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WD Red Plus 6TB 3.5" NAS Internal Hard Drive $173.14 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


(First post so please notify of any errors)

Seems like a good price for a 6TB NAS drive (~$29/TB) if your willing to deal with Amazon US

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • CMR which is good, WD60EFZX. https://nascompares.com/answer/list-of-wd-cmr-and-smr-hard-d...
    Thanks OP! Needed backup drive, I have spare USB cases from shucked Elements.

    • WD Red Plus 3.5" hard drives are indeed CMR. That's what's so good about it.

      I believe it was the ordinary WD Red hard drive which was caught out to be SMR. That was poxy.

    • Yeah but that's an 8TB drive. It's about the going price for an 8TB NAS drive.

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      toshiba drives are very noisy and clicks when seeking, quite annoying to have if you have your case on your desk, the click is so strong you can feel the vibration on the desk slightly

      • It is probably like WD Black drives when it comes to noise and clicks. It's probably made in the same factory that WD Black drives used to be made in. After all WD does own the Toshiba hard drive production division. Toshiba hard drives are essentially made by WD under the Toshiba brand.

        But this is a Toshiba NAS drive which is being spoken of. It's more than likely going to be in a NAS some where away from where you're going to be hearing it a lot.

  • How do I tell if this product is sold by Amazon or a 3rd party seller?

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      If 3rd party it would say Ships by Amazon US, Sold by Joe Bloggs. This one says Ships by Amazon US, Sold by Amazon US.

      • cheers, thanks

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    This comes from Amazon US, I'm not sure I'm comfortable with getting a hard drive via international shipping. At least the 3 year warranty is with WD directly.

  • But is the price in $AU? Appears to be 'cause order page is talking about GST…but I'd like to be sure…ANYONE?

    I'm in if it is $AU…

    • Just because its sold in $AU doesn't mean that the product is coming from Australia. This item is actually coming shipped from the USA.

    • Not sure why you're getting negged for asking.
      It is in AUD and GST is included in the price.

  • I know that…but is the price Australian $AU or $US??? Happy to wait on delivery at that price…CHRIST…my internet is so slow…

  • Great price if you are happy to wait. For a little more the Seagate NAS 6TB is $193 and if you have Amex, you can get $20 off via one of their card offers.

  • Hi OP, this isn't expired, I just clicked through the 'New from $171.59' button and got it for that price. This link may work for others. Cheers I've been looking for a reliable drive to put in a USB enclosure and plug into my router to do scheduled backups from my PC! https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B08TZYBMMC/ref=ox_sc_sa...

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      Thanks for the heads up!
      It's on backorder for the 15th of December but still might be worth it.

      I'm trying to update the post but it errors out stating that I'm trying to change the store, not too sure why…

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      Thanks for that link Sandaz!!

      I've been waiting for months for a good sale on this drive, came across it on Amazon last night, then this morning I refreshed the page and it was listed $199….
      Even going to to the WD Amazon store page and clicking through to the product, has it listed it as $199.

      Then I found this post and your comment with link and grabbed it!

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