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[Prime] QK03 Mini Projector 720p Native with Wi-Fi $57.59 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Looks like a decent mini projector for $57! Thought it was worth a gamble esp if the 720p stacks up.

Seems to be an upgrade to the previous deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/632087

Make sure to check the 20% coupon before adding to cart.

Cashback should stack at 4% (don't hold me to it …)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • No positive reviews on your link.

    • I have this 6500 Lumens model, They are almost the same as the 4200 Lumens one, except with screen mirroring but my feeling the 4200 one have a bit better colour reproduction.

      • Do you have the 4200 lumen one as well? How would it look outside on a moonlight night?

        • Do you have the 4200 lumen one as well?

          Yes, the 6500 a bit brighter but both need dark room anyway.

          moonlight night?

          Not sure

          I am using the BlitzWolf BW-VP6 now, the QKK is OK for that price both are noisy anyway but VP6 1080p a lot sharper.

      • What is the power input please? Been looking for a cheap setup for camping, anything with a battery is pretty pricey, and can't justify it for a rainy day a few times a year. But I could manage a 12v source.

        • +1

          I think just a 8 figure power cable

    • +4

      No negative reviews either - such a pessimist , jv :P

    • +2

      Not seeing any reviews, which means no fake reviews either.

  • QKK is back with a difference name?

    • +1

      Looks exactly the same. For what's it worth, you pay for what you get but these are good enough for a bedroom setup.

      • kmart have a 480p version for $199 - surely that isn't a better product???

  • -1

    Will probably be noisy af or dim af or both

  • What ANSI lumens?

    Shows as $80 - 20% = $72
    Another 20% with Prime?

    • I was given an extra 20% coupon - might be prime only, don't know.

    • prime price is 71.99 - you can then tick the checkbox to add another 20%

      I'm guessing if you don't have prime it's just 71.99 with the box ticked

    • Looks to be a rebadge of this which claims to be 150 ANSI lumens - https://www.amazon.com/TMY-Projector-Enhanced-Portable-Compa... - further down the page someone compares it to this projector and they look basically the same.

      Looks like less than 150 in reality, which means you wouldn't want to use it unless it's pitch black.

    • What ANSI lumens?

      Not sure but needs dark room.

  • +5

    I had the previous projector from the last deal that OP mentioned and figured "why not" so got it.

    - Supercheap especially now at $57
    - Connects well with gaming consoles/chromecast/external audio
    - Good for the kids or occasional use
    - Amazon customer support if you need to return

    - Projector image is very dim even in a dark room
    - Fan noise is quite loud, need to connect to external speakers as inbuilt only just exceed the fan volume
    - Pixels/dots are clearly seen at this resolution
    - Included tripod is junk (use your own or a shelf)
    - Tripod thread is weak

    Ended up returning as the plastic tripod screw attachment on the unit broke (and the projector smashed on the floor) not a big deal if you plan to leave in one room or on a shelf. I wouldn't buy this model again but it encouraged me to keep an eye out for a better quality unit as - it was fun while it lasted.

  • The interface is exactly same as the Kmart projector. It doesn't state what is the SD card or USB Drive capacity limit it will take.


  • It's shows as $89.99-20% (total $71.99) for me. Sad

  • Had this delivered yesterday. Only played with it a bit but it does require a dark room for sure. Fan isn't that bad. I find it struggles with focus at corners. I got it for a very specific purpose though and it's perfect for that at $57. We have a large (double wide) frosted glass front door and will be projecting halloween and Christmas images on that at the appropriate times of the year (AtmosFX hollusion mostly - lot of junk from these guys but they have a few vids that are excellent).

    • Should be ok for camp trips?

      • Only if you have an inverter or powered site, 240vAC input only. I will open it up one day to take a look at what the internal power supply situation is in the hope I can add a DC option.

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