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LEGO Sale + Free Shipping: Technic: Control+ Liebherr R 9800 Excavator Set (42100) $529.99 + More @ Zavvi AU


We've added huge prices drops and free shipping to our best selling sets:

  • Liebherr $529.99
  • Bulldozer $599.99
  • Batmobile $299.99
  • Bugatti $434.99
  • Land Rover $219.99
  • London Bus $159.99
  • R2D2 $254.99
  • Ford Raptor $189.99
  • Porsche $189.99

Free Delivery. Code - LEGOFD

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Referrers get $5. Referees get 10% off their first order.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +1

    Can both the codes "LEGOFD", "BLACKFRIDAY10" and Cashback be applied at the same time?

    • +1

      Wondering this also….at the moment deals are just meh but combined with cashback would definitely make the prices pretty decent!

      • +1

        yes, cashback can be applied :)

    • @felixyong Are you thinking CR's 10%, or something better I missed?

      • I just curious whether I can use both codes at the same time plus the Cashback.

        LEGOFD - Free Delivery
        BLACKFRIDAY10 - 10% on top of those price.

    • BLACKFRIDAY10 couldn’t be applied to LEGO? I tried with a couple of sets, none of them let me apply it.

  • Please add store title in heading
    Please add discounts / original prices for those products you've listed

  • Dam no titanic

    • +3

      We will have it for you next year, promise! :)

  • I bought liebherr for $599 last Sunday, but it hasn't been dispatched yet. Should I cancel it and reorder? or can I ask for a price garantee.

  • I just placed my order, the BLACKFRIDAY10 don't work.

    For the cashback, will need to wait and see.

    Ordered the R2D2.

  • The list prices on the website are well in excess of RRP. Don't fall for this BS

  • thanks for the deal

  • London bus price is falling down , falling down, falling down…

  • i'm surprised this post doesn't have more votes, the know the rrp list prices are bs and the black friday code doesnt work but if you count the cash rewards cashback etc, there are some pretty good prices.

    Maybe there's a lesson somewhere in marketing that can be learnt here…or maybe no one cares for the Liebherr that's the only thing in the title lol

  • I ordered this on the 26th of November, and still isn't delivered. Sad Xmas for me :(

  • cashbacks've been approved by cashrewards. yum yumm

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