog and my S9 UV got its brush and vacuum port clogged with hair first run.

  • Wont the UV light damage carpets and flooring over time?
    If it's strong enough to kill Bacterias, surely it's strong enough to start breaking down carpet fibres?

    • +2

      Not any different to a second or two of sun per cycle.

      In short no

    • +1

      I doubt the UV wavelength generated by UV LEDs can sanitise let alone damage objects. Strong UV light is normally generated from light tubes and they are not easily integrated into a product of this class. Therefore I wouldn't worry about it.

  • +2

    Can anyone please unpuzzle all these Xiaomi vacuum brands? Are the following a class structure or just separate brands. I am mainly looking at the Roborocks at the moment.

    • +4

      Xiaomi just go crazy with their brands and model numbers and there's little consistency.

      That said, roborock is a xiaomi owned subsidery (so distinct from xiaomi) that confusingly enough made the original model with xiaomi, then both decided to make models in parallel.

      • I heard from my colleagues from sourcing department that Chinese companies typically create multiple branches of companies competing in the same product segment. They are like incubation companies designed to compete in the local/international market. Probably done to crowd the market and fend off competition.

  • Thank you OP! That's my parents Christams present out of the way early!

    • +1

      Hey, it's me - dad!

  • +5

    Would like to know if this is way better or worse than the RoboRocks S5 Max? lots of praise on YouTube for the RoboRocks.

  • Good deal. I bought one (might be an older version) for $550 and still haven't used it…

  • +1

    I still haven’t received mine from previous deal. It’s been stucked with AusPost at Sydney for weeks.

    • +1

      I raised a complaint with auspost who concluded it is lost in transit. Then I got a refund immediately from seller.

      So disappointing to wait 4 weeks for nothing haha 😅

      • Hey diddy, how'd you know it got lost? my mate's in melb and he said his things coming up with a delayed (was expected last wednesday) but when he called auspost they said wait for another 10 business days.
        he wants to know if he ought to get on this one.

        Weird that they're losing them tho mine came like 10-15 days ago.

        • +1

          It had been a month and auspost said wait longer, I said to that unacceptable, so they said it's been lost in transit and apologised.

          It might actually arrive. But still postal delays suck when Amazon can deliver next day

          • @diddy50: Right, that's fair enough. It's been 24 days now so I reckon if its not here soon i'll do the same as you. hope they don't hassle me abt it too much haha
            cheers mate

            • +2

              @Eshay: you have my sympathy - It was shipped within a business day but it took auspost 3 weeks to deliver. It's worth the wait!

              • @ozbreaker: Actually, the auspost tracking showed my mate (in melb) that auspost received it on the 13th of October, he'd paid on the 2nd.
                I had already received mine from auspost then, tbf I'm in ultimo so not far for them.

                I think that'd be on Panmi

    • +1

      I ordered last buy and it arrived within 2 weeks. Suggest following up with seller and AusPost.

      • thanks reloxation.
        i've hit them up (no reply yet), but auspost said its cuz he's in melb

  • Amazed at how much these auto empty stations have come down in price. Really starting to trickle down to cheaper models.

  • +3

    Dreame L10 pro has 3d scanning which this doesn't and has 4000pa suction, while this has 2700pa.

    Anyone have comparison experience?

    • +1

      Depends on what you're looking for. More suction is good naturally. I've had other vacs with around the same suction around the 2700 mark and haven't had a problem. I have thin carpets and a cat that sheds like you wouldn't believe. I can't say much about the 3d scanning, is it just referencing lidar? I'm not sure. The auto empty for me is the real winner here as it can get quite tedious emptying and realising how much filth you have lol.

    • nice find. interested in the difference.


      this link says the l10 is way better

      • +3

        The v9 has a self empty function, which isn't even mentioned in the pros? I don't think the other one does.

        I don't know why there's such large diff under functionality either

  • +3

    Bought this from the previous deal. Shipping was fast.

    Vacuum seems to work well, though there are corners on the bumper that sometimes catch on furniture legs.

    Mopping seems to be basic “drag a wet rag” approach, but I barely have hard floors.

    The mapping functions can be finicky to set up (in particular subdividing rooms), but seems to reliably find its location when moved.

    Auto empty station is excellent, so much easier to use compared to my old Xiaomi Gen 1.

