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SoundLink Mini II Special Edition $199.95 Delivered @ Bose


SoundLink Mini II Special Edition $199.95 (was $279.95) Black Friday Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Ah.. the good days when we broke the Bose website at $101.97 ea.

    • Those were good times. I still use mine every day!

    • Fond memories from that deal! I bought two, sold the second one for $150 and came out with a brand new Bose speaker for around $50. It is used for Zoom, Teams and Slack calls everyday and it hasn't skipped a beat.

  • This was $149 previously

  • this one has USB C

  • I reckon you should put the brand name Bose in the title of the post.

  • Is this speaker still as good as all the hype makes it out to be or are there better speakers for the same value?

    • +1

      I picked up this speaker on this deal from before and rate it highly. Good quality engineering, great sound, good battery life, multiple BT pairings stored.

      • I'd also recommend trying to find a silicone case. It's been great. Was lucky and picked it up in this deal from JB.

  • Great mini speakers, even my firstgen is still going well. I might spring for this. Nicer sound than one would expect for the size.
    Bose get a lot of hate but their stuff generally sounds "good" for most types of music.

  • Guys, how does this compare to the Companion 20 please? or are they just too different to compare?

    I have a companion 20, but I am trying to be as tidy as possible with my desk setup, currently the companion 20.. says it has a numbers of cables / lines I would rather get rid off :)

    Thanks guys

  • Perhaps a silly question, but can I use this as a computer speaker for my laptop, plugged in via the AUX, and at the same time have it paired to my phone? Use cases include MS Teams, Zoom, YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify.

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      From memory you can have it connected to both laptop and phone via Bluetooth at the same time.

  • FYI - I have the original Mini II (micro usb + base), looking at the reviews it seems like they still haven’t/couldn’t fix the firmware/battery charging issue that plagued the original versions?

    I was able to reset the charging status with various guides online (going into the firmware tool, then ‘updating’ it with the same firmware again) but stills happens from time to time.

    The original Mini II sounds great IMO, hopefully nothing has changed in this version apart from USB C

    • yes, and Bose Australian offer 0 help, and end up I sold the unit dirt cheap. Very nice speaker but the Bose has discontinued this model and turned the blind eyes to this issue. So disappointed

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