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12% off Handmade Real Katana Samurai Swords & Free Delivery @ Bytecatmall


Dear All,

We are doing 12% off Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals promo.

Beautiful and good quality handmade Katana & Samurai Swords, have it up for display on the wall, table or a gift for a friend.

Much better price than a US seller. Good quality and affordable price in Australia, our aim.

Please note, Sword possession without a weapons permit is prohibited in Victoria. Please refer to our Legal Statement: https://bytecatmall.com.au/pages/katana-legal-statement, and check your local state laws before purchasing.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • straight to the pool room

    • Think you meant to say, "Straight to the neckbeard's room, in their mum's basement."

  • +3

    You bring dishonor to OZB by not offering a higher discount on your blades

  • +1

    Perfect. Now I just need a good deal on a new fedora and a trench coat.

  • +1

    Does owning a copy of GoT count as a permit??

  • +1

    Where are the katanas made? Japan?

  • +1

    Saying the swords are made using traditional methods, then seeing the pictures of a cross-hatch style fake folded steel look put me off.

  • I have a guy in okinawa who makes mine, officially retired but will still bang one out for a good cause.

    • Would slashing prices be considered worthy?

  • Can the handle be disassembled in the traditional manner? (E.g. pegs removed and handle pulled off and tsuba replaced etc?).

    Is the Hamon genuine or acid etched?
    (E.g. is it dual hardness on the spine vs the blade edge).

  • Katana is Japanese for "Sword", so the ad is "Real Sword Samurai Swords".

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