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Monster Energy Drink 24x 500ml Can Varieties $35.99 ($32.39 S&S) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Incredible price drop for most 500ml x 24 cans.

Cheaper than 500ml x 12 cans

Note: Ultra Fiesta Mango Also available - Doesn't show in Amazon search results for some reason

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +2

    Wish they had a mix version, I feel like i'll go mental drinking the same version over and over lol

    • +3

      You'd think so; but these are 'coffee' for a lot of people who can't do morning hot drinks.
      I know people who drink coffee EVERY day.
      It's not really so far to stretch to enjoy the same cold drink to start your morning.
      I, for example, like Rosa.

      • rosa is wayyy too sweet jesus

        • Rosa not even half as sweet as cola, you have weak tastebuds

          • +1

            @payton: Agreed, I find them almost tangy\tart as their primary flavour. Sweet is secondary.

          • @payton: no shot

    • +1

      That's why I bought 1 of each Ultra flavour.

    • I just buy a case of each of Original, Ultra Rosa, and white Ultra when it's cheap for this very purpose. I drink that much of the crap, the amount of cans that roll up isn't a problem. Oops.

      It's nuts I can get them delivered to my door via Amazon cheaper than I can order them at work (servo) at (our) wholesale price.

      • Each to their own, but make sure you go easy before you have a heart attack. As great as they as pickmeups, if you are also an alcohol drinker then take it slow.

        • +1

          I'm aware of the health risks. Don't really care that much.

          I don't drink alcohol at all so I guess it evens it out… maybe.

        • +1

          Still less than a "real" coffee, and nobody worries about that much.

          Just dont OD, haha.

          • @MasterScythe: True true, I know a few that drink coffee, energy drinks and alcohol like water and yeh, not the best mix to want to stay alive but then again, live life to the full lol

  • Just got a whole lot of Mother 4 packs for $1.80 in some weird apple flavour from Coles (Epping) which certainly wouldn't be my first choice but couldn't refuse at that price. Otherwise I'd be all over this, great flavour.

  • Anyone know what the expiry date on these is like?

    • My last batch 2 weeks ago was may 2023. Heaps of date on Monster (and most energy drinks).

  • Had to pour these down the sink and recycle the cans for 10c to recoup costs last time. Beyond me how anyone drinks this stuff.

    • was it a delicious 'Ultra' (sugar free) flavour or putrid original black? The Juice varieties are amazing too.

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