    • Also bought from precious deal. Just wondering if you use Mi Home or Viomi app though? I think you have to run full scan to then subdivide rooms on Mi Home app, has that been your experience too?

      • +2

        Using the Mi Home app and I had to full scan the house, let it allocate rooms and then modify to suit my needs from there.

  • +4

    This, L10 Pro, or F9?

    Small 3bdr house with hardwood floors. Don't really care about the mop function.

    • +1

      Can't comment on the models but if you don't care about the mop function, it seems like you would be better off buying a cheaper model that doesn't have it, or an equal priced model that spends the dosh on better vacuum tech.

    • I have L10 Pro. Never use the mop feature - you are supposed to clean the mop every 30 minutes. Plus You have to fit the attachment /water reservoir before moping and take it off after. IMHO too much hassle when I can just take a mop and get a better result in only twice the time and effort it take to mess around with L10.
      I'm always using it on a medium suction level so it's not overly loud. and I don't see the need to use the max suction.

      I have to empty the dust bin every day! for a 60m2 clean.

      I'm very happy with the fancy mapping feature and the fact that it almost never bumps into things.

      TLDR: I would go with a cheaper option that has an auto-empty station if you have room to install it.

  • Just got mine last week, used a few times now, owned roborock s50 as last unit. Thoughts:
    - build quality definitely no as good as roborock but you get what you pay for
    - yet to be able to edit map, keep asking me to do global clean even thought I did, can someone help?
    - vacuum (medium not standard mode) and mop at the same time, after 80m2 battery is flat
    - little things like no hard plastic sheet to prevent wet mop touching floor for a long time if forget to remove, the little brush is impossible to take out from very corner, etc. the design is just not well thought through as high end rival but again you get what you pay for

    • If it gets caught on something on the initial global clean, it probably won't be satisfied. You may just need to repeat it. I had to do it twice to get it to identify rooms and edit map etc

    • You have to let it run until it cleans all the rooms in the house, then it will say something like "vacuum completed, return to base".

      Once it return to base, the app will update the map and divide the rooms automatically into room 1, 2, etc
      Then you can start edit the map, like adding virtual wall, restricted area, etc

      PS: if you have a big house, you might want to close/block all the rooms that you don't want to vacuum initially, then add the virtual wall later once it mapped your house.

    • +1

      I have the s50 and was contemplating upgrading to this. In your opinion of would you recommend it over the s50?

      The auto empty station is what is appealing to me, but would rather consider as whole package pros and cons.

    • Had the same issue with the map and the way I got around it without vacuuming the whole house again is putting up boundary walls in the app to block off the exits to the room the base station is in and then let it do a 'global clean' and go back to base. It'll vacuum that one room and then update it's map with rooms with the data it collected previously.

  • This model or the irobot e5?

  • Any comments on how this goes picking up dog hair? Have a German Shepherd so… Lots of hair.

    • +1

      Seen a few comments saying it does a great job with a lab.

      I also have a lab, and I don't think there's a dog in the world that sheds as much.

      They're lucky they're so cute and lovable!

      • +1

        I raise your lab with my two brown huskies 😅

        Also robovac does the job of hair removal. Just every goddam day hahaha

      • I have the v2 xiaomi, and have to run it twice a day to pick up the Labrador fluff. Going to buy this so I have one robot upstairs and downstairs.

    • What about slobber and earwax?
      Have a bulldog with an ear infection. Does it have good waterproof options?

    • +1

      I don't even have a pet, but mine apparently somehow picked up a huge amount of cat hair from the previous owner, to the extent that the docking station couldn't suck it all out and I had to pull it out by hand.

  • +1

    Upgraded from the S6MaxV to this for the higher suction and auto-emptying. Seems to work as well as the Roborock but the app/mapping software is subpar and actually pretty sh!t/limited compared to Roborock. Very finicky to add restricted areas and when creating rooms. Also, if you want the vac to go over the same room, you can only repeat it once. Roborock is 3 times.

    Definitely prefer the Roborock app (despite the fact that even that one has drawbacks) but the bin and suction is fantastic and well worth the price. I just wish the app and map management was better.

    • Good thing is that the app /software can be improved - hopefully Viomi are still working on it

      • It's all part of the Mi Home app which had been around for years. I doubt we'll see any dramatic improvements anytime soon.

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