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Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pens $6 + Delivery @ Peter's of Kensington


Peter’s of Kensington selling parker jotters for $6, I think cheapest In the market and they are made in France.

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Peter's of Kensington
Peter's of Kensington

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  • Chrome + Stainless only.

  • Great price but note $9.50 postage and these Jotter pens are half the size of regular Parker pens. Normal pens over 30cm, these 13cm. I've made that mistake before on Amazon (lucky they do free ship & returns).

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      • Oops not sure why I put 30cm. Measuring other kit at the time. Obviously time for a break….

        • Haha. All good. I was picturing one of those novelty pencils. Last I saw those was the 90s.

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      Thank you OP for sharing! I still brought a few as Xmas gifts for colleagues I think they should be ok with the 13cm length to write with….over 30cm pens are for giants lol

  • Thanks for sharing. I too got the email earlier. I bought 10 as they make good Christmas presents for colleagues. I hope they have Sheaffer and/or Waterman next. I usually bulk buy and hand them as gifts throughoit the year.

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    These guys sell crap quality goods that break within a few uses and they won't stand behind them and replace them or refund. Better off buying on Wish or Aliexpress.

    • Do you mean Parker of Peters when you say these guys? Aren't these made in France? You think they're not legit Parker pens?

      • Peter’s; every time there’s a deal, they’ll neg and post the same comment.

